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Episode 35


By: Faith Lucky.


Megan’s Pov:


More y


tears poured from my eyes and I couldn’t control it. The doctor was taken abacked.


“Miss Megan, who does it belong to?” He asked, but I couldn’t reply.


I just stood up with my bag and ran out of the office.


I ran outside to my car and took off immediately. More tears kept streaming down my cheeks.


How was it possible that Audrey was Jocelyn? How come she doesn’t remember any of us? Or is It possible she had amnesia after the fall? I was so confused. My heart was tearing apart.


I drove straight to Edith’s house. I couldn’t go home at that moment because mum would definitely get suspicious of my tears since I couldn’t control my mood at that moment.


I drove into the building and parked at the garage and fortunate, Edith was standing outside.


She looked gobsmacked as she saw me running towards her, crying uncontrollably.


I got to where she was and embraced her.


“Megan, wh…what’s going? What happened?” She asked dazily but I only continued crying.


Then she noticed the paper in my hand and collected it from me, going through it.


She was shocked.


She looked at me, then back at the paper.


“It’s positive?” She asked confused and I nodded.


“B…But how?”


I busted into more tears and she embraced me.






“So, It’s possible she had amnesia?” Edith asked as she gave me a glass of water. We were now in the sitting room and after much effort, I was able to calm down a bit.


“Yes” I replied and gulped down the water.


I kept the empty glass on the table and she sat beside me on the sofa.


“So, what re you going to do, Megan? Will you tell her about it?” She asked.


“I…I don’t really know, Edith. I’m confused. Rodney has been looking for her his whole life and now he’s finally falling for me, I’m scared I might get to lose him if he finds out” I replied, sounding frustrated.


“So, what are you going to do?” She asked and I stood up.


“I just need to see her”


She also stood up.


“You want to see her? What are you going to say to her?” She asked.


“Like I said, Edith, I don’t know” I replied and left.






I drove off but didn’t even know where to go as I had no Idea where Audrey/Jocelyn was living. I decided to check up on her in the hotel where she worked.


So many thoughts kept flashing through my mind. I remembered our childhood memories; it was so much fun.


I really wanted her back; back as a sister.


I kept thinking of so many things until I got to the hotel and parked in the garage.


I came out of the car and wondered if she was there and how I could find her.


Today was Saturday and I knew she wouldn’t be in school.


I was about going into the reception when I sighted her coming out with a trash bag. I stared pathetically at her. That was my sister; my long awaited sister. I sauntered to where she was and she was surprised seeing me there.


She must be thinking I was there for trouble again.


She tried ignoring me by walking away, but I held her back. My eyes were filled with tears.


“Audrey” I called and embraced her.


She opened her eyes wide in surprise and was scared to even hold me.


I hugged her for a long time and by the time we unlocked, my face was already covered with tears.


Audrey was staring at me confounded as the whole thing probably seemed unreal to her.


“Audrey I…there’s something you need to know” I whimpered and held her hands. I was so confused. I wanted so badly to tell her the truth. But suddenly; I thought of everything I’d be risking.


I recalled all the beautiful moments I shared with Rodney, even how he became intimate with me. Am I ready to risk everything?


Why did the truth have to come out now at such a wrong time? Why does It have to be now?


I looked back at Audrey; her eyes were starving for a reply. But what will I say? “Audrey” I called again and sighed.


“I want to apologise for everything I’ve done to you. I’m…I’m so sorry for ill treating you the whole time. I hope you can forgive me?” She scoffed and unbelieve was clearly written on her face.


She kept quiet.


“Audrey please say something. Won’t you forgive me?” I asked tearfully, still holding her hand.


“Um…M…Megan’s she stuttered nervously.


“I hold no grudges against you. So you can feel at ease. ”


I smiled and embraced her


“Thank you Audrey” I said ruefully and paused to sniffle.


“Come on, I’ll help you with this” I added and picked up the trash bag.


She flinched and tried collecting it from me, but I resisted.


She was dumbfounded as we walked together to the bin and I emptied the trash bag into it.


I smiled and turned back to her.


“Bye. I’ll be on my way now” I said and turned around to leave.


She was just out of words.


I returned to where she was and hugged her again before leaving finally.


Rodney’s Pov:


I stood by the window of my hotel room on the second floor, watching everything that was going on.

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I couldn’t understand what was happening, but with the look of things, it seemed Megan was in good terms with Audrey. But how? And why was she even crying? I watched as she drove out of the building and I decided to call her. I really wanted to know what was going on.


The phone rang for some time before she finally picked up. But I didn’t want her to know I was staying at the hotel. So, I asked the question in a different way. “Megan, where’re you?” I asked immediately she greeted me and she hesitated before giving me a reply.


“Um…I’m with Edith. We’re just watching a movie together” she replied levelly


and I was confused.


What was she saying?


“You’re with…Edith?” I asked.


“Yes. I was just bored. So I decided to spend some time at her place. Is there something wrong? Why are you asking?” “Urgh…” I paused and itched my head.


“it’s nothing. I just…I thought you might be at home so I could come over. But don’t worry, I’ll call you back” I replied and ended the call immediately. I was muddled.


Why was Megan lying to me? Why was she denying the fact that she was with


Audrey? What could be so important about her discussion with Audrey that she


had to lie to me?










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