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Episode 16


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


Rodney added cereal to the list and gave it to me who was standing in front of him. “Here. These are what I’ll be needing for now. You can make use of my credit card” he said and handed the credit card to me, together with the pin. I looked at the list.


“What kind of clothes do you want?” I asked, going through the list.



“I don’t know. Just something nice to use for the meantime. But please, don’t get me clothes that’d make me look like a priest”.He replied.


“Mmm. Okay. And wait…cigarette pack?” I asked and lifted my eyes to look at him.


“You need a cigarette pack?” I asked again and he nodded.


“But Mr…”


“There’s no point arguing over it, okay? Just get me the cigarette pack” he cut me off and I nodded.


“Okay sir. I’ll be on my way now” I said and made to leave.


“And one more thing; don’t tell anyone I’m here. And I mean absolutely no one, Audrey”.


“Of…Of course, I won’t. By the way, in case you’re hungry, you can take some


bread from the kitchen. I’ll try to make the shopping snappy” I said and left with a






I got to the road and boarded a cab; heading home first.


Coming to it, what explanation would I give to mum and Rachel?


Rachel had called me later in the night and I had lightly explained to her that I got hooked up and would explain everything to them in the morning. Now, what will I explain?


And mum’s never to find out about Mr Rodney in aunt Tessy’s house. But why does mum dislike Rodney, anyway?


After a while, I got home and unfortunately, mum hadn’t left for work yet. Rachel was also at home.


“Good morning, mum. Hi Rachel” I greeted innocently as I stood to face them. “Audrey! It’s a good thing you’re okay. Where the hell have you been?” Mum asked and hugged me.


“I…” I paused and looked at Rachel.


“A friend of mine got an urgent job for me – 5000.


I started last night and that’s why I couldn’t return home” I replied nervously.


“An urgent job? Isn’t that going to be stressful for you, Audrey?” Rachel asked.


“No, it isn’t. It won’t even take long. It’s just for a couple of days” I replied.


“Are you sure about this, Audrey? )” mum asked.


“Of course, mum. Don’t worry; I’ll be fine.”


“Okay then. I’m off to work. So, see you later” .


“Sure; bye”.


And mum left.


Rachel kept staring keenly at me and I knew she was having doubts.


“Um…won’t you be going to school today?” I asked as I dressed the room table. “You can lie to mum, Audrey; but not to me. Where were you last night?” She asked and I coughed.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Um…I need to take my bath” I replied hastily and ran into the room.


I quickly brushed my teeth and took my bath and when I opened the door to come out; I saw Rachel standing by the door.


“Where were you, Audrey?”:she asked and I rolled my eyes.


“Come on Rachel. What’s wrong with you? Do you really think I’m lying? I told you I was…”


“Working?” She cut me off.


“But when I called you last night, the whole place was quiet. So, what kind of work is that? Is it a security work or something?”


I huffed and walked into the bathroom, looking for something to wear. “Audrey…”


“Fine! Fine, Rachel! You win! I’ll tell you about it’ I said and sighed and stood to face her.


“I am with Mr Rodney, okay?”


She gasped and used her palm to cover her mouth.


“Don’t get it twisted, Rachel. Let me explain. It’s not what you think”. “Audrey! You were with Mr Rodney? Like…how? When?” She exclaimed. “That’s what I’m trying to explain. So keep shut and listen. I found him stranded on my way home from aunt Tessy’s house yesterday and I decided to be of help.” I said.


“Okay. That’s quiet confusing. What do you mean he was stranded?” By this time; I was already done dressing.


“Come with me;; I’ll tell you about it in the cab” I said and left the room while she followed me behind.


“Where are wegoing?” She asked, puzzled.


“Mr Rodney asked me to get him some supplies”.


“Supplies? Hold on, is he still there? Audrey, what’s going on?”


“Rachel; just keep calm. I’ll explain everything…”






“So, when he does plan on leaving?” Rachel asked as we walked around the supermarkets with shopping baskets.



“Well, I don’t know exactly. He said in a few days” I replied as I took a can of milk and kept it in the basket.


“But are not sure about this? What if mum gets to find out?”


“Hmm. Well, I just pray she doesn’t”.


We got to the beef shelf and stopped to select.


“But I really feel bad for Mr Rodney” I said.


“You needed to had seen him last night. He was so pathetic. He really loves Jocelyn a lot and I pray he gets to find her soon because he’s really tormented by her absence”.


