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Episode {5} .





Mrs Brown POV



I packed my stuffs as fast as I can.



I can’t wait to see my Stacy.



It’s been a whole wide month and I must confess I miss Justin and Stacy so much.



I know by now Stacy would have sent Kylie packing.



I picked my phone and dialed Justin’s number.



. “ mom ”. He said immediately he picked the call.


. “ Hey son , how is Stacy ?”. I asked immediately.



. “ she is fine mom ”. He replied and sighed.



. “ is there something I should know?”. I asked.



. “ Everything is fine mom ”. He replied.



.“ well just called to tell you that we are on our way home ”. I said



. “ Have a safe trip and I need to go ”. He said and before I could talk he already ended the call.



I sighed and dropped the phone.



I turned around saw Cassandra staring at me.



“ Are you done packing?”. I asked her as she sat on my bed.



“ mom I packed all my stuffs yesterday night” she said and rolled her eyes.



This kid is something else already.



Such a spoilt brat.





. Justin POV



I don’t know how to tell mom about Stacy problem.



She won’t be happy if she learns she does not remember everything.


I pray she remember mom and also Cassandra.



I was in the sitting room watching a show with Stacy sitting beside and smiling at herself.



“ Stacy are you okay ?”. I asked with a smile on my face.



She turned to look at me and sat closer to me.



She placed her head on my chest and wrapped her hands round me.



“ Am fine ”. She whispered and laughed.



I patt her slowly and smiled as I stared at her.



“ You are the best wife ever”. I said.



She raised her head immediately and smiled at me.



“ where is my ring ?”. She asked pointing at her finger.



“ I will get another for you bby”. I replied and reached for her lips slowly.



“ Juuussttiinnn”. Someone screamed and we disengaged.



I looked at the stairs and sighed.



I wanted to stand up but then I remembered Stacy.



“ can I go ?”. I asked her.



She shook her head slowly and took her lips into her mouth.



“ I want you to bath me ”. She said wrapping herself round me.



My chest gave a mighty leap as she said that.



“ Are you sure ?”. I asked her trying to believe it isn’t one of her jokes. “ Yes”. She replied pouting her lips.


I laughed and carried her up heading toward the room.



She reached for my lips and kissed me lightly.



I smiled and bit my lower lips.



“ you look so hot when you do that ”. She whispered and buried her face in my chest.



“ what Cologne do you always use ?”. She asked her face still hidden in my chest.



“ Take a guess bby girl”. I said and smiled.



“ you are so unbelievable”. She said and hit my chest.



I faked a straight face and continued out journey through the stairs. We were still on the stairs when the door to Kylie’s room burst open and kylie ran out.



She stopped running and faced us.


I dropped Stacy as I burst into laughter as I stared at her.


“ wait.


What happened to your hair ?”. I asked before bursting into another round of laughter.



Stacy on the other hand was laughing and rolling on the floor.



“ who did this to me !!!!?”. She screamed.



She look like someone who needs medical attention.



Her hair was dyed into different colour.



Not just any colourbut bright colours.



I slowly faced Stacy and gave her a questioning look.


She gave me a bby face and smiled s little traveling her hidden dimples.


I ignored Kylie and went towards Stacy.


I carried her again and went into the room.


I closed the door and dropped her on the floor.



“ Stacy that was so crazy ”. I said to Stacy who was busy staring at her fingