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Episode 3


By: Faith Lucky


Audrey dollfully walked into the living room and plonked herself on the chair. She was sad and berefted as all her plans to win the context had gone down the drain. She had been a song lover from a young age but couldn’t afford going to a music school. So, when she head about the contest, she saw it as an opportunity and applied for it immediately but when it was time for her to sing, she had felt very nervous.


She felt sad and reamed and couldn’t believe she was no longer part of the contest.


Her desire to be a famed singer might perhaps, die with her.


“Hey cutie” Rachel – a cousin sister to Audrey – said as she walked into the house with some items.


Audrey remained silent and kept starring at the wall.


“Whereve you been Audrey?” Rachel asked, arranging some of the items in the room.


“Work of course” replied Audrey, feebled.


“I called Nina some hours ago and she told me you had switched turns with Oprah. And that only means you weren’t at work. So tell me, Audrey, where have you been?” She asked again and Audrey remained silent, staring at the wall.


“Tell me you haven’t been to that contest. I’m aware today’s the audition and I’m pretty sure you went for it. But have you forgotten mum had instructed you not to go for it?”


“Well, the whole point Is useless cause I wasn’t taken” Audrey replied rather angrily and walked out of the house.


She walked down the street upto the road and lost focus of where she was headed.



The pains of losing out in the contest kept niggling at her and she didn’t even realize a car from her left that was Horning at her while trying to cross the road. By the time she realised, they were already too close enough, but good thing the driver was fast enough to hold his brakes and Audrey fell right in front of the car, scratching her hand along.


Immediately, a young charming boy who had been the driver rushed out of the car and ran to her.


“Hey, are you alright?” He asked with sorry eyes as he helped her from the floor.


Audrey didn’t say a word but went on dusting her body.


“I’m…I’m so sorry. I didn’t really mean to hurt you. You’re injured; I think I should get you to a clinic.” He said, looking worried.


“I’m fine. Don’t worry” Audrey replied and tired walking away, but he held her back.


“Please, you need to let me take care of it. You can just leave”


“I’m fine…”


“I insist”


Audrey thought of his offer and got a better idea.


“Uhm…If you really want to make it up, you could get me some food” She said with a shy face and hoped he’d agree to it. She was starving.




“Why were you so careless on the road? I’m sure if I had been on high speed, it’d have been worst.” The gentle fellow said to Audrey ax they both sat in a restaurant. He was just taking a glass of wine, while Audrey was taking a loaded plate of food. And she had to gulp down the large quantity of food in her mouth before being able to reply him.


“I was just a little angry” She replied.


“I had gone for the Rodney’s audition, but I wasn’t taken.


“You weren’t taken?” He asked.


“Yes! It wasn’t like I wasn’t a good singer. I had just been a little nervous because that was my first time to sing in front of such dignitaries. But Mr Rodney is so heartless. He wouldn’t even listen to my explanation. He just ignored me like a piece of trash.”


The gentle fellow bent his head and scoffed.




“So, you’re trying to tell me my brother’s mean?” He asked and Audrey almost spilled out wine from her mouth.


“Your brother?” She asked with a quizzical look.


“Of course. Don’t you have any idea? I’m Leo- Rodney’s younger brother.


Audrey’s eyes dilated in surprise and she had almost gotten off her seat.


“Oh my God! You’re Leo? I…I never thought of it. Now, I get it. You guys look alike a lot.”


“Well, now you know. So what’s the name?”


“I’m Audrey. Nice meeting you” she replied and exchanged a nervous handshake with him.


“But come to think of it; you’re a lot different from your brother in character. He’s so mean and arrogant, while you’re so kind. Why’s that?” She asked and Leo laughed.


“Well, my brother isn’t as mean as he seems. He has always been a very cheerful and simple guy. But everything changed when he lost Jocelyn.


“Jocelyn was hus best friend and as crazy as it may sound, they had been lovers at a very tender age. She had fallen off a cliff while they were out together and till date, she wasn’t found and it’s been concluded she had probably drowned and was dead.


“Jocelyn was very precious to Rodney and losing her had hurt him a lot and hw can’t get over it. That’s why he seems so hard hearted.” Audrey’s face softened at the little explanation.


“I think I’ve heard something like that before” She said. “So, is she really dead?” “Well, that’s what it looks like. I mean, if she were still alive, I’m sure she’d have been found by now. It’s been 18 years already.”


“Hm. That’s bad. I hope Rodney gets over it soon. Too bad I’m also affected from it. I was really looking forward to winning the contest. That’s the reason I had taken part in the scholarship exams and prayed fervently to pass. But all my efforts are now in vain.”


Leo reached for a pen and paper and placed it in front of her.


“Write down your details. I’ll talk to him to reconsider” Leo said and Audrey gasped and stood on her feet.


“Are…are you serious? You’ll do that for me?” She asked with her eyes wide open.


“Yes. I Can see how passionate you are about it.” He replied, smiling.


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“Oh my God! I…I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much. Thank you. I’ll never forget this. Thanks a lot”


She took the paper and pen and scribbled her details on it. She was so excited and


tried not to make a single mistake on it. She couldn’t believe she would be getting


back on the competition.


Her dreams were back again.


“Thank you so much, sir Leo. This means a lot to me” she said as she handed him the piece of paper.


