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Episode {9}



. Kylie’s POV





I woke up and found myself on my bed laying down.



I stood up and tried rembering what brought me to my room.


Then the memory rushed in freshly.



Stacy is such a bitch.



I would not allow her finish my life before I leave.



I am leaving for Chicago next thing tommorrow morning.



Stacy is such a bitch I should never mess with.


She is too immature and childish.



Imagine playing spider pranks.



went over to my closet and started stuffing my luggage with my clothes.



Few minutes later I was done.



My stomach rumbled and I remembered I haven’t eaten.



I itched my hair and started thinking of a way to sneak out of my room.



I do not think I can face Stacy and the remaining ones this way.



I checked the time and noticed it’s already past 11pm.



I smiled and opened the door of my room.



I placed my head outside and checked to see if anyone is outside.



Luckily for me I saw no one.


I removed my flip flop and placed it under my arm.



I tiptoed into the kitchen and turn on the light.



I smiled when I saw no one and also I saw a plate covered on the cabinet.



I jumped up and rushed over to the food.



I opened it and screamed immediately I saw the cockroach coming out of it.



“Ahhhhh”. I screamed and ran out of the kitchen.



Ignoring my slipper that fell on the way.



I ran into my room and placed my hand on my chest.



“ Stacy is such a bitch”. I muttered and turn around.



“ Ahhhhhhhhh ”. I screamed when I saw a ghost in my room with blood dripping down her lips and also fingers.







“ pls don’t kill me, pls don’t”. I muttered as beads of sweat rushed down my face.



It started walking towards me slowly with a dangerous step.



I closed my eyes when it touched my hair.



I expected to feel his nails in my neck but nothing happened.


I raised my head slowly and saw Stacy and Cassandra staring at me.



“ oh my !!!!!”. I exclaimed.



So they were the ones.



I thought it was a ghost.



“ hey


I hate it”. I muttered and stood up.



Deep down I was drowning in fear.


But am trying to make my fascial expression normal.



“ why are you afraid of ghost ?”. Cassandra asked in between laughter’s.



The question caught me unaware.



The memories rushed back and I pushed it away immediately.



“ you guys should just get out !!!!”. I half yelled.



Stacy only laughed and made her way out.



Cassandra stared at me for a while before taking dangerous steps towards me.



My heart started beating faster.



Why is she taking slow steps towards me?.



“ if you know what’s best for you.



Leave this house”. She said and made a sound with her tongue.



She walked out and left me alone with the memories of the past rushing in.



“ Not now.


Justin won’t forgive me.


Cass won’t forgive me


Mrs brown would make sure my life is miserable ”. I muttered and buried my face under my pillow.



I tried pushing the memories away but it came afresh like it was yesterday.





. Stacy POV



I laughed and bid cass goodnight before entering my room.



Or should I say our room.



I saw Justin on the bed busy with his phone.



I walked past him and dumped the wig and white gown inside a laundry basket.



“ Hey”. I muttered and tried sitting on the bed.



He pushed me away and ached his brow.


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“ why did you push me away ?”. I asked and almost laughed at his expression, but restrained myself from laughing.




“ you stink”. He said and covered his nose,forming a disgusting face. “ f**k you.















“ what do you want ?”. I asked faking a frown.



“ Come on, smile for me ”. He said and tried tickling me. “ come on get out and let me bath …..














I moaned out as he trailed kisses on my cheeks and down to my neck sucking and am sure am gonna have several love bite on my neck.



“ Has he done this to Kylie before ?”. A voice asked in my brain. I pushed the voice away and focused on the moment.


He turned on the shower suddenly and I gasped.



He laughed and claimed my lips again.


I kissed him back and placed my hands on his chest.



We kissed each other passionately untill I felt his hands on my br**st.



I broke the kiss immediately and stared at him.



“ what… You doing ?”. I shuttered as he continued squeezing my br**st.



“ what I should have done a long time ago”. He replied and smirked. “ we have a long night bby ”. He added in a husky voice.


I smiled and wrapped my hands round his neck as our lips found each other




















Who is ready for the next episode??



Strictly for young adults.



I don’t want nickelodeon kids here ooo



And also who is suspecting Kylie ?








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Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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