Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 14


By: Faith Lucky.


Megan’s Pov:


I placed my hands on my waist and sighed. Where could he be?


I decided to dress up and await him.


I changed into a long black gown that had an opening from the edge up to my knee length. It was armless and had some sparkles on it.


Then I wore black heels and loaded my wrists with bracelets.


I was looking charming and hoped Rodney would find me that way as well.


6 PM.


Rodney didn’t return home and I was beginning to get worried. I’ve been trying to call him for a long time now but he isn’t picking his calls.


“I think he’s ran off to be alone” Leo said as we sat in the sitting room.


“How can he be alone on his birthday? We had plans for God’s sake!” I said


bitterley and tried his line again.


It was switched off.


9 PM.


His line was still switched off and there was no news on him.


I paced tho and fro in the sitting room while Mrs Houston and Leo sat, soberly. “Wh…What if something bad has happened to him? What if he’s In some sort of danger?” I asked, still restless.


“I don’t even know what to think anymore. Rodney has been unpredictable for years now. I don’t understand him anymore’ Mrs Houston said “It’s possible he wants to be alone” Leo also said.


“You know he’s always moody on his birthday. Have you forgotten your happened last two years? He had actually travelled for two months a day to his birthday”. “But this isn’t fair!” I cried out.


“He should be here with us. We’re his family!”


Nobody said anything for a while.


“If we don’t hear from him by morning, I think we’ll involve the police” Leo finally broke the silence.


I panted heavily as I removed the bracelets from my wrist and threw them on the




Rodney’s Pov:


I sat in front of the cliff, holding almost an empty bottle of alcohol in my hand.


I was already drunk and my head felt so heavy.


This was the cliff Jocelyn had fallen off and this was the best place I could think of going on my birthday. I just wanted Jocelyn around – in every possible way.


I drank more from the bottle and pout some from my mouth to the floor. I ran my fingers into my hair and placed them on my forehead. It felt so hot. “Jocelyn’ I called fraily.


A tear streamed down my cheeks.


“I’ve been sitting here for hours, but not a word from you”


I sighed and shook my head, turning more drink into my mouth.


“I made the same birthday wish today; the same I’ve been making for the past eighteen years – wishing for your return. I thought birthday wishes always came true. I don’t know why mine is different.


“I love you Jocelyn; and your absence is driving me crazy. Remember all the plans we had for each other. I still want them to happen. I need you here, Jocelyn. “So please, just this once, please; grant my birthday wish. Come out”.


I kept quiet and stared at the cliff. It remains as calm as it was.


I scoffed with more tears and tried drinking from the bottle again and that was when I noticed it was empty.


I stood up and threw the bottle on the floor; breaking it to pieces.


“Jocelyn, please!” I shouted angrily and bursted into more tears.


I was frustrated.


I turned around and started walking away, but tripped and fell. The whole place seemed to be going round in circles.


I got on my feet and continued tottering.


I tried and tried until I got to my car parked by the side of the road. The whole street was quiet and empty.


I leaned on the car and felt like throwing up. How will I get home? There was no way I could drive in that condition.


I dipped my hand into my trouser pocket and brought out my phone. I had switched it off.


So, I tried turning it on but my shaky hands wouldn’t let me as it fell to the floor.


I turned around to pick it and that was when I saw someone walking towards me. It was a female figure.


My blur vision wouldn’t let me know whom it was. But somehow, for an unknown


reason, I called faintly:




And that was when I passed out.


Audrey’s Pov:


I was returning from aunt Tessy’s house where I had gone to run some errands for her . She had traveled for a friend’s wedding and needed me to do some things for her.


The street was quiet and only private cars were driving by. I couldn’t find a cab. Not long from aunt Tessy’s house, I finally saw a parked car on the road. Great! Maybe I could plead with the driver to give me a ride.


Then, I saw someone struggling to get to the car. It seemed he was drunk.


But hold on; isn’t that Mr Rodney me


What’s he doing out here all alone?


I increased my pace and got to where he was. He was now holding his phone. But it fell from his hands and when he turned to pick it up, he saw me. Surprisingly, he called Jocelyn and fell on the floor.


I looked around in shock. We seemed to be the only ones on the road. Was this a coincidence or what?


I dropped to a crouch beside him and noticed he was now fast asleep. But somehow, he still looked restless.


What was he doing here anyway? And what am I going to do with him?



He felt cold and needed some warmth. His phone was off and there was no way I could reach his family.


I looked behind and aunt Tessy’s house wasn’t far away.


Should I take him there? Maybe, just for the night?


But I feel scared about it. What if I get misunderstood?


And leaving him here in this condition; I couldn’t do it.


What if he runs into bad companies?


Oh, my!


What do I do?






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