Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 27


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


“You bitch!” She snarled as she took a glass of wine from the table and poured it on me.


I gasped and stood up and the rest of the students in the cafe turned towards us. “Megan, what are you…” I tried speaking, but she poured another glass of juice on me.


“You’re nothing but a shameless gold digger – a whore!


“Take a look at yourself, Audrey. Shouldn’t you know your class? Did you really think you could have a chance with Rodney?” She asked angrily and gave her bag to Edith.


I moved backwards and just when she was about hitting me; someone stepped in. “Megan!” The strict voice called from behind and we all turned to see who it was. It was Megan’s mum!


Few of the students started whispering and Megan withdrew her hands and moved away from me.


“Megan what’s the meaning of this?” Mrs James asked angrily as She stood in front of us.


“Have you gone sane? Why are you creating such a scene?


“I came to surprise you by giving you a lift from school and this is what I get?


What’s wrong with you?”


Megan remained quiet.


“Apologise immediately” she said.


“But mum…”


“I said now!”


Megan’s head had become swollen with anger as she turned to face me.


“I’m sorry” she said angrily and ran away.


I was gobsmacked.


Mrs James gave a final stare at me and also left.


I quickly took my bag and ran away from the cafe.


I couldn’t believe what happened.


I looked at my stained dress. It was such a mess. I needed to go home and change it.


Rodney’s Pov:



I sat in the hotel room, staring at Jocelyn’s picture. For the first time in long time, I felt so nervous about doing something. And I hoped I was doing the right thing.


I could remember the question she – Audrey – had asked me when we were having pasta:


*Um…Mr Rodney, what am I to you?*


I still remembered everything and I was sure what I was about to do would definitely change things between us. I knew she might get hurt. But I wouldn’t do it if there were any other option.


I needed to make her understand what was going on – the kiss and everything.


I knew she was still confused about the whole thing. Even when she had come to return the credit card, I could clearly read the depression on her face. She was confused and I needed to explain things to her.


I looked at Jocelyn’s picture again – my dear Jocelyn.


I needed to do the right thing.


Audrey’s Pov:


I was on the night shift.


I was disposing some dirt in the trash bin when one of my Co workers came up to me.


“Hi Audrey. Mr Rodney’s calling for you. He’s on the second floor – room 12” the


spiffy lady said and left immediately.


I became paranoid.


I emptied the trash bag and found it difficult moving from there. I was so nervous. Why was he calling me? What was I going to say?


It took me quite some time before I was able to go for the meeting.


I kept fiddling with my hands as I entered the elevator and waited for it to land. In a short while, the elevator got to the second floor and the door opened and I walked out. I could feel my forehead sweating. I got to the door but was scared to knock.


I had been the one praying for Mr Rodney to talk to me; but now he’s finally calling for me, I was scared. I wondered what his reply would be and I was scared to find out.


What if he admits to the kiss? What would I say? But was It possible? Well, there was only one way to find out.


After gathering more than enough courage, I knocked on the door and his deep , yet, sweet masculine voice said from inside: “Come in”.



I slowly opened the door and walked in and there I met him sitting on the bed, smoking.




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