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Episode 2


By: Faith Lucky


“Please doctor, tell me my son will be fine” Mrs Houston – Rodney’s mother-whimpered with weeping eyes as she stood in front of the doctor, together with her husband and Leo.


“I can’t really promise you anything ma’am, but we’ll do our best. He’s badly injured and he’s in a terrible state..right now, he’s in comma. It’s…it’s actually a miracle he’s still alive.” The doctor replied pathetically, also a bit scared at Rodney’s condition.



He had luckily been rescued by some fishermen who recognised him and brought him to the hospital, badly injured.


And as for Jocelyn, her body was yet to be found.


“Please doctor, just do everything you can to save him. Please, nothing must happen to him” Mrs Houston cried again and buried her wet face in her husband’s chest.


“Doctor please.” Leo also added tearfully.


“He’s the only brother I have. Help him”.


“I’ll…I’ll do my best” replied the doctor.


Immediately, Mrs James walked in angrily with heavy steps together with Megan. “Where’s that son of yours? Bring him out! Tell him to provide my daughter this moment” She said angrily and tearfully as she stood in front of them.

“Please calm down…” Mr Houston tried speaking.


“Don’t tell me to calm down. This is all his fault! He was warned to stay away from my daughter, but he never listened. He’s been nothing but a bad luck.” After saying that; Mrs Houston landed a slap on her cheek.


“Have you gone sane?” She yelled.


“How dare you come in her and lay accusations on my son who’s struggling for his life? Do you really think he planned any of this? Why would he want to harm Jocelyn? Huh? Tell me!”


Mrs James touched her cheek for a while and stared angrily at her.


“You just pray nothing bad happens to my daughter. You just pray she’s found, else, I’ll make you pay for it” she faciled angrily and walked away. Megan, with a crying face, also turned around to follow her.


“Megan!” Leo called and caught up with her.


“I’m sorry” he said penitently and she sniffled.


“How’s Rodney?” She asked with a whimper but Leo couldn’t think of a reply and slowly, she turned around and walked away. It’s been 18 years later.


26 years old Rodney stood by the window, staring at the old picture in his hand. His eyes drooped and his heart was tearing apart. That was the pain he had to feel each time he thought about her.


He’s never been the same since Jocelyn went missing. Her body was not found despite the thorough search that had taken place and it ws believed she had drowned and was dead.



But for Rodney, he never wanted to believe any of it. He still had a string of hope somewhere and always consoled himself that since her body was never found, she might be alive somewhere.


He never wanted to believe his Jocelyn was gone – gone forever.


“Sir, it’s time” his secretary opened the door slightly and said in a serene voice and left.


Rodney glanced at her as she left and took his eyes to the window, inserting the little picture in his trouser pocket.


He took in a deep breath and got ready to leave. He was doing this for Jocelyn.


As he walked out through the sitting room, his mother came rushing to him.


“Rodney, you didn’t touch your meal” she groused.


“I’m not hungry mum” he replied ignorantly and walked away.


He got outside and walked into the car which had already been opened for him by his guards.


They also got into theirs and with his in the middle, they started driving away.


A text message came into his phone almost immediately from Megan:


“Call me when you’re through”.


He sighed and turned off the screen.


Megan has been a good friend to him, always there for him from the time Jocelyn had gone missing. But too bad he couldn’t appreciate it as the only thing that mattered to him was being with Jocelyn again.


He was living a secluded life and it was evident enough that Jocelyn’s absence had made him heart hearted – to his family and everyone around him.


He hated and blamed himself for what happened. He always felt he was the reason Jocelyn had fallen off the cliff.


He spent most of his free time in their special garden and by the cliff and each time he was by the cliff, he’d keep staring below, wishing Jocelyn would climb out. Nobody had expected he’d come out of the coma after the incidence and when he finally did, he remained unconscious for a long time when he got to know Jocelyn was missing.


For years, he was in dilemma and couldn’t get over the shock.


