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Stacy Diego a young, beautiful but crazy girl.


Gets into trouble almost every day.


Enters detention room everyday.


Gets suspension almost all the time.


Finally drops out of school.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from


This made matters worst as she gets Into prison every passing day.


Untill her mom asked her to take a job as a baby sitter.


Justin Brown a young , handsome but grumpy Guy.


Always after every girls pant, I won’t say he is a s£x freak but he is addicted to s£x.


He is stinky rich but very grumpy.


However his mom needs a baby sitter for his 4 yrs old sister.










What happens when this 2 different people come across each other?


He loves to rule his world the way he wants , will miss psycho allow him do so?



Will he get into the pant of our psycho girlie ?


Find out in this funny and romantic story.














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: Goodness Ade

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