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Episode 25


By: Faith Lucky.


Rodney’s Pov:


Audrey gasped and moved back a bit. I stared at Megan with surprise.


“You…I…I can’t believe this” she stuttered tearfully and poured out more tears. I was still confused. How did she find me? I looked back at Audrey and back at Megan.


“Megan, wh…what’re you doing here?” I asked.


“Really?” She asked and scoffed with tears.


“is that the first thing that could come to your mind? You…you don’t want me around, right? I’m…I’m disturbing your perfect time – right? Oh, God!’ She turned around and started running away, weeping profusely.


“Megan!” I called and ran after her.


I caught up with her just when she was about entering her car.


“Megan wait…”


“Was this what you meant when you said you wanted to be alone?” She turned angrily to look at me.


“Is this your own way of being alone? By flirting in private with a…With a nobody?”


“Megan, it’s not what you think”


“And what do I think? Rodney, I’ve…I’ve been with you for years, but you’re never trusted me enough to let me into your private life; to be there for you when you needed a friend. You shut me out like I was a total stranger. But here you are, flirting with someone else. Is this what makes you happy, huh? Tell me!’ She half-yelled and entered the Car, driving off immediately.


I stood with my hands at akimbo. I swayed up and down and hit my hand on the wall.


What the hell did I do? Why did I create such a mess?


For sure, if Megan hadn’t shown up, I’d have ended up kissing Audrey. But why? Why was i strangely attracted to her? Why did I lose control? Why was my emotions playing tricks on me?


I looked back at the house to see if she was still standing outside, but she wasn’t. I took in a deep breath.


How will I face her? What will I say to her? What will be her reaction? I couldn’t even tell what to think. I was so confused.


I walked back to the house and there I met her pacing around the room; she was also disturbed.


She stopped the moment she noticed me and we stood, facing each other.


Audrey’s Pov:


He was staring at my face, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.


I just fixed my gaze on the floor and fiddled with my hand.


He could clearly read the confusion on my face.


“Mr Rodney…”




We called at the same time and paused, each wanting the other to talk first.


We were both curious to know what we were thinking.


“I’m leaving” he said and I felt a sharp pain in my chest.


Well, what was I expecting? I had a feeling he’d want to leave immediately.


“O…Okay” I replied simply and took the my eyes back to the floor.


Perhaps, I wanted him to say something else, but didn’t. He just walked past me into the bedroom and returned with his car keys.


I remained standing and wondered if he was going to leave without saying any other thing.


I really wanted him to say something else. But what was I expecting him to say?


He got to the door and paused before walking out.


My heart skipped as he turned to look at me.


What was he going to say?


“Thanks for the help” he said inscrutably and finally left.


I plonked myself on a chair as I heard the sound of his car driving away. I suddenly


became weak and more confused.


Why did Mr Rodney try to kiss me?


Although, I wouldn’t had rejected the kiss, but I was still confused why he tried doing it in the first place.


And the way he had stared at me, I couldn’t forget those eyes of his.


The whole thing filled me with desires and Megan’s presence created so many unanswered questions. If only she had waited a little longer, maybe the whole thing wouldn’t be this complicated.


I sluggishly cleaned the house, making sure none of his things remained there. And after that, I locked up the place and returned home. Leo’s Pov:


I headed for Rodney’s room and there I ran into mum who was coming out. She wasn’t looking happy; not at all.


She walked past me and I went in and there I met Rodney, smoking.



He was sitting on an arms chair and faced the window and didn’t even bother to know who was coming in.


“Hey bro” I called and went to sit on a table beside him.


That way, we could now see each other’s faces.


“Hi” he said in a sigh and smoked from his cigarette.


“it’s a good thing you’re back and in one piece. I hope this *being alone stuff*ends soon” I added and chuckled, but he didn’t reply to it. “Just returning from Megan’s” I continued.


“She’s pretty upset, Rodney. She said she caught you guys kissing.” “We weren’t kissing, Leo” he chimed. “But you almost kissed”.


“That’s Megan’s story”.


“But it’s the truth’ I said and he sighed.


“But thinking of it Rodney” I continued.


“What really happened? I mean, you don’t have any female friends. You don’t even like the company of girls. But surprisingly, you spent days with this Audrey of a lady and you were actually comfortable with it. You even almost kissed her. What happened?”