We got the beef we wanted and moved on.


“Hey; didn’t he order for a cigarette pack? I think we just passed the cigarette shelf” Rachel said and tried to stop but I dragged her along.


“I’m not getting it. I don’t want him to smoke over there” I replied with a cunning face..


“Huh? But you know he smokes. So, what will you tell him?” She asked.


“Well…I’ll tell him it slipped my mind” I replied and smiled.


Rodney’s Pov:


I was already starving. I checked the time – 10 a.m.


Where the hell was Audrey?


I turned on my phone and tons of messages flashed in.


First from mum, then Megan and Leo and they were inquiring about my whereabouts.


I kept going through them as I walked into the kitchen and found the half loaf of bread Audrey was talking about.


I ate from it and while I was eating, my phone awakened with a ring. It was a call from Megan.


I felt reluctant at first, but decided to pick it up in order to quell her anxiety.


“Rodney!” She called immediately.


“You finally decided to pick up. Where the hell are you?”


I sighed and touched my forehead.


“Megan; I’m fine” I replied calmly.


“And what do you mean you’re fine? Where did you run off to? You left us all worried, Rodney. I’ve been trying to reach you for hours. I sent you thousands of messages, but you didn’t reply any of them and you didn’t bother calling back. Where the hell are you?”


“I told you Megan; I’m fine. I just want to be alone”.



“And what do you mean you want to be alone? Does being alone make you happy? Huh? Tell me!”


She was obviously upset.


I was about saying something when I heard the door in the sitting room open and I knew Audrey was back.


“Mr Rodney; I’m back!” She said in a loud voice and Megan overheard it.


No doubt, she was shocked.


“Rodney, who’s that?” She asked in a surprise tone and I didn’t know what to say. I looked back at the sitting room and saw Audrey dropping the bags on the table. “Hope you like potato chips, Mr Rodney?” She said again and Megan still overheard.


“Rodney, who the hell is that?” She asked in a more serious tone, but I kept mute. “Rodney…”


“Look Megan; I…I gotta go. I’m sorry” I cut her off and ended the call, switching off the phone again.


Just then, Audrey walked into the kitchen.


“Oh! And here you are. Were you busy with someone?” She asked.


“Um…no. It was nothing.” I replied and inserted the phone in my trouser pocket. “So, where are the things I asked for?”


“Oh! They’re right here” she relied and took me to the sitting room.


Megan’s Pov:


I couldn’t believe what just happened.


I tried calling him back but it was switched off.


Was this for real? Could Rodney possibly be having an affair?


I was in my room and shortly, Edith walked in and was surprised at the way I was pacing round the room, being so . restless.


“Hey Megi; wats up?” She asked and took a seat; but I remained the way I was.


“Megan! What’s the problem?” She asked again.


“Edith; you’re not gonna believe what just happened”.


“Well tell me”.


I finally stopped and took a seat.


“I just called Rodney and…and I heard a lady’s voice in the background” I said in a perturbed voice.


“A lady?” She asked, confused.


“What lady?”



“Well, I don’t know and that’s the problem. He wouldn’t even explain it to me. He just snubbed me and ended the call and now, I’m trying to call him; it’s switched off.


“I don’t understand any of this, Edith. He told me he wanted to be alone, but he’s with a lady; alone with a lady”


“Okay; hold on. What exactly were her words?”she asked. “She…She said something like…*Mr Rodney, I’m back* and *hope you like potato chips*


“She sounded so happy and I can swear Rodney got confused when he knew I overheard her voice.


“Edith, I…I don’t even know what to think. Could Rodney be having an affair?” “I don’t think so” replied Edith.


“I don’t think Rodney will fall in love in such a short notice. Maybe he’s just…” She ran out of words.


I became more frustrated.


“Maybe it’s not really what to think” she said, trying to give me a little hope.


“Maybe there might be another explanation for it”.


“What other explanation, Edith? He’s staying alone with a girl. What else could it mean?” I asked angrily and stood up.


“I need to find them. I need to know where they’re staying” I said impatiently; placing my left hand on my waist.


“Well, with much luck, we will. Remember, you already assigned some guards to look for him”


“Well, I need to find them sooner!” I snarled.


“And that cheap sloth had better prayed my guess is wrong. Else, I’ll skin her








What happens next???


This one Audrey refused to buy Rodney’s cigarette, I wonder what’s going to happen


And this Megan..








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