Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 38


By: Faith Lucky.


Rodney’s Pov:


My eyes dropped, but my hands were still on her neck. I didn’t even know I was still holding her.


It was more as if an heavy ice had landed on me.


“Wh…What did you say?” I asked in a faint tune as I stared into Megan’s face.


“Rodney…Please” she whimpered and touched my hands on her neck.


“Is…is she…” I paused and let go of her neck, moving backwards.


She was coughing and gasping.


I was weak and consternation ran through me.


“Is she…is she Jocelyn?” I asked fraily with tearful eyes and she wept.


“Is she?” I asked again and she nodded.


I felt a string of pain cut across my chest. The whole place was going round in circles for me and I held on to something to prevent me from falling.


Audrey was Jocelyn? The one I’ve been looking for? She’s been with me all these while? but I never even noticed?


And how I had ill-treated her, pushing her away, hurting her feelings, not knowing


she was my Jocelyn.


How could I be so blind?


Where could she be? I needed to find her.


I ran out of the house and resumed driving in my car. My hands were shaking on the sterling as I headed to aunt Tessy’s house. I didn’t even know where she lived. My Jocelyn was alive, the one everybody thought was dead. My hope and faith were not for nothing. She had really survived the fall.


But how come she doesn’t remember me? Was it possible she had amnesia after the fall and was adopted by Mrs Salome? But why did Mrs Salome keep quiet about it?


Oh! My Dear Jocelyn. The one who’s absence has tormented me for years. The one


that has made my life Incomplete. I couldn’t believe I was going to be with her


again; see her and touch her.


And the mark!


Yes! I could confirm her identity with the mark on her tummy.


Why didn’t It occur to me all along? How could I be so stupid to forget she had a mark I could recognise her with?



No wonder I had been strangely attracted to her. No wonder I had liked her differently from the very start.


It was because she was Jocelyn and I had been so dumb not to notice it.


Oh! Jocelyn.


I drove into aunt Tessy’s compound and found her in the garden. She was surprised seeing me there in that state.


“Mr Rodney?” She called with shock large writ on her face.


I was breathing heavily.


“Where’s Jocelyn?” I asked impatiently and she flinched.


“Jocelyn?” She asked.


“Where’s Au…Audrey.” I asked again and her anxiety increased.


“I…I don’t know. She left my house some hours ago. Maybe she should be home” she replied.


“Where does she live? please!”


She stared at me for a while.


“Uhm…hold on” she said and went into the house and returned with her phone. I watched her as she called Audrey’s number but it wasn’t going through. She called severally but it still wasn’t going through and she decided to call Rachel. Luckily, Rachel picked and she put it up on speaker. Hello aunt


Rachel, is Audrey at home?


I just returned not long ago and couldn’t find her here. I’ve been trying to reach her on phone but her line isn’t going through


Okay. um…do you have any idea where she might be?


No aunt. She told me she was off duty and wanted to spend the whole day resting at home. So,,I’m kind of confused why I can’t find her here. She looked at me and ended the call.


“Mr Rodney, is there a problem?” She asked but I didn’t reply.


I just sat on the floor and ruffled my hair.


Where could she be? Why wasn’t she at home? Why does it have to be now? I felt like screaming her name.


But will she be able to hear me? Where could I look for her?


I stood up weakly from the floor and entered into the car. Aunt Tessy was speechless.More interesting and erotic stories @ Topster Stories


I took off at a dizzying speed, cruising along the road. I was so frustrated, so depressed. Where could she be?



I drove into the hotel to check for her just in case there was an emergency switch and she had to report to work.


I went to the reception and asked for her but was told she was off duty and didn’t repot to work that day.


I left the hotel and continued driving, not knowing where else to go. I was haggard. I decided to go to the cliff where she had fallen off and when I reached, the whole place was empty and quiet.


“Jocelyn!!!” I screamed and kicked one of the tress.


Was I being punished or what? I’ve been looking for her my entire life and now I’ve finally known who she is, I still have to look for her again.


Why was she tormenting me this way? Have I done something to offend her? I needed to see her, touch her, kiss her, embrace her.


Oh! Jocelyn, where could she be?


I went back to the car and took off again. I had one more place to go.


I parked by the road and went into the garden. That was my special garden with Jocelyn and we always visited it when we were kids.


Maybe I should stay there and wait for her because I’m tired of searching.


I walked further into it and noticed there was someone there. Who could it be? I’ve never brought anyone there before.


I drew nearer and noticed it was Audrey.




She was backing me and her eyes glistened as she turned to look at me.


She was in tears and I noticed she was holding two pictures to her chest.


How did she get there?


“Romeo” she called tearfully and took a weak step forward.


My heart gave a mighty leap.


Did she just call me Romeo? But how?


Was It possible her memories were back?


Tears were streaming down her cheeks.


“Romeo” she called again.


“Juliet?” I also called and immediately, she made to fall on the floor.


But I was fast enough to run and hold her and she fell in my arms and passed out. I knelt on the floor and placed her head on my leg. And slowly, I opened the tip of her shirt and checked for the mark.


It was right there. The mark was there. She was my Jocelyn; the one I’ve truly been looking for.


I held her tight to myself and wept.


“Jocelyn” I whimpered as I placed my lips on her forehead, still holding her tight.


My dear Jocelyn;


My missing rib.


More tears dripped down my cheeks. I couldn’t let her go. I didn’t want to.


I’ve been away from her for years now and now I’ve finally seen her, I didn’t want to spend a secondsecond without touching her.






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