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Episode 30


By: Faith Lucky.


Rodney’s Pov:


I walked into the room where Megan was lying on the bed, awake.



Her parents were with the doctor and Leo and Edith were just the only ones in the room with her. But when I came in, they left.


And I was just the only one left in the room with her.


We didn’t say anything to each other immediately and I sat on the bed with her.


“Hey” I called in a low tune as I stared at her.


But she wasn’t looking at me.


“I didn’t expect you’d come to see me’ she replied, her eyes glistening with tears.


“How’re you feeling?” I asked and she scoffed.


“isn’t it obvious?”


I bent my head and sighed.


“I’m sorry , Megan, for everything. I never wanted to hurt you. I hope you can forgive me” I said and she sniffed and looked at me.


“it’s okay, Rodney. you know I can’t stay mad at you for long” she replied and looked at her legs.


“The doctor told me…I’m crippled” she said tearfully and penitence ran through me again.


“Y…Yes. But it’s just for a short time. You’ll be fine soon” I replied and she busted into tears.


I felt so much pity for her.


“Don’t worry Megan, I promise you’ll be fine” I told her and held her hand.






Magan’s Pov:


I had to return home on a wheelchair and mum couldn’t stop crying.


“Mum, I’ve told you to stop crying. I’ll be fine.” I said to her as she rolled me into the sitting room.


“How can I, Megan?” She cried.


“You’re in a terrible state and you want me to stop crying?”


She dropped to a crouch in front of me.


“Megan, I’m sorry. I’ve been such a nonchalant mother to you. I’ve been so carried away by Jocelyn’s absence that I’ve neglected my responsibilities as a mother. Perhaps, if I had been there for you, none of this would have happened. I hope you can forgive me, Megan. I love you” she said tearfully and embraced me. “I love you too mum” I replied with smiles.


We disengaged and mum stood up, wiping her face with a napkin.


“That Rodney’s so unbelievable” she grouse.


“First; he made Jocelyn go missing. And now, he’s made you crippled.”


“Mum please, stop blaming him for it” I said.


“And what do you mean by that? Of course he’s at fault”


“No, he’s not. He doesn’t have a hand in it. Please don’t stop him from coming here”.


“Megan, you know that’s not possible…”


“Mum please, if you want me to get well soon, then you’ll let Rodney take care of




Rodney’s Pov:


I Was so uneasy with myself and the only way I could think of making It up to Megan for what I did was to take care of her.


I drove into the compound and immediately I stepped out of the car, her mum showed up in front of me.


She was putting on a straight face and I knew what she wanted to say. “Good evening ma…”


“And what’s good about the evening?” She cut me off huskily.


“Is it the fact that my first daughter is missing? Or the fact that Megan’Megan’s on a wheelchair? What have I ever done to you Rodney?” I sighed and looked at her.


“Mrs James, I’m sorry”


“Of course, you should be sorry. You’re just lucky Megan wants you around, else, you’d have been dripping wet by now.” She replied angrily and walked away.


I stared at her as she walked away into the garden and felt bad. Well, I wouldn’t blame her for being so cold towards me. Any mother in her shoes would feel the same way.


I walked into the house and net Megan in the sitting room, reading a book.


She smiled when she saw me.


“Hey” I called.


“Hi” she replied happily.


She was sitting on the wheelchair.


“What are you doing?” I asked as I sat on the couch, close to her.


She turned the wheelchair to face me properly. “Um…just reading a novel” she replied happily. “Wow! I never knew people like you still read. So what novel is that? Must be quite interesting”


“Oh! It is. It’s titled *Her Betrothed* by Author Faith Lucky. It’s really interesting” “Author Faith Lucky. I think I’ve heard of her. Isn’t she the one who won an award in Nigeria as the 2019 best novelist?”


“Yes she is”.


“Hm. No wonder you’re reading her book”


We paused and smiled into nothing.


“So have you eaten?” I asked and she shook her head.


“The maid is still getting my food ready” she replied.


“I’ll check up on her then” I said and stood up, headed for the kitchen.


Not long after, I returned with a tray of food and set it on the chair where I sat.


I opened the plate of food and held it,,facing Megan.


“I’ll feed you” I told her and she giggled.