“Please, just call me Leo. Now hurry up your food. It’s late”.


‘Okay. Uhm…Leo, I know you’ve done a lot for me today. But. ..could i ask for one


more favor, please?” She asked.


“Sure. What is it?”


“Could I…take some food home for my sister?” She asked and itched her head. “Oh, God! I’m definitely going to be late for work again.” Audrey groused as she carelessly parked her hair and looked for her footwear.


“This is all Rachel’s fault.” She continued. “I told her to wake me on time.” “Oh, really? Do you think I’m an alarm?” Rachel asked and hissed.


“But Audrey, why not spare parts few minutes and have breakfast?” Audrey’s mum – Mrs salome – asked with a worried look.


“That’s not possible, mum. If I do that, I might lose my job . don’t worry, I’ll sort myself out” she replied in a haste and rushed out with her tiny bag.


Shw ran out to the road and took a public cab and in a little while, She was there. She walked into the enormous hotel building and hurried to the reception to sign the attendance register.


“You’re late” Mia said with a derogatory stare as Audrey sighed on the list. She was also an hotel attendant and was always inconveniencing Audrey. “Yeah, I know” Audrey replied and hurried to change her clothes into that of a room service.


It was a good thing her boss wasn’t around else, she’d have definitely gotten a scold from him.


When she was done changing her clothes, she checked the duty list and discovered she was assigned to room 84.


She quickly took her wheel and set out for the room immediately. She was hoping she wouldn’t get penalised for being late.


That was her only source of income and she couldn’t afford to lose it.


She got to room 84 and knocked softly on the door, but there was no reply.


She knocked again but there was still no reply and she decided to go in.



The room was sparkling and didn’t really look dirty except for some cigarette ashes on the table and some polythene bags around together with some…gross! It was definitely dirty.


Well, that has been Audrey’s character.


When going to clean up a room, she always tired to make it seem easy by consoling herself it wasn’t dirty.


She set out to work immediately and while tidying up, she found some currencies beneath some clothes on the bed.


“Wow! I wonder who stays in this room” She exclaimed and took her eyes away from it.


She continued picking the trash and suddenly, she heard some water sound from the bathroom.


“Why’s the water rushing?” She thought.


There was no one in the room and she wandered why the shower was on.


She decided to go forward to have a look and just as she opened the door, she came face to face with a Rodney who was taking his bath. But luckily, his waist level was covered by a glass in front of him.


They stared at each other and conniption gripped Audrey. She had just bumped into Rodney’s bathroom. Holy Christ! She was blenched and could feel her heart giving a leap.


“Oh my…oh my God! I’m so sorry sir. I…I didn’t mean it. I didn’t see a thing. I…I promise” She stuttered helplessly and ran out of the room, soaked with fear. She ran out to a passage and felt like ruffling her hair.


She knew she was in for a serious trouble.


How could she be so careless not to notice he was in the room? But it really didn’t look like there had been anyone in at that moment.


What would she do? He might probably report her to her boss.


She walked tho and fro the corridor, thinking of what to do and finally, she thought of calling Rachel.


She called for close to six times before getting a reply.




“Rachel? Where the hell did you dump your phone? I’ve been calling for ages” she whinged on the phone.


“Well, I wasn’t even born ages ago. I was busy . what’s going on?” Rachel asked.


“I…I think I’m in a big mess Rachel.


I don’t know what to do. I…I swear I had no idea he was the occupant and I also had no idea he ws in at the moment.”



“Calm down Audrey. I’m not an audio recorder. Whom are you referring to?” “It’s Rodney! I had gone to clean up a room and I thought there was no one in. So, I started cleaning up and suddenly, I heard some pouring sounds from the bathroom and decided to check it out and…and there I found Mr Rodney taking his bath. I’m so busted Rachel and I don’t know what to do.”


“Hold on Audrey, go back a little. Did you just say you found Mr Rodney taking


his bath? Like…he was bathing?”


“Yes he was. And…”


“Hold on a second; you mean you saw…” “Don’t be silly Rachel. I didn’t see a thing”.

Rachel busted into laughter, making Audrey more frustrated.


“I didn’t call to entertain you Rachel. I called so you could help me with a solution”. Audrey said.


“Really? Well, I don’t know what to say Audrey. Uhm…Why don’t go back to him and tell him you’re willing to make both you selves even?”


“Right! It was a complete error trying to call you” Audrey said irritably and ended the call.


Immediately, she saw Mia walking towards her, placing her right hand at akimbo.


She kept staring at Audrey like someone who ws a detective.


From the way she was walking, Audrey could tell She was coming to meet with her.


“You were the one in charge of room 84 right?”


“Y…yes” She replied, staring at the floor.


She was scared Mia night notice the diffident look in her eyes of she had a look at






“Mr Rodney’s calling for you. He wants you back in the room” she said and Audrey could feel her lungs drying up.


That ws it. She was definitely going to lose her job.


“Okay.” She replied and started walking away, but Mia called her back.


“Audrey, Why’s he calling for you?” She asked but Audrey ignored her and walked away.


She kept fiddling with her hands as she walked down the corridors and got to room 84.


She hesitated for sometime and did a short prayer before knocking on the door.


“Come in” She heard his voice and slowly, she opened the door and went in.




Hm. I wonder what’s going to happen in that room.







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