Rodney sighed again and touched his hair.


“I…I don’t really know leo” he started, a little pissed off.


“I don’t really know how to explain it ,but I kind of feel different around her. And the kissing part, I couldn’t tell why, but I lost control. We were just doing some dance practice and…I couldn’t let go of her when we were done.


“Of a truth, if Megan hadn’t shown up, I’d have kissed her, Leo. But I can’t explain why.”


I also left the table and stood behind him by the window.


“Are you trying to say you’ve fallen in love with her?” I asked and he shook his head slowly.


“No” he replied calmly.


“That’s not possible. I can’t be in love with someone else. My heart was only meant for Jocelyn and she’s captured it already”.


“So what about Audrey? All the feelings and whatsoever couldn’t be for nothing. And she might be pretty confused right now, don’t you think? What will you do with her?”


He sighed and leaned on the window.


“I don’t know, Leo. I don’t know. I’m also confused.”


Audrey’s Pov:



I laid on the three seaters chair in the sitting room, just staring at the ceiling. I was the only one at home and that’s just the way I’ve been since I arrived.


I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that happened – the way Mr Rodney held my waist and almost kissed me.


The image kept replaying in my head and it sent new shivers down my spine.


He didn’t even say anything about it before he left. He didn’t give any explanation.


I really wanted to know what it was all about. When are we going to meet again?


Towards evening, Rachel returned and was surprised seeing me at home.


“Hey sis. Wats up? What’re you doing here?’ She asked as she kept her bag on the table.


“He left” I replied blankly, still staring at the ceiling.


“Who? Mr Rodney?” She asked and I nodded slowly.


“Oh!” She mouthed and sat on the edge of the chair to take off her shoes.


She took off the shoes silently and went to the bedroom to change her clothes. After putting on a causal dress, she returned to the sitting room and sat on the hand of the chair where I lay.


“Hey” she called and tapped my legs.


“What happened?”


“Nothing” I replied.


“‘What do you mean nothing? When have we started keeping secrets from each


other, huh?”


I kept mute.


“Audrey!” She half yelled and I slowly sat up, taking in a deep breath.


Rachel looked at me with curiosity, wondering what I was going to say.


“Mr Rodney almost kissed me” I finally said and Rachel fell from the chair to the floor.


“Wh…What did you say?” She asked, still sitting on the floor with her eyes wide open.


I stared at her and shook my head.


She helped herself from the floor and returned to sitting on the hand on the chair. “Okay; hold on, Audrey. Remove the *almost*. What are we left with? *Mr Rodney kissed you?*


Seriously? He kissed you? How…How did it happen?” She asked, making her eyes wider.


“He didn’t kiss me Rachel; he almost kissed me. Although, he…”


I paused and heaved a sigh.


“Although he what?” She asked and I tucked my hair behind my ear.


“I…I think he would’ve… done it if Megan didn’t show up”. I said.


“Okay. This is getting more confusing. Megan was there?”


“yes! And…she kind of ruined the moment”.


“Audrey, I think I need a better explanation. What really happened?” I rubbed my hand on my face.


“We were just doing some dance practice. My hands were on his shoulders and his hands were on my waist. Then all of a sudden, it just…it just happened. He was about kissing me when Megan came in” I said palely.


“Oh my God!”:Rachel exclaimed. “So, he almost kissed you. But why?” “Well, I don’t know. He didn’t say anything”.


“Oh, my God! This is so confusing. Why would Mr Rodney want to kiss you? He…He loves Jocelyn, right?”


We remained silent for a while, both deep in our own thoughts.


“So, what did Megan do?” She asked after the silence.


“No…Nothing. she just ran away in tears”.


Rachel sighed and placed her hand on my shoulder.


“Don’t think much about it Audrey. Everything will fall in place okay?” She said and I replied with a faint smile.


Then she left the chair and took my purse from the table.


“Do you have any change with you?” She asked as she opened the purse and surprisingly, she found a credit card in it.


“Hey; who owns this?” She asked as she showed the credit card to me and I sprang on my feet as if I had seen a piece of gold.


I grabbed it from Rachel and stared at it with beaming eyes.


“It belongs to Mr Rodney. He…He left it behind” I replied and wore my footwear. “So, where are you going?” She asked


“To return it” I replied and ran off in a haste.








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