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. Episode {3}













Why is she behaving like a poor ass ?”. I said and smirked. The look on her face was priceless when she saw me.

If it’s not the psycho girlie”. I said and laughed at her expression.


Do you guys know each other?”. Mom asked and before I could answer she did.


I don’t think have met a duck like you “. She said with a wicked smirk plastered on her face.


You called me a duck?”. I said more like a question.



Mam pls show me my room and the baby room”. She said ignoring me.


Sure,come with me “. Mom said and winked at me.


I stood there suprised at the girls action.


Did she just ignore me?, I mean some girls would even drool and beg me to f**k them , but this one is a crazy girl.


I shrugged it off and entered into the kitchen.


” Am so f**king hungry “. I muttered and squeezed my face.


I told Mom to hire a maid but she refused and now this is all happening.


I can’t even boil water not to talk of C-O-O-K-I-N-G.


I stamped my feet on the floor and ordered pizza and burger.


I went to the fridge and took a carton of yougurt.


I sat in the sitting room expecting the delivery man.


I was still expecting him when I dozed off.






Mrs. Brown kept on talking and ranting nonsense.


She should just stop and I should go have full revenge on that idiot downstairs.


That’s all for now”. She said finally as soon as she got to my room. I entered the room and took my box of fresh pepper.


I took all my tools and arranged it under my bed.


You guys must be wondering how I got the fresh pepper.


Well we have a black neighbour who cooks pepperish food, so I stole some from her


I took the box and tiptoed downstairs.


I looked left and right to be sure no one is coming.


I saw the fool sleeping on the floor.


The doorbell rang and I took it


I went to the door of the sitting room and collected the pizza and burger from the delivery man.


I sat on the floor and opened the box of pizza then I opened the box of pepper.


I took my small spatula and started applying the pepper on the pizza, making it look like jam.


It looks yummy .


I applied it on the pizzas and covered the pizza perfectly.


I took the burger and put some pepper too then lastly I took the yougurt and put some dried pepper into it.


I smiled and turned to go when a voice stopped me.


” What do you think you are doing?”. The voice said and I froze.













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: Goodness Ade







{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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