“Come on Rodney; that’s not necessary..”


“Ssh” I cut her off and she smiled.


It was mashed potatoes.


I took in a large quantity of it on the spoon and pushed it into her mouth. “Rodney; it’s too much” she managed to say as her mouth was filled to the brim. I allowed her to swallow it down and the next one i took was very tiny. “Rodney, it’s too small. Are you feeding a toddler?” She asked as she took it in and I sighed.


“No wonder Jesus couldn’t please the whole world. There will always be complains.” I said and she laughed and took in some water.


Then, I took another spoon of it and this time around, it was moderate.


“That’s better” she said and I smiled.


I continued that way until the plate was almost empty.


“I think I’m okay now” she said and took in water.


“Are you sure?” I asked and she nodded.


“Thanks” she added and a maid came up and cleared the plates.


I turned on the TV and we began watching a movie together


“I think I’m dizzy, Rodney” she said after a while and I took her to her room.


“Have you taken your evening doze?” I asked and she shook her head.


I took her drugs from the table and brought out the right dosage. Then, I gave it to her with a bottled water.


She took all of it and returned the bottle to me


“Thanks” she said with a smile as she watched me keep the drugs and bottle back on the table.


I carried her up in my arms and took her to the bed, laying her properly on it. “Will I find you here when I wake up?”: she asked as I brushed her hair with my palm.


“Maybe” I replied and watched her doze off.


I left the bed and sat on a chair in the room. I felt so much pity for her and prayed


she gets well soon.


Audrey’s Pov:


I sat on a stool as I watched Rachel combing her hair In front of the mirror. We were getting ready to go to school.


“Rachel, we’re running late” I grouse as I looked at the time.


“Oh! I guess now you can understand how I feel every morning” she replied with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.


“By the way, Audrey; have you heard of Megan’s accident that got her crippled?” She asked while packing her hair.


“Yes. I think I heard about it. What happened to her anyway?” I asked.


“I don’t really know. I just heard she was driving home when the accident occurred and she has to make use of a wheelchair for the meantime. I just pray she sits on it forever”


“Rachel!” I gasped.


“What? She’s too mean and wheelchair’s the right throne for people like her” she replied and I looked at her and shook my head. Crazy girl.


Soon, she was done with her hair and we set out to school.


In a short while, we arrived and just as we were about going to our different classes, we saw something that caught our attention. Even the rest of the students around stopped to take a look.


Rodney had driven Megan to school and he had brought her out of the car by


carrying her in his arms. Edith had already kept the wheelchair on the floor and


Rodney kept Megan on it, carefully.


She couldn’t stop smiling.


I watched as Mr Rodney rubbed Megan’s hair with his palm and said some things with them before going into the car.


Edith took hold of the chair and started rolling her, carefully.


I stared at them blearily and I guess Rachel could notice how sad I was. “Don’t give a thought to It, Audrey” she said with her hand on my shoulder. “I’ll catch up with you later” she added and walked away, headed for her own lecture hall.


I remained still for some time and fought back my tears.


I watched as Edith took Megan to a different route and I couldn’t tell why, I just decided to follow them .


I felt I needed to sympathise with her.


Megan’s Pov:


Edith kept moving me until we got to an isolated room and there she stopped.


I smiled and stood up from the wheelchair and embraced her.


“You’re such a great thinker, Edith. I don’t know where I would’ve been without you” I said ecstatically and she smiled.


“Thank you Megan. I’m glad to know I’m being of help” she replied.


“Of course, you are. Rodney’s falling into my hands step by step and I’m sure in no time, he’s going to be mine.


“This is what I’ve hoped for. I hope it ends well”.


“Of course, it will. Um…Megan, don’t you think you should sit back on the wheelchair?”


“Oh, please! My back aches a lot. I’m tired of sitting on that chair.


“By the way, Edith; did you see how all the students were staring at me when


Rodney brought me out of that car? I’m pretty sure jealousy must be eating them




Audrey’s Pov:


I stood by the window, watching quietly with shock all over my face. I couldn’t believe that was Megan standing on her feet, so happily.


So, the whole accident stuff was a lie? She was only fooling everyone and was looking for a way to get Rodney to fall in love with her? Oh, my God!




What do you think Audrey will do?






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