Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

Bryan POV


After breakfast , I decided to start the chatting..

“so what are your likes and dislikes…I asked

” ummm….my likes …she said as she smiled then she continued..

I love watching movies, I love making friends , I love people around me , I love dressing ..she said and laughed but she still continue…

I love playing PS game….she said and that caught my attention

“really you like playing PS game ….I exclaimed

” of course, I love it so much …she said boldly

“oh really , I also love it and I play it very well and I always win my friends when playing it…

” ummm…really! why don’t we play so I can beat you to hell….she said

“oh that’s a challenge???…. I said”

“if you say so….she said

” OK common let’s get the game started…. I said

we both went to the sitting room as I arranged the PS decoder and connects it with the TV and handed her own game pack to her..

“are you ready??…I asked

” let’s it this game start…she said looking ready..

Then we started ..


oh my god, I can’t believe she is damn good at it…she is a crazy player..

As she was playing , I was busy looking at her , she was all smiling and her perfect set of teeth revealing , she is damn beautiful..

I was just staring and suddenly she shouted..

“I won !!!!!!!!!!!

That’s when I turn to the TV and I saw that she won my player loosed…

” I told you I will beat you but you dared me…she said and I just smile and was busy staring at her.




I was so surprised I could win Bryan in the game. An not really familiar with it but I so much love watching people playing it and have also played it some couple of times.


I won him and while I was happy , he was just staring at me and I noticed it..

I also was staring at him, no doubt he is really handsome..

we stare at each other for some seconds and am beginning to feel weird..


ummm….umm..I cleared my throat so I could cut him from staring at me..

“yea, you won…you are really good…he said

” yea…thanks …I said

“so what do u too like…I said

” ummm…I just love being myself, I don’t really make friends because am not that social and when I love someone , I love the person with the whole of my what no matter what the person does…. he said and that really make my heart melt..and I just find myself imagining and dreaming..


“can I ask you something weird…he asked getting my attention

” weird question??…I said

“yea , maybe not weird , well I don’t know how you will take it but promise you won’t get angry…he said

” ummm….let me hear it first…I said.

“no you have to promise… he Insist

” ummm…OK promise

“pinky promise?… he said

I looked at him and laughed then I replied ” yea pinky promise…




“ummm…OK, so…yea… he was stuttering…

” common talk now I promise I won’t be angry…I said

“he looked at me again and then said ” have you been in any relationship before ???

“oh just that, and I thought you were gonna blow bomb ….I said laughing..

” wait doesn’t it sound weird to you??? he asked

“of course not and to answer your question ” have never been in any relationship….. I said

“really , I mean as beautiful and gorgeous as you are ??….he said surprisingly…

” yea people do say that but when I was in high school I was so busy that I never had time for any dude and that’s what affected till I graduated and even when I graduated , I got job and that also kept me busy and not until mom brought our marriage issue up…..I said

“wow!!…he exclaimed…


” ummm… how about you , have u ever been in love, I mean have u ever been in relationship..??..I asked

“umm…yea …and its damn great and interesting , she was so crazy and cute ….he said smiling and looking like he was remembering someone..

” who is she????….I asked and I think that brought him back to where we are , all he just do was to stare at me.

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