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Episode 6


“But you were the ones at fault. You had been careless on the road” he said. “Oh! So now you’re trying to put the blame on me. You really have such nerves!” “Audrey!” Rachel cut in and turned to him.


“Please forgive her” she said apologetically and ran away with Audrey.


“Why do I have a feeling I’m gonna be in so much trouble because of you being in college?” Rachel asked huskily as she rook her away from the scene. “What’re you…”

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“Don’t you have any idea who he is? That is doctor Davis – Rodney’s close friend.


Audrey gasped and covered her mouth with her palm.


“Ro…Rodney’s friend?” She asked blenchly. “I had no idea”.


“Well, how would you?”



“Oh my God, Rachel! I completely had no idea. Wh…what if he reports me to Mr Rodney and makes him evict me from the show?”


“I guess that’s your problem. Anyway, come with me” Rachel said and led her to her first lecture hall.


The class was magnificent and colorful and Audrey kept looking around, gobsmacked. She even had to step on a lady’s toes, carried away by admiration. “Oh, I’m so sorry” she apologized immediately and took a seat. The class was air conducive and each chair had its own locker.


The floors were tied colorfully and there were some decorations around together with some flowers.


“Cambridge is really the best” she thought.


More students kept trooping in and the next person she saw was Megan, coming in with Edith.


They sauntered to the second row and took a seat over there.


Audrey was surprised as she never expected she’d share a course with her. She noticed Edith whispered something to Megan after taking a look at her. Soon, the class became filled up and the lecturer came in, holding some hefty textbooks along. He was short and looked grumpy.


“Good morning, sir” few of the students greeted while others just kept staring.


“Morning students” he replied and adjusted his specs .


He looked carefully at them, as If being suspicious. “Okay. So, what do we have today? Let’s look at…” ***


Audrey was walking around the school all alone when she ran into Leo.


“Leo!” She called in amusement and hw also smiled after noticing her.


“Audrey? What’re you doing here?” He asked as he rounded up what he was doing with his phone.


“I…I just got admitted here. I never knew you were also interested student here”


“Yeah, I am. So How’re you?”


“Oh I’m fine. I’m good”.


“And how’s Cambridge?”


“Hmmm. I think it’s fantastic. Anyway, I’m through with my lectures for today and I’m just waiting for my sister.


“By the way, Leo, thanks for the help. Seriously, you made me so happy by getting me back in the contest. Please, if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you…” “Don’t worry about it” Leo cut in, chuckling.


“Come on don’t tell me that. I just need to show a little appreciation” Audrey


persisted and he sighed.


“Okay then” Leo said.


“If you really want to make it up to me, you could do so by treating me out for dinner”.


Audrey felt aloud bang in her head as she took a proper look at him.


“Uhm…Di…dinner?” She asked confused.


“Yes. I think we should go right away. We can use my car” Leo replied and led the way while Audrey followed behind with a nervous gulp. He didn’t even give her a chance to say anything.More interesting and erotic stories @ Topster Stories


How on earth would she treat him out for dinner? She had no money with her. Oh! The only money she had was the money her mother had requested her to get something from the store for her.


Damn it! She was definitely going to be thrown out of the house Maybe she should try convincing him to get rid of the idea.

“Uhm…Leo” She called nervously just as they got to where his car was parked.


“Yes. Is there a problem?” He asked with sincere eyes.


“About the dinner, I was thinking…”


“You don’t have to think about it. I already have a place in mind. Let’s go” Immediately he brought out his phone and started making calls that Audrey couldn’t understand.


There was no time for her to convince him at all.


They both got into the car and he started off at a dizzying speed, still making some little activities with his phone.


It seemed he was trying to keep Audrey from saying much.


Audrey kept biting her nails, thinking of a solution to her quandary.


Perhaps, she’d use from her mother’s money and owe the store owner part of it. But, how would she pay back? Her salary wasn’t due because month end was still very far.


This Leo of a guy was really something else.


If he were so hungry, why wouldn’t he eat from hus mother’s pot?


Soon, they came to a stop and Audrey’s eyes glistened at the sight of the building in front of them. Was that an eatery or what?


She looked at Leo and saw him unlocking the doors. She got off the car with him and walked towards the building.


So, that was really the eatery they were going to?


“Uh…Leo, is this the eatery?” Audrey asked and he only nodded.



They first had to go through the securities at the door before walking into the place that looked like a paradise.


Audrey tired looking at herself from head to toe and wandered how she’d be able to buy as little as a bottle of water.


