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. Episode {6}



Stacy Pov



“WHAT!!!!”. I yelled.


” Do it now or you become my personal maid?”. He said with a smirk.


Am only doing this because I dont want to go to jail.


I will be your personal maid”. I said with a plan inwardly.


Okrrrrrrrr”. He singsonged like cardi.


I rolled my eyes and decided to leave the room when he called me back.


Prepare my bath water”. He said


Excuse me”. I said trying to grab what he said.


5 minutes or yah doomed”. He said and exit the door. I looked at the door and hit it frustratedly.


Ouch”. I yelled in pain.










Am done”. I said and made to leave.


Did I ask you to go?”. He asked still concentrating on his phone.


I already told you am done, what do you want?”. I asked


Prepare a meal for me”. He said


I can’t “. I replied and he raised his head.



Pasta and egg now”. He said and plugged his earphones. I looked at me as I fumed in anger.




Am done”. I said wiping off my sweats.


Bring it here”. He said chewing his gum loudly.


I already set the dining table”. I cried out.


Now”. He ordered.


I stamped my feet on the floor angrily and went to pack the food from the dining table.


I brought it before him and dropped a water beside him


Can I take my leave?”. I asked trying to be polite but it sounds rude.


Can I take my leave?”. He mimicked my voice with a disgusting look.


No, pack the food am no longer interested in eating pasta”. He said.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I screamed in frustration.


Are you crazy?”. He asked with a very funny face but I won’t even smile.


I put so much effort in making that”. I cried out in frustration


Pack the food and make me some pancakes”. He said and lay down on the couch.


I remained in my position looking at him angrily.


He turned and looked at him.



” Now or never”. He said but I did not bulge.


” Seems you are proving stubborn.


I heard you love singing and you applied to one of my school of music.


Now or goodbye to music”. He said and turned back to sleep.


So he is the owner of the music School.


He is rich and also cute but good at payback.


If not for Owen I wouldn’t do anything.




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It looks yummy.


I can just taste one.


Hmmmn yummy, I said as I took a bite.


I finished the one am eating and stared at the remaining six.


I should just keep five for him.












I went to the sitting room and saw him sleeping.


I went back to the kitchen and stuufed the pancakes into my mouth.


I licked my mouth when I was done eating, then it dawned on me that I ate all the pancakes.


Ohhhhhhhh”. I groaned as I licked my lips.


Where is my pancakes?”. Someone said at the door. I should have resisted the urge of eating pancakes. Now am doomed.


But the pancake was yummy.


I should have just left two for him. Am such a crazy being.


So you ate my pancakes and thank God you know you are so crazy”. He said and left the kitchen




Did I say that aloud.


” Dre….


He was still saying when the door bell rang.


” Get the door”. He ordered and I rolled my eyes.


He should be grateful am calm today and am only doing this for Owen.


I got to the door and opened.


I burst into laughter when I saw a crazy bitch chewing her gum noisely. Her makeup was too heavy, her lips are too long and big, her cloths looks like second hand.


She looks like a Nigerian masquarde.



Hey bitch, would you leave the way or continue drooling?”. She said and I became angry.


Did you just call me a bitch !”. I asked ” And what will you do?”. She said.


Don’t you dare open that big lips of yours to call my fiancee a bitch”. Justin said from behind.


I turned back and stared at him puzzled.




He called who is fiancee.


He came forward and wrapped his hand around my waist as my leg became jelly.


I tried to remove his hand but he was way too strong.


He gave me a don’t you dare look and I played along.


I looked at the door to see the masquarde mouth open.


I looked behind her and saw big bags.


Don’t tell me this masquarde wants to stay here.








I jerked my hands off Justin hands when we got his room.


What was that all about ?”. I asked.


You said you will do anything and that’s the anything we are talking about, act like my fiancee till that bitch leave”. He said and I burst into laughter.


Am sorry I can’t “. I replied as he shot me a stare.


You will”. He said in a firm voice.


I won’t ”


You will”.


I won’t and I mean it”.


Yes you will”.


No I won’t”.






Yes and that’s final or else get the hell out of my house”. He yelled all of a sudden.






I will”. I said in defeat.


As from now we stay in the same room, no PDA, we act like strangers in my room and also my personal maid”. He said and I nodd.


“And lastly her name is Charlotte “. He added and I nod my head sckeching out a plan.



Justin POV


I paced around my room as soon as Stacy left my room.


It’s just two weeks and all this a happening.


And now that bitch is here.


I think I need Stacy help.


Charlotte is a girl mom wants me to marry just because of my wayward way.


I refused the proposal but mom still went ahead to tell the bitch I will marry her.


Thank God mom traveled to Dallas for 2 month business trip.










Cassandra pls let me in”. I said as I stood at the door to my lil sis room. I heard footsteps coming from the room and finally she opened the door.

I went into the room and saw her books scattered across the room.


Justin am sorry okay”. She said in a bossy tone. I laughed and hugged her.


You are pardoned but on one condition “. I said


What!!”. She asked eargerly.


Charlotte is here”. I said and her expression changed.


You are gonna help me I already told her Stacy is my fiancee “.


What!!!”. She shouted.


Hey keep it down”. I said closing her mouth with my hand.


I removed my hand from her mouth.


Did she agree?”. She asked.




What about mom?”.


She called this morning telling me she traveled to Dallas for a 2 month business trip”. I explained to her as she nod her head.


So I need your help and also Stacy help”.


You can trust me on that”. She said with a devilish smirk.


Am also in”. Someone said from the door.


We both turned to look at the person and behold it was Stacy.


I smiled at her and she glared at me.













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