Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 22


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


She barged into the house and looked around the sitting room; it was empty. I came running in immediately.


“Mum! What are you doing? There’s no one here” I said in a pained voice and tried holding her hand but she withdrew it forcefully.



“Get out of my way Audrey; don’t try to stop me” she said and walked into the bedroom.


I was panting heavily. I was definitely going to be dead if I get caught. “Mum…”


She came out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen.


I suddenly paused. Why hasn’t she found Rodney yet?


she came out of the kitchen and walked outside the house, looking left and right.


I rushed out as well.


I had also become confused. Where was Rodney?


“You’re really here alone, right?” She asked, turning back to look at me and I tried to act a little upset.


“Mum! What were you even thinking? Who do you think is here with me? The reason I’m still here is because I’m off duty for now. But I’ll be leaving in two hours time. Why do you think I’d lie to you? It seems you don’t trust me anymore” I said in a peeved voice and threw my face away. She sighed and held my cheeks.


“Audrey baby; I’m so sorry okay? It’s not like I don’t trust you. I…I just had a bad dream last night


“Um…I’m sorry now. Don’t be mad at me anymore, okay?” She said apologetically and I forced myself . smile.


I just wanted her to leave as soon as possible.


“it’s okay mum. I’m not angry anymore”.


“Awwn. That’s my baby” she said happily and gave me a peck.


“I’ll be leaving now okay? I’m running late for work. So take good care of yourself.


Love you” she said.


“Bye mum” I replied and she left.


I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I watched her leave. But, where was Rodney?


Where did he go? How come mum couldn’t find any trace of him?


I hurried back to the house and there I found him smoking in the sitting room. Huh? Was that for real?


“M…Mr Rodney?” I called, startled. “Were you here when my mum came in?”

“Of course. Where else could I be? I was hiding” he said and I found it




“Hiding?”:I pondered.



“Yes. I saw when your mum arrived unheralded and with the look on your face, I knew you were in big trouble if she knew I was here. So, I decided to do you a favor and go into hiding”. He replied but I still remained a bit muddled. “But where were you hiding Mr Rodney? She. ..she searched everywhere” .


He cracked and almost laughed.


“Hiding isn’t a problem for me, Audrey. Back then when I was with Jocelyn, we did crazy things together. There was a day we even got arrested.” “Arrested?” I shrieked.


“Yes. Well, kind of. We had snuck into someone’s house to steal some mangoes. But unfortunately, we got caught”


He paused and laughed, but I could tell it was a feigned laugh.


“By the way,” he continued.


“Where’s the pasta?”


“It’s.…its right here. I’ll get to work immediately” I replied and started walking into the kitchen and noticed Rodney was following me behind.


“No, no, Mr Rodney, I don’t need you in the kitchen” I stopped to tell him.


“But why? I just want to be of help” he grouse.


“I really appreciate the offer, but I’d want to take the blame for any error that might be available. Don’t worry; I can handle it” I replied and walked into the kitchen. “Whatever. Fake miss chef” I heard him say from behind and I laughed. Megan’s Pov:


I played with my food as I had breakfast with mum and dad. Although, I was seated there, my attention was elsewhere.


I haven’t been able to reach Rodney since he left and it was killing to know he was with a lady. I was greatly bittered with the way he’s been ignoring me for years. I’ve been trying get close to him, but he’s been pushing me aside.


“Megan, are you alright?” Dad broke into my sad thoughts and I lifted my eyes to look at him.


“I’m…I’m fine’ I replied weakly and took my eyes back to my food.


“You’re not eating” he said but I remained silent.


I was scared I might pour out tears if I tried speaking.


“Yesterday was the day Jocelyn went missing” mum said after a while.


“I almost forgot” she added tearfully and bent her head.


“Come on love” dad tried to console, but she only ended up bringing out tears.


I couldn’t take any more of it as I pushed my food away and stood up.


“Ex…Excuse me” I said ruefully and walked away.




I ignored dad who was calling and walked away into the garden.


I crossed my hands and sniffed and wiped the tear that rolled down my cheek. Why was everything being so unfavorable? And why does her world appear to be crumpling?


I kept staring into space until one of the maids came upto me and bowed.


“Good morning ma’am Megan” she greeted politely.


“Someone’s here to see you. He’s waiting by the gate”.


I heaved and touched my forehead. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone at the moment.


“Who’s he?” I asked, sounding disturbed.


“He said his name Is Peter”.


Oh! Peter. He was one of the guards I had assigned to look for Rodney. could there be any news?


I left the maid there in the garden and went over to meet him by the gate. “good morning ma’am” he greeted as we moved away from the gate. “Yeah morning. Why’re you here?” I asked immediately, wanting him to go straight to the point.


“Um…actually, I’ve gotten some news on Mr Rodney’s whereabouts. One of my men reported he had seem him in a club last night with a lady”. My eyes beamed.


“Wh…What lady?” I asked curiously.


“He couldn’t identify her. But they were together and he secretly followed them to where they’re staying and has given the location to me” he replied.


I couldn’t believe my ears. My heart raced fast as I became too anxious. I was finally close getting Rodney and the cheap sloth.


“Why’re you just telling me about this?’ I asked, opening my palm.


“I’m sorry ma’am. But the information just got to me this morning” he replied “Well, take me to them immediately”.








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