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Episode 39


By: Faith Lucky.


Rodney’s Pov:


I sat on the edge of the bed and stared into her beautiful face as she slept soundly. I watched her like a movie and was waiting for the slightest movement that’d indicate she was awake.


We were in Davis hospital and mum, Jocelyn’s parents, Rachel and Leo were all there in the room, waiting for her to regain consciousness. “There’s no need to worry,” Davis said in an assuring tone.


“She’s out of danger and will be awake any moment from now”.


“Thank you doctor. But…will she be able to remember me?” Mrs James asked rather tearfully.


She was sitting on a chair in front of the bed.


“Well,It seems her memories are back. So, she’s likely to remember all or part of the people from her past” he replied and she nodded and looked back at Jocelyn. Davis came up to me and patted me on the shoulder.


“Don’t worry, man. She’s back” he said with a smile but I didn’t reply and couldn’t


take my eyes off Jocelyn.


And he left the room.


The whole room was silent for quite sometime as everybody had different thoughts running through their minds. Who would’ve thought Audrey was Jocelyn? “My baby has grown into such a beautiful lady” Mrs James said ruefully.


“She sacrificed her cupcake for me the second time we met. She was so kind and friendly.


She paused and sniffed.


“I always had a feeling she’d return someday. Even when it seemed impossible, I just hoped and here she is, right in front of me.”.


“I also thought she was dead” her husband chipped in.


“I never knew this was possible.”


I didn’t say a word and didn’t take my eyes off her. All I wanted was for her to open those pretty eyes of hers so I could embrace her.


Soon, she moved a finger and it caught my attention. Everyone became alert. Then she turned her face and fluttered her eye lids, but they didn’t open immediately.


I held her hand and kept staring into her face. Please, open your eyes.


“Rodney” she called weakly as she turned her face from left to right.


Her eyes were still closed.


“Call the doctor” Mrs James said, referring to no one in particular and Leo rushed out.


“Rodney” she called again in a tearful tone and my angst increased.


“I’m here, Jocelyn. I’m here. Just open your eyes” I replied and watched hopefully.


She made a slight groan and slowly; her eyes went open.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


My vision was blur at first; but I strained my eyes and the first person I saw was my mum.


I took my eyes away and looked at the person sitting on the bed with me and that was when I noticed it was Rodney.


“Jocelyn!” Mum and dad called at the same time as they stood on their feet.


I didn’t look at them but only kept staring at Rodney who was staring back at me.


“Rodney?” I called with a faint smile and struggled to sit up, but couldn’t.


I tried again and groaned and did it.


“Rodney?” I called again and this time around, smiled out tears.


He held my cheeks.


“Jocelyn?” He called ruefully.


“It’s…its you. I’m not dreaming right?” He asked and I scoffed and touched his hand on my cheeks .


“No, you’re not, Rodney. It’s a reality. But you have to promise me we won’t be jumping Pa Peter’s fence again to steal mangoes” I whimpered and we both laughed.


Yes, we laughed with tears rolling down our cheeks.


What a cute laugh.


He drew close and kissed me tenderly. He kissed me for a long time and I kissed him back and after that, we hugged each other tight. **********



Leo came in immediately with the doctor and his eyes dimmed at the sight of Rodney and Jocelyn hugging each other. A slight pain niggled at him. ***********


“Jocelyn” mum called, making us disentangle from the hug.


I looked around the room and that was when I could realise there were other people starving for my hug.


“Mum!” I called happily as I stood up from the bed and went into her arms.


Mum held me tight as she brushed her hand down my hair.


“My baby” she whimpered and I chuckled.


“I miss you mum” I said.


“I miss you too darling” she replied and planted a kiss on my forehead.


Then, I left her and went over to dad who was already waiting for me.


“Dad!” I called and embraced him and he laughed.


“I thought I had lost you forever, Jocelyn. It’s a miracle you returned. Don’t ever leave again, okay?” He said and I nodded with smiles. “Okay dad. I love you” I beamed.


“I love you too princess”


I left him and moved next to Rodney’s mum.


She smiled and embraced me.


“I missed you, Jocelyn. Thank God you’re back” she said.


“I missed you too aunt. I hope you’re still making those cupcakes that Rodney always steals and bring to me?” I asked and everyone laughed.


“Of course” she replied and I hugged her again and went next to Rachel.


She was a bit twitchy.


“Um…hi. you still…remember me, right?” She asked with a light smile.


“Of course, I do” I replied and tweaked her nose and we laughed and hugged each other.


“I always had a feeling you were…special” she said and I smiled and moved next to Leo.


He was just quiet and had a somber look on. But when I got to where he was, he


tried to brighten up a bit.


“Hi Leo” I said.


“Hi Jocelyn. Good to have you back” he replied and embraced me.


We hugged for a long time.


“I missed you’ he said softly into my ears and I smiled and rubbed his back.


I remembered everything that happened between us. Maybe we could talk about it later.



“I missed you too Leo” I replied as we separated from the hug and I went over to Dr Davis.


“Hi Dr. Um…We didn’t really know much, but, for the little time we spent together,


you were kind to me. So, thank you for that. I’ll never forget it” I told him and he


chuckled and gave me a short hug.


“I’m glad you’re fine now.” He said.


“But the pleasantries can wait. Listen to me, Jocelyn; you have a lot of making up to do and its not just to anyone, but to that guy standing over there. He’s gone through hell because of you, Jocelyn and you really have to make it up to him.” I chuckled and went back to Rodney who was already smiling.


I embraced him and pecked his lips.


Then, he kissed me back.


