Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Bryan POV..


At first when she started today with her messing up everywhere with urine I wasn’t that bothered but now she is asking all questions like she is purposely doing everything to get me out of the house.

hell no!! am going no where..

this is my house she can’t come and ride me in my own home or better still she can make use of another room in the house , this is a mansion enough for both of us.


“why are u asking all these weird questions ?… I threw the question at her and she look shocked.

she’s trying to find the word but no one is coming out of her mouth..

I ignore her and face my phone , I didn’t give a damn about what she is doing..

I watch her with side of my eye as she move up and down the room…


” can u please show me to other rooms in this house…she asked suddenly

why would she need other room ..right now I don’t have time for that..

“just go and and follow the corridors there are different rooms across but don’t enter my personal room…I said it clearly..

” OK thanks…she said and grab the towel to leave..

“why are u going with the towel …I asked

” its non of your business OK…she replied with that annoying voice of hers..

who cares anyway…

“look I don’t care what u use that towel for but am telling because every room here has is own towel OK..I said..

” ummm…emm..OK…she said reluctantly and drop the towel and that’s when it became dawn of me that she wanted to have her bath all since and she was looking for every method to get me out of the room…


Kate POV

thank goddess am able to find another room and get away from that annoying being..

gosh I can’t imagined bathing and changing in the same room with him.

but damn it this mansion is so big that one can easily get lost..

how did he build it???


I locate a room and enter , the place was so big and beautiful… it looks so colourful like lovers room..

wait does he have a girlfriend before?

common Kate of course he has, how can a cute looking, handsome and rich guy like that not have a girlfriend …I laugh at my self..

I quickly undress myself and made way to the bath room ..

I opened it and I screamed…




I was still in the room when I heard Kate scream..

I quickly rushed out and search for where she is ..

I opened the room and I saw her naked in the toilet..

the told door wasn’t locked so I was able to locate her..

Gosh what’s is she doing in my personal room…


my eyes went to where she is and she immediately hugged me..not minding she was naked and that moment my feelings rised




wait what is is scared of…

Kate what’s the problem?? I asked calmly.

look at the bath tub its full of ice and check the floor they are full of ice too…I could get freeze if I bath her…

‘ going out…she said

“but you are naked…I said and this time she released from me and look at her self..and scream again but this Tim I covered her mouth..

my body pressing against hers making me feeling damn hard , if I don’t stop myself something might happen..

” look its an ice bath tub , its all a design …you won’t get freeze and besides there is hot water ..

everything is normal, and I was the one who had it designed this way because its my personal room…I said and removed my hand from her mouth and move a little but from her …

this time I could get a clear view of her , she has the most s£xiest shape ever that a man can’t resist…

but right now I have to resist myself…

I turned and made way to leave when she utterly almost silently..

“thank you and am sorry..

I stop but didn’t turn back , I just said ” no problem but next time if you want to have your bath and want to change just tell me and I will excuse myself..

I know we are both trying to cope because we never wanted this marriage and I will respect that…I said and left.




please someone should give Bryan kudos…he is indeed a man.????????????????

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