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Episode 36


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


I couldn’t wait for my working hours to be over so I could go home and proclaim the big news to Rachel.


I already called Leo and told him everything and he didn’t know what to say. He was just as surprised as I was.


I’ve been trying to call Rachel as well, but her line wasn’t going through. Immediately I got home, I bumped into the sitting room, brimful of excitement. “Rachel you…” I started ecstatically but paused when I noticed the room was a mess.


Rachel was just ransacking the whole place.


“Rachel, what are you doing?” I asked.


“I’m in a big mess, Audrey. I’m looking for something very important. I’m looking for a book where I had written my. N.I number” she replied disgruntled, opening bags and cartoons.


“Your N.I number? Where did you keep it?” I asked.


“Well, that’s the problem. I don’t know”.


I rolled my eyes. Perfect way to spoil the big news.


I watched as she kept emptying old bags and cartoons. But she paused and stood up with a picture that she found In one of the bags.


“Is this you?” She asked as she showed the picture to me.


It was an old rusted picture of me when I was a kid.


I smiled and collected it.


“Yes it’s me. It’s my childhood picture” I said.


I was standing with dad at the beach when we had moved to North America.


I never knew any of my childhood pictures still existed. Mum never allowed me to take pictures back then” I said tearfully and held the picture to my chest. “Thank God I’ve finally found one. I’ll keep it safe from now on”.


Rachel stared at me and resumed searching.


“By the way, Rachel. You won’t believe what happened today” I said. “And you’re still gonna tell me” she replied and scoffed, still backing me. “Megan apologised to me today”.


She turned to look at me.


“What are you saying? What do you mean Megan apologised to you?” She asked confused.


“I know it’s surprising Rachel, but it happened. She came all the way to the hotel to apologise to me. She told me she was sorry for ill treating me the whole time and wanted me to forgive her”.


“Okay, this is getting interesting” Rachel said and stood up.


“You mean Megan James, the annoying brat came to ask forgiveness from you? You’re joking right?” She asked.


“No Rachel. I’m damn serious. It really happened”.


“I don’t understand. Did she receive a prophesy that the world was coming to an end? And even she did, why on earth will she apologise to you?


“So, what was your reply?”


“Well, I told her I had nothing against her” I replied.



“Hm. I know you would. Holy sister Audrey. She’s just lucky she didn’t meet someone like me, else, I’d have punched her in the face and tell her to forgiveness from her ghost” she said derogatorily and resumed searching for her book. Rodney’s Pov:


“You won’t believe what Audrey told me yesterday, bro” Leo said to me as we were all having breakfast.


I didn’t pick more interest but just focused on my meal.


“She told me Megan came to apologised to her yesterday” he added and that was when I picked interest as I quickly looked up at him. “She did?” Mum asked, also surprised.


“Yes, mum. She told me she came all the way to the hotel just to apologies to her. She said she was even crying and was deeply sorry for ill treating her the whole time” Leo replied, rubbing butter on his bread. “Well, isn’t that good news?” Mum asked.


“Well, of course it is. I never knew Megan could apologise to someone. She must have been visited by an angel” Leo replied, laughing. “Did Audrey tell you why she apologised?” I asked.


“Well, that’s part of the surprise” Leo said.


“There was no reason at all. She just came upto her, crying and apologised.


“I’ve always known Megan was a soft hearted lady. I guess that’s why I like her a lot” mum replied happily.


I became curious to know what was going on. They had to be an explanation for it. Megan apologising to Audrey for no reason was so unlike her. And why did she have to deny the fact that she had gone to the hotel to apologise to her?


There seemed to be a twist somewhere and I really wanted to know what it was.






Audrey’s Pov:


I sat next to Leo in the car as we drove to DM plaza to have dinner. I couldn’t tell why Leo’s been spending a lot of time with me lately. Well,; he was a nice fellow, anyway.


Soon, we got to plaza and found a suitable dinner table. Then, we ordered for foods and drinks and began eating blissfully.


“It’s a good thing you’re finally on good terms with Megan. At least all the bullying can stop” Leo said as we ate.


“You’re right, Leo. It’s a miracle it happened because I was getting fed up too” I replied.

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We continued eating, bringing up little chats on the way and soon, we were done. “Why don’t we watch a movie in the cinema?” Leo asked as we stood by the counter.


“Um…okay. what kind of movie?” I asked. “Well, I’d say let’s go for a horror movie.” “Huh?” I shrieked and he laughed.


“Come on, let’s check out the list of movies they have” Leo said and held my hand, leading me to the cinema section.


We checked the list andand chose a movie that was to start in few minutes.


So, we quickly cut our tickets, bought some popcorn alongside some snacks and rushed into the cinema.


We were snuggled up next to each other as we looked at the big Television screen. That was my first time to visit the cinema and I saw it as an honor. I felt like hugging Leo for it.