Leo took her to a table and they sat opposite to each other.


Audrey almost hesitated sitting down because she felt She might have to pay for it as well.


“Hm.” Leo sighed. “So, we’re here. Now, what do you think I should take?” He asked as he took up the menu from the table and started going through it.


Audrey also took hers and kept admiring the front page. Everything about the place was so classic and beautiful.


“Wow! I think I’ll go with the pot roast” She heard him say and her eyes glittered. “Pot roast?” She thought. “That sounded like something that could roast her life. She quickly ran her eyes through the menu and the price she had seen on it jade her felt like throwing up.


The pot roast was worth over half of the money she had with her. Was this really a coincidence?


“What do you think, Audrey? Can you afford it?” Leo asked hut before Audrey could clear her head for an answer, a waitress had already arrived.


“Please get me some pot roast and something soft like an orange drink” Leo said to the waiter who scribbled it down on a note.


“Okay, sir. And you, miss?” The waitress asked, referring to Audrey.


“Oh me? Don’t worry about me. Just get me some water” she replied, trying to hide her anxiety.


“Just water?”Leo asked immediately the waitress left. “Aren’t you hungry?” “No I’m not”.


“But I thought you’ve been in school all day?” “Please don’t worry about me. I have my ways”.


Audrey took her eyes back to the menu, trying to hide her anxiety. She kept going through the price list and was amazed at the cost of their food. The waitress showed up immediately with their orders In tray.


Audrey took out the water from the tray and stared at it from left to right.


“How much does the water cost?” She asked the waitress who was still arranging Leo’s food on the table.


“It’s on the menu, miss” he replied and Audrey sighed.



“Some eateries would always want to make others feel like they make their goods out of golden items” She said irritably and Leo laughed while the waitress just stared at her and left.


“Don’t you like the eatery?” Leo asked as he started eating from his pot roast.


“Why would I hate it?” She replied and drank from her water.


Leo kept bringing up little chats on the way but none of them could satiate Audrey enough as she kept thinking of the money she was about to lose.


She watched him as he continued eating happily while she drank tasteless water.


At that point, she felt like choking him.


“He’s such a mean jerk” she thought.


“This is all your fault, Audrey. You should’ve just thanked him and moved on with your life. But no, you couldn’t. You had to take the good girl’s part and see where it landed you.”


“Audrey are you okay?”Leo asked, noticing the depressed look on her face.


“Oh I’m fine. Please go on” She replied with a perfunctory smile.


After a while, Leo was done with his food and they got ready to leave. They called on a waiter and Audrey had to pay a sum of $6


As she removed the money from her bag, she felt agony coming along with it and Leo didn’t even try to stop her.


She paid the waitress, took her empty can of water and marched out of the eatery with Leo behind.


“Audrey, are you sure you’re fine? You…”


“I’m just having an upsetting stomach” She cut him off grumpily and got into the car the moment he unlocked the door and ad she did, she heard him giggle.


Leo tried to keep the drive lively by bringing up different stories but Audrey only replied with either a nod or a ‘Hmm’.


“We all learn from our mistakes” She thought angrily. “And today I’ve learnt that even thethe rich can be beggars”.


She felt he was no different from his brother.


“am in the right location?” He asked as he drove into a street that appeared to be hers.


“Yes. You’re in thet


right place. Just kept going” She replied.


Shw wasn’t ready to get off halfway. If possible, she’d want him to drive her into the house and stop right at the bedroom. It wasn’t enough to cover up for her great stupid loss.



“By the way, Audrey” he chipped in. ” Thanks for dinner. You really made my day”


Audrey stared at him and felt like pulling out his eyes.


“Okay. You can drop me here” she said croakily a and he came to a halt.


Her snug little house was just beside them.


“So, guess we’ll see tomorrow” he told her as she got ready to leave.


“So, I can treat you for dinner again?” She asked, not realising when she said it.


But Leo laughed.


“Bye” she added rather perfunctorily as she opened the door and left the car. “Oh, one more thing “Leo paused her as he inserted his hand in his pocket and brought out some currencies along.


“Here . use this for transport fare tomorrow” he said to Audrey and handed the money to her.


Audrey was gobsmacked and couldn’t even say anything until he had driven away. The money he had given her for transport fare was triple of the money she had spent for dinner.


So, he had plans of making it upto her afterall?


She looked at the direction he had taken and wished she could get a glimpse of him. It was a good thing she hadn’t put on a fowl mood around him.


“He’s such a nice fellow” She thought as she giggled and walked into the house.








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