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Episode 34


By: Faith Lucky.


Edith’s Pov:


My eyes dilated in surprise as I stared back at Megan.


“You…Are…Are you sure? I mean, how’s that possible?” I stuttered.


“That’s the problem, Edith. I don’t know. Can it…possibly be a coincidence? How’s she able to get the same mark at the same spot?” She asked and paced restlessly around the room for some time and stopped in front of me. “Edith, do…do you think it’s possible?” She asked tearfully.


“I mean, could this explain why Rodney acts differently towards her? And why my mum had stood up against me in public just for her? was it because there was a bond all along?”


I was confused as well and didn’t know what to think. Megan was already weeping. Could it be possible Audrey was Jocelyn?


I drew close to Megan and held her shoulders.


“Look Megan,” I said.


“Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and there might be an explanation for it” .


“But how can we be sure? What If my guess Is right?”


“Um…why..why don’t we carry out a DNA?”


“DNA? You want me to alarm her?”


“Urgh…We can still do it without her knowing. If we can just get a strand of her hair, we can merge it with yours and give it out for the DNA”. She sniffed and cleaned her tears.


“But how’re we going to do it? How do we get her hair?” She asked and I looked at her.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be back” I replied and hurried out of the room.




I searched and asked for Audrey. I really wanted to help Megan. .

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I was hoping Megan’s guess was wrong…or right. I didn’t even know what to hope for. But could Audrey be Jocelyn?


I kept searching until I finally spotted her coming out from a hall. But she wasn’t


alone. She was with Leo.




How am I going to achieve my aim?


I took in a deep breath and budged forward to meet them. They were both surprised when I stood in front of them.


“Edith, is something wrong?” Leo asked confused since I had been staring quietly at them the whole time.


“I just came to do this” I replied and started pulling Audrey by the hair. Audrey shrieked and tried freeing her hair but couldn’t and Leo interfered immediately.


He held my hands and pushed me to the floor.


“What’s wrong with you?” He asked angrily as tears quickly came my eyes.


I was hurt by what he did.


But luckily, I had gotten what I came for and I stood up and left.


Audrey’s Pov:


Leo turned to me immediately.


“Are you okay? Were you hurt?” He asked as he turned me from left to right.


“I’m…I’m fine” I replied dolfully.


He arranged my hair, brushing it backwards.


“Why didn’t you fight back, Audrey? You shouldn’t allow other people ride on you” he said rather disappointed.


I didn’t say anything but only bent my head.


Then he took me to the cafe where we ordered for foods and drinks.


I was quiet the whole time and kept making little sniffles.


“Leo, can I ask you a question?” I finally paused to ask.


My eyes were already teary.


“How were the able to cope with the fact that Jocelyn was in love with Rodney, even when you had a crush on her?” I asked.


“I mean, wasn’t it painful? Seeing the one you love, ignoring you for someone else. How were you able to cope?”


Leo looked at me and smiled lightly.


“I just had to take things the way they were, Audrey. I had to accept the fact that she wasn’t mine and move on. It wasn’t easy; but I had to do it” he replied and I gave a nod.


Megan’s Pov:


I sat in the doctor’s office with the red different strands of hair in separate packets. “So, you want a DNA on them?” The doctor asked as he scribbled something down in his jotter.


He was the same doctor that had helped me out in the fake accident stuff.


“Yes doctor. I just want to know if the two people that own these hair are related” I replied.


“Okay. It’ll be done. I’ll call you when the result is out”.


“And one more thing, doctor; please, I’d want this to remain between both of us. I wouldn’t want a third party involved”.


“of course, of course. It’s part of our policy”.


I heaved a sigh and stood up with my bag.


“Thank you doctor. I’ll be on my way now” I said.


“Okay bye” the doctor replied and I left.




I was still restless the whole day. I couldn’t wait for the DNA result to come out so my doubts could be clarified.


I really wanted to know if my guess was right or wrong.


I decided to spend some time with Rodney.


I drove to his house and the first person I met was his mum.


“Megan!” She called happily and embraced me.


“What a pleasant surprise. You didn’t tell me you were coming”. “Good evening ma” I greeted as we unlocked from the hug. “Good evening dearie. You’re just in time for dinner” Immediately, Rodney came in and my heart gave a leap. “So how’ve you been, Megan?” Mrs Houston asked.


“It’s a good thing you’ve finally gotten off that wheelchair. It really didn’t suite you”


I smiled and didn’t know what to say. I was just carried away by Rodney’s presence.


Just then, Mrs Houston’s phone rang and see excused herself to receive the call.


I was now alone with Rodney in the room.


“Hi” I said in a dissemble smile as I stood face to face with him.


“Hi” he also replied, almost under his breath.


“Um…Megan, I want to apologise for last night. I’m sorry it happened. I…I didn’t mean to. I was just carried away.’


I smiled again and placed my hand on his shoulder.


“Rodney, it’s okay” I said calmly.


“I understand”.


He nodded and forced himself to smile.


Just then, Mrs Houston came back in and said:


“Dinner is ready”.


We all moved to the dining and ate together and after that, Rodney took me home.


My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing.


I felt disturbed as I opened my eyes blearily to check whom it was. It was the doctor.


The sleep vanished away instantly as I sat up and picked the call, my heart beating faster than a party drum.


“H…Hello doctor?” I called nervously on the phone.


“Good morning, miss Megan. The result of the DNA test is out” the doctor replied


and my heart beat increased.


I gulped nervously.


“Um…T…Thank you, doctor. I’ll…I’ll be there in a few minutes” I said and ended the call.


I’ve never been this nervous in my entire life.


I placed the phone on my chest and stared upwards. I was so perturbed and scared to know the result of the DNA.


What if it matched? And Audrey was Jocelyn? But what if I’m also wrong? Maybe there was only one way to find out.


I left the bed and took my bath, getting changed afterwards. I quickly took off in my car and left for the hospital.


After a while, I arrived and went straight to the doctor’s office.


At first, he wasn’t in and I was asked to wait. But after a while, he came in with a file.


“Hope I didn’t take your time?” He asked as he took his seat on the other side of the table but I didn’t reply.


That wasn’t my problem at that moment.


He opened the file and brought out the DNA result, hanging it to me.


I collected it nervously and my hands shook as I held it. I was so scared to look, but I had to.


I checked for the result Icon and tears dripped down my eyes and stained on the paper like rainfall.


I covered my mouth with my palm and shivered.


It was positive.


The DNA were the same.


Audrey was Jocelyn; and Jocelyn was Audrey. They were the same person.


Audrey was my missing sister;


The one everybody’s been looking for.


She was my sister…


But how…






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