I looked around the room and noticed there was someone missing.


“Where’s Megan?” I asked and noticed the countenance of everyone in the room had changed.


I looked at their faces one after the other and could sense something was wrong. “Where’s she?” I asked again and immediately, the door opened slowly and Megan came in.


All eyes turned to her.


She walked in with a pale expression and her cheeks had an unhealthy pallor. One could tell she’s been crying for a long time.


She stood by the door and looked scared coming in.


Mum walked up to her and slapped her and I gasped.


“How dare you step your foot in here?” She snarled at her.


“Mum!” I called and tried going to meet them but was held back by Rodney.


“Have you no shame? What are you doing here?” Mum asked angrily.


“I’m sorry, mum” she cried with tears rolling down her cheeks.


“You’re sorry?” Mum asked and scoffed.


“You’re sorry? Sorry for what exactly? Sorry for the fact that you’ve been keeping your sister’s identify away from us? How could you be so heartless, Megan?


“For years, you stood by and watched me in pains. Yet, after knowing who Jocelyn was, you kept it away from us over what reason? What??” Megan bent her head and wept bitterly.


“I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to” she said in a breaking voice.


“I’m much more than disappointed in you” mum said and Megan ran out of the room in tears.


“Megan!” Rodney’s mum called and ran after her..


I was nonplussed.


“Did Megan know about my identity before now?” I asked with shock and Rachel






“It’s a long story, Jocelyn” Rodney interpolated.


I’ll tell you all about it later. But for now, I don’t want you to give a damn thought to it, okay?”


I looked around and still looked carried away and Rodney held my cheeks. “Jocelyn, me; don’t get pernickety over it. Don’t ruin this moment. Do you understand?” He asked and I managed a smile.


“Okay” I replied cursoily and he made me sit on the bed.


I couldn’t believe Megan tried to conceal my identity all along.




Dr Davis did a final check up on me and confirmed I was okay and ready to be discharged.


“Thank you very much doctor” dad said to him.


“You’re welcome sir. Um…Rodney, hope you’re satisfied now. You have your Jocelyn now. So you can stop sending girls to me for test” Davis said and I looked at Rodney.


“Uhm…don’t mind him. He’s just joking” Rodney said and Davis laughed and left the room.


“How many girls have you taken to him?” I asked but he didn’t reply


“Okay, okay, okay” mum cut in.


“it’s time to go home. So let’s go”.


I stood up from the bed and Rodney carried me up like a baby.


“Rodney, drop me down. I can walk” I pouted.




“Ssh” Rodney interrupted me and pecked me on the lips.


I giggled as he took me out of the room.




Mrs James was just trying not to get mad at him because she knew Jocelyn needed


him at that moment.




Rodney had driven me home in his car while the others followed behind.


Immediately we got home, my eyes glittered at the sight of the house.


Oh! How I’ve missed It.


We all arrived at the same time and I didn’t hesitate to jump out of the car.



I ran around the house down to the pool and all the memories were clear to me now. I remembered all the times I had been there and felt so good to be back. I went into the house with everybody and Rodney and mum kept going around with me.


I ran around like a baby, going from one room and corner to the next, giggling all the way.


Then I finally got to my room and it was looking as new as ever, just the same way


It was when I was a kid.


I was astonished.


All my pictures, toys and everything was there, looking neat and news.


“I kept it in remembrance of you” mum said as I took a picture and stared at it. “I made sure the maids cleaned it up every morning because I wanted you to be alive in every possible way. Do you like it?: I dropped the picture and embraced her.


“I love you mum” I said happily and she rubbed my back.


“I love you too my baby” she replied and we separated from the hug.


Rodney stood by, watching.


“Okay dear. I think you need to take your bath. I’ll help you with it” mum said. “Don’t worry about it, aunt. I’ll do it” Rodney chipped in and paused, itching his head.


“Um…what I’m trying to say is…Jocelyn is old enough to take care of herself” he added and I laughed.


“Don’t mind him mum. Although he’s saying the truth. I can take care of myself” I said and mum looked at both of us and shook her head. We just wanted to spend the whole time together.


“Okay then. I’ll help get the food ready” she replied and left the room. Immediately she left, Rodney wrapped his hand around my waist and started kissing me.


“Don’t ever leave me again” he said after the long kiss and I smiled.


Just then, we heard a knock and Rodney went to check on whom it was. It was a maid.


“Mrs James asked me to give this towel to miss Jocelyn” the maid said politely and Rodney collected the towel and closed the door.


He threw it on the bed and came back to holding me.


He tried lifting my shirt, but I held it back firmly.


“Rodney, what are you doing?” I asked with my eyes wide open in surprise.



“What else? You wanna take your bath right? I’m helping you get changed” he replied and I laughed.


“Are you kidding me?” I asked but he didn’t say anything as he pulled off the shirt.


I was just putting on a red bra.


“Okay. Thank you Mr. So, can you help me with the towel?” I asked.


“Hold on” he replied and kissed me and I kissed him back.


Then he sent his hands down to my bra and quickly unhooked my bra. “Rodney!” I gasped as I held the front part of the bra and ran away into the bathroom and Rodney laughed.


I opened the door slightly and popped my head out.


“I don’t wanna see you anywhere around this door. Understood?” I told him and closed the door again, making sure I jam-locked it.


Rodney’s Pov:


I chuckled to myself.


Oh, Jocelyn! If only you knew how much I’ve missed you. I can’t believe this moment is for real.


I just hope I’m not dreaming.


I chuckled and sat on the bed and that was when I noticed the towel on it and I smiled to myself.


I knew she’d need to come back for it.





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