Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 26


By: Faith Lucky


Audrey’s Pov”


I waited nervously at the balcony for Rodney to come out and meet me and as I waited, I couldn’t help but act paranoid.


I suddenly started having regrets about coming to return the credit card. I felt I wasn’t ready to face him.



What will I say to him? And what will he say to me? What will he act cold towards me? Or will he do what?


Will our friendship still remain the same? All the jokes and fun…will it change?


Will he treat me awkwardly?


There were so many things I wanted to know and somehow, I felt scared knowing them.


Immediately, I heard the door behind me open and my heart gave a might leap. I was so scared to turn.


I shut my eyes and folded my lips and my anxiety increased when I heard him call


my name from behind:




I quickly turned around and the first picture that flashed through my mind was the almost- kissed part.


Then I looked at Rodney who was standing in front of me, wearing a red T-shirt and black trouser.


The tshirt was tight and it brought out the curves of his chest.


I stared lustfully at him for a while and had almost forgotten why I was there.


“Um…good evening Mr Rodney” I said nervously and took my eyes to the floor.


Then, I proffered the credit card to him.


“You uhm…you forgot this” I told him and he took it from me, delaying a bit.


“Thanks” he said coldly and slipped it into his trouser pocket.


I noticed he was trying not to stare at me.


“Um…by the way, Mr Rodney, I hope there wasn’t much complications when you


returned?” I asked.


“No; there wasn’t”.


Oh, God! Why wasn’t he saying something? And why was he acting so cold? “Okay. I um…just came to return the card. I’ll be on my way now” I said. “Okay. Thanks” he replied and I turned and started walking away.


I didn’t hear a word from him. Oh, God! Was he really going to let me leave in that confused state? Won’t he say something to clear some of my doubts? And why was he acting so strangely? Why was he acting so cold?


Could my fear be coming true? Was he going to forget about our friendship and treat me like a stranger? Was he going to push me out?


When I got to the gate, I stopped and looked back at the balcony, thinking he might perhaps, be staring at me the whole time.


But my thoughts were wrong. He wasn’t there. He had gone in, gone in without saying a word.



As I walked out of the gate, a pain of disappointment niggled at me. #Next_day


I sat in the lecture room, but my attention was elsewhere.


I couldn’t even remember the topic we had treated in class that day.


When it was lunch time, Leo called me and invited me for lunch and I had to after.


But I still felt a little nervous as I had a feeling he was going to talk about Rodney.


I met up with him at the cafe and we sat, facing each other.


“Thanks for coming” he said after exchanging a brief greeting.


We ordered for foods and drinks and Leo could see how troubled I was.


“Feel free, Audrey. I just needed someone to have lunch with okay?” He said and I felt he was reading my mind.


I finally decided to feel free a bit


“So how’re you today?” He asked, probably trying to avoid any possible silence.


“I’m fine and you?”


“Oh! I’m good”.


I watched him as he took some carrots into his mouth and I started eating as well. “Have you been able to cover up for the days you’ve been absent from school?” He asked and I nodded.


“That day at the store, the cigarettes were for him, right? My brother?” He asked as he stopped eating and paused to look at me. “Y…Yes’ I replied nervously.


I suddenly didn’t want to talk about it.


He chuckled and continued eating.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.


“Yes should’ve trusted me to keep quiet”.


“Yeah. I’m sorry. I was keeping to Mr Rodney’s instructions”.


“Of course”.


And we ate silently.


“How’s he?” I finally asked but later regretted asking.


“He’s fine. He um…told me what happened” he replied and I coughed immediately


and he helped me out with water.


And smiled.


“Guess you don’t wanna talk about it then” he said and I smiled faintly.


“Jocelyn was a lovely girl” he started and I stared at him.


“Back then, the four of us, I, Jocelyn, Rodney and Megan were best friends. We attended the same school and played together. But Jocelyn and Rodney became too



intimate and they grew fond of each other and even the entire school knew of their inseparable bond.


“Can I tell you a secret?” He asked and paused, releasing a light smile.


“I also had a crush on Jocelyn” he stated and I gasped.


He smiled again.


“Yes I did and I tried so much to win her heart, but despite everything I did, she always preferred Rodney’s effort to mine. They were so crazily in love with each other.


“Rodney loves Jocelyn a lot and it won’t be surprising if he acts coldly towards other ladies.”


I took my eyes back to my food but this time around, I wasn’t eating. I was just playing with it.


Leo’s words resounded in my head


But the whole me and Rodney stuff couldn’t have been a mistake. There has to be an explanation for it.


“But…” Leo tried speaking but was interrupted by a call that came into his phone.


He received the call and stood up afterwards.


“Sorry Audrey. I have to be somewhere immediately. See you later” he said hastily as he arranged his books on the table.


“”Okay bye. Thanks for the treat” I replied and watched him leave. Why’s he in a hurry anyway?


I tried eating but couldn’t and decided to call Rachel.


“Hey, where are you?” I asked; sounding really dull”.


“I’m still in class. I’ll call you when I’m done” she whispered and ended the call.


I felt so alone.


I was about standing up when Megan walked in with Edith.


She stood at the door and scoured her eyes round the cafe as if searching for someone and when she finally saw me, she walked over to my table. Edith followed her behind.


Oh, my God!


With the way she was coming towards me, I could sense there was trouble ahead. Was I to run or what?


I was still thinking of what to do when she finally got to my table.


“You bitch!” She snarled.








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