Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Bryan POV cont’d


The party was going so well until the time for couples dance and to my biggest surprise the first couple that was called on was Kate and I ..

that shock the living hell out of me..


” yes , that’s our latest couple in town , Bryan and Kate , please let’s make some toast to welcome them to the stage…mrs Andrew said …

gosh this woman is full of drama..I wonder why she came back from Canada..

I was lucky she missed my wedding else she would have changed the whole atmosphere..




my eyes search for Kate and immediately I saw her, she was also staring at me with shock written all over her face..

gosh this is so weird, why did I agree to come to this dinner look at how things is getting awkward..

I stood up from where I was and started moving my feet gradually to the stage, gosh within me I just feel like running..


“please someone should cheer for them…Mrs Andrew said ..

can she just stop now..


I got to the stage and the light was centered at the middle where I was..

And then Kate moved to the stage…

we were just staring at the each other, wondering who will make the first dance move..

this was what happened during wedding our reception, when we were asked to dance together but we refused and decided to dance separately to know who dance first…she won then and that was because my mind wasn’t on anything they were doing that day.


still lost in thoughts, mrs Andrew loud scream brought me back to life..


” common you two should start already she shouted..


And that’s when I summoned the courage and move towards her the more, to close the gap between us ..


“Am not really good at dancing… she whisper

I look at her and said same here..its really awkward to me but we just have to try , look at our parents staring at us..I said and Kate turned around , then she look back at me …

” OK sure…she said


“you just have to place your hands on my neck …I said as I grab her hands and place it on my neck and my hands round her waist as we move with the beat of the song slowly and silently..


we were both staring at each other.. And then my thought began..


(Bryan thoughts)

As we dance I stare at her eyes..she looks so innocent and pure..

the black in her eyes were so sharp and attractive. my gaze moved down to her lips and they look juicy as hell…

the imagination of how it will taste was stuck in my head..

she was damn beautiful , no doubt but why are we not getting along ..

for a moment I wish this marriage could work out ..

but that’s a dream that will never come true…

Tracy is the girl I love and have made promise to her that no matter what she and I will be together, long even before mom arranged this wedding drama and even now my heart still belongs to Tracy..




Kate POV


As we both dance I just couldn’t control the thoughts and emotions that filled me.

As we go with the beat slowly , my gaze was on him..

he looks so perfect for any girl..

his hair curly making his handsome face extra cute..

he has the most s£xy side smile anyone could want and then to his lips , they are damn so fresh and pinkish..

right now I wish I could have a taste…

looking at him now, he is everything I want in a man but the question is why are we not getting along..


I stop moving my body as I stare at him..he also stop and we were both looking at each other ..

Am sure our thoughts are the same and our minds asking the same question

“why are we not getting along, we look too perfect to be real…


we both stare and finally words silently came out of our mouth ,both at the same time

” why are we not getting along?..(they said together)


Almost immediately we heard clapping of hands and cheers and that brought us back to life.


“huh..ummm…Bryan cleared his throat as I faced down, not wanting to look at him

what just happen to the both of us??


wow honey…. that was great, you two dance like your heart and minds were locked together and the same feeling and question going through you…mom said and I just smile and left..





After the whole party stuff I couldn’t get my mind off what happen..



lock eyes, share emotions, imagination …gosh …these are signs of being in in love..

Am I falling for Bryan??

is he falling for me????

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