He couldn’t believe his Jocelyn might probably be dead.


And as for Jocelyn’s mother, she hated him for it and couldn’t think of getting over it.


The cars came to a stop inside the massive building and Rodney was led in through a secret passage in order to avoid being crowded by the contestants at the facade of the building.



He ws holding a music contest and what seemed to be like over half of Cambridge university was there.(Join Group)



He had made the qualifications strictly on membership of the college and because of that, that very year, the college had gotten the highest number of admission application in the school.


If he had made the qualification for all and sundry, then they’d have to spend a month going through just the first stage of the competition.


His parents had made some connections and partnerships and set it up, putting him in charge, just to make him happy. Well, it had been his request.


Since Jocelyn was a lover of music, he had decided to do this in her honor and so, the contest was tagged in her name.


To him, Jocelyn was the best and he wanted someone who could be similar.


Out to the contestants side, they all lined up with their role numbers pinned to their clothes, ecstatically.


They couldn’t stop talking.


Oh my God! I can’t wait to sing in front of Mr Rodney…


I heard he’s so cute and can make a lady deny her parents just for him…


The winner’s going to gain a lot. She’ll he signed in to the music industry, awarded a huge sum of money and becomes a famed singer…


it’s also included she might go on a three months tour with Mr Rodney. Or is that a rumour…


but there’s a lady called Edith. She’s Megan’s best friend and she’s one of the contestants…


Megan? Isn’t Megan Mr Rodney’s girlfriend?


so I heard, but I think it’s a rumour…


I really can’t wait…


Different discussion kept going on and after some time, the competition finally commenced.


Rodney sat in front of a large table with some dignitaries as he awaited the first contestant.


There was already a litted cigarette in his hand and he smoked from it. “Contestant no 1” one of the assistants said with a microphone and a lady rushed in.


“Hi. I’m Tasha and I hope you find my song interesting” she said in a genial voice. She kept smiling the whole time and sand her song but Rodney found her voice a little croaky.


“Jocelyn wouldn’t sing that way” he thought.


Many more contestants came up and most of them did very well.


A particular contestant had come up and instead of singing, she had began crying and had to be escorted outside by the securities.


“Contestant 102” an assistant announced but nobody came in.


He called two more times and decided to move on to the next number. “Contestant 103”


“Sorry, I’m here” a dowdy looking lady said and ran in.


She was contestant 102.


“Sorry, I’m late” She added. “Uhm…I’m Audrey and…this is my song.”


She held the microphone tightly and tried singing but couldn’t. She felt nervous.


“Next” Rodney said to the assistant and the assistant called on the next contestant.


“Contestant 103” .


“Hi. I’m Rachel and this song is specially for Mr Rodney…”


Rodney had seen a lot of drama as ladies of different characters had displayed for him. Some ladies were so bad that he wandered if they had ever made use of their voices.


After a long while that seemed forever to him, the audition finally came to an end and the lucky contestants were announced.


Out of the hundreds that came, they were just 64 selected. And the rest had to go home weepy and grumbling.


Rodney left the audition hall and headed for his car and just before he got in, he noticed a lady was struggling with his guards from behind.


“Please, it won’t take long. I need to speak with him.” She pleaded. Rodney confirmed she looked familiar and recognised her to be one of the contestants.


He signalled the guards to let her through and immediately, she ran to him like someone running from wildfire.


He looked at her role number and noticed she was contestant 102.


“Pl…Please Mr Rodney. I’m one of the contestants. I…I’m so sorry for being so dump earlier. I ws just a little nervous. Please, I really want to be a part of the contest. Give me one more chance. Please” She pleaded, placing her Palms together.


Rodney stared at her from head to toe and felt disappointed.


He had thought she had something interesting to say. Maybe, something about Jocelyn?



“You had an opportunity young lady and you misused it. The audition is over and there’s no room for second chances.” He replied icily and walked into the car; ignoring every other thing she had to say. TBC.






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