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…. EPISODE 54…..




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“Kenna, you’re live in five, four, three—” Jeremy holds up two fingers, then one, and then points at me.


I look into the camera he has set up as the red light comes on.


For a moment, I freeze. After what I’ve been through, it seems more than a little ridiculous to be afraid of a camera, but the entire super world is going to see this broadcast. Tens of thousands of heroes and villains around the globe will be watching as I tell them about Rex and the Hero Collective’s agenda. I’ll be



breaking the news to them about Rex’s mind control and explaining the immunity serum cure. This broadcast will turn their entire worlds upside down.


That’s a lot of pressure.


But then a movement off to the left catches my eye. Draven steps into my line of sight, and immediately I feel at ease. He gives me a smile that promises a whole lot of that forgetting-the-world-in-his-arms time as soon as I’m done.


I smile back and pan my gaze over the others gathered behind the camera.


Rebel, with her hair bleached back to her normal, near-platinum color, is grinning despite the sadness I know must be lurking in her heart, and Dante’s arms are wrapped around her from behind.


Riley holds Nitro’s hand tightly in his.


V has her arms crossed over her chest, but there is an uncharacteristic smile on her face.


Deacon’s hands are braced on the back of the chair where my dad—my dad—is sitting. He’s barely more than a shell of his former self, having suffered far worse than an ordinary could have survived. Or an ordinary hero, for that matter. He has a long way to go for recovery, but I will be with him every step of the way.


It doesn’t make losing Mom any easier. It just means I’m not going through it alone.


None of us are.


Finally, my attention shifts back to Draven. To the villain who started me down this rabbit hole in the first place. The bad guy who showed me that you are defined not by your powers but by how you use them.


And today, we’re proving that bad guys—and bad girls—can use their powers for epic good.


“My fellow supers,” I say to the camera, “my name is Kenna Swift. I am the daughter of James and Jeanine Swift. I am a villain. And I have something important to tell you.”









… thanks for reading this novel, for some personal reasons there won’t be an epilogue





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