Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Story Written by MERCY OLAWALE

Kate POV

I was angrily staring at the man that will soon be my husband.. I felt strangling him till death.
he look at me and I smirk , seriously I hate what’s going on here.
my eyes went to my mom and I saw her smiling together with Mr Asher. this two have been friends even before I was born and all thanks to them I will be stuck with the annoying son the Asher family.

Now I pronounced you husband and wife , you may kiss the bride… the priest said
kiss who…
what in the hell is this pastor saying , if only he is aware how we both hate each other am sure he will skip the kissing part.

I said you may kiss your bride .. the priest said again .
I and Asher both stand there with no effort of coming closer , he stare angrily at me and I do the same back….
am not gonna make the move , it is better we skip the part and just immediately we both saw our parents coming closer.
gosh not this two again

Kate…what’s the problem everyone is looking at you , common make the move and kiss your said

(within me) that’s an hell no , am not making the move..

mom can’t we skip this part we will kiss when we get home ..I said but mom was adamant and am not giving either.

Asher bryan POV

standing here with the girl I hate most in the world and the priest asking me to kiss her…
gosh…kiss this devil
hell no , am not doing that.
I don’t even wanna have the taste of her saucy lips , already I know they are gonna be gross …
And now mom…is here also persuading to kiss my wife ..
wife?? that sound odd but I will do anything for my mom , so I made a step forward , look back at my mom and saw her smiling , all these shenanigan is because of her.

then I move toward her and saw Mrs mally , Kate mom and gave me a thump up…
gosh ..only if she knows I hate this girl with passion, she is not my type..

I got to her and first whisper in her ear
” am not kissing u because i like you because I know your lips will taste gross but am doing this because of my mom…I said and she whisper back
” I hate you more..
then we both brush our lips together… that was never a kiss but a brush and then I move back …then she gave me a deadly glare which I return…
I just can’t wait for all these to end , all this drama and pretence is getting on my nerves .
seeing this girl alone is making me sick…Gosh I so much hate her.

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