I looked around and noticed everybody had a partner and they were all holding popcorn. Was it a tradition for everybody to have popcorn while watching a movie here? Was the popcorn like a second ticket?


I also opened mine and started eating as the movie started. It was titled “Tara’s


little Secret” and was very interesting.


It was written by Author Faith Lucky.


It was a story of two teenage lovers. But the girl died in an accident, leaving the boy heartbroken. The boy’s name was Sam and the girl’s name – Tara.


Sam was very sad and excluded himself after what happened. And Tara on the other hand wanted to get back to him.


So, Tara made a deal in the ghost world and returned to the world of the humans. But she didn’t return as Tara; she returned in the body of another dead teenager who’s name was Annabel.


“So, Tara became Annabel, whereas annabel’s biological family had been looking for her body after she died in a plane crash.


So, Tara went to Sam as a friend but Sam couldn’t know it was his beloved Tara because she was in a different body. And Tara couldn’t tell him she was the one because in the ghost deal, the condition she had was not to let anyone know she was a ghost because the day anyone got to find out she was a ghost, that’d be the day she’d have to leave the human world forever.


So, Tara had to remain in guise and after some time, she was able to win Sam’s heart as Annabel.



They were doing perfectly fine; bur Tara’s secret got exposed as time went on and Sam got to know she was Tara. But that was the last time he got to be with her because her deal was over.


He held her in his arms the whole time and watched as the life left her body gradually. And right there in his arms, she died and his Tara was gone forever. And that was the end of the movie.


Leo smiled and looked at me only to discover I was crying.


“Why did she have to die?” I asked ruefully and busted into more tears.


Leo chuckled and helped me to stand. Every body in the theatre was also looking sad.


“Let’s go” he told me and held my hand, leading me out of the cinema.


We got outside and stopped by the cinema. I was still crying.


“Why did she have to die, Leo? They were so perfect for each other” I whimpered and Leo smiled and embraced me.


We got into the car and he drove away silently. It was already dark.


Soon, we got to my residence and he stopped at a distance and came out of the car with me.


“T…Thank you Leo, f…for d…dinner” I whimpered as Leo stood in front of me. “Stop crying Audrey. It’s just a movie” he told me and I smiled, but more tears kept rushing down.


I just couldn’t control it.


Leo’s Pov:


I drew close to her and cleaned the tears with my palm. I stared into her face and she was so pretty as she cried.


Some of the tears rushed down her lips and I slowly cleaned it off. But my hands got stuck to the lips and she stared at me.


Her wet long eye lashes fluttered and the whole thing was driving me crazy. She was so beautiful.


I brushed her hair backwards and kissed her.


Yes, I kissed her!


But she quickly unlocked from the kiss and that was when I realised what was going on.


What the hell just happened?


She touched her lips and looked at me.


“Audrey, I…” I tried speaking but was out of words and she turned around and ran away.


“Audrey!” I called after her but she didn’t stop.


She just kept running.


Edith’s Pov:


I stood nervously in front of Rodney and couldn’t look at him in the face.


I kept wandering why he had called me over to the house so unusually and he had even told me not to let Megan know about it. I had a feeling It was something troublesome.


“Um…Mr Rodney, is…is there a problem?” I asked as he lit a cigarette and stuck it in his mouth.


He didn’t say anything immediately but only smoked from his cigarette and puffed smoke into the air.


“Why did Megan’s character suddenly changed towards Audrey?” He asked and my heart skipped.


What’s he driving at?


“Um…Mr Rodney” I said and paused.


“There’s no specific reason behind it. She…she just wants to turn a new leaf” I continued.


“A new leaf?” He asked and chuckled.


“That doesn’t sound like the Megan I know and will know not even in the next twenty years”.


My heart beat had become tensed.


“If you don’t tell me, Edith” he said.


“You can consider yourself out of the contest. And I’m going to make sure your father finds out about your mother’s extra marital affair”.


I gasped and looked at him. How did he get to know about it?


Why’s he trying to force the truth out of my mouth? And how did he get suspicious?


“M…Mr Rodney, I…I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no other objective behind Megan’s actions” I said nervously and Rodney stood up.


“I guess you think I’m joking then. We’ll see about that” he said and started walking away.


My anxiety increased. I know Rodney was good at keeping threats and I couldn’t let him do what he just said.


“Mr Rodney, please wait!” I called just as he was about opening the door.


He stopped and turned back to look at me.


Oh, God! I’m dead.


“I’ll…I’ll tell you the truth” I said with my eyes staring at the floor.


Rodney could see how troubled I was.



“Um…she…I mean, Megan, she…she carried out a test on Audrey” I stuttered and Rodney furrowed his brows in concentration. “What test?” He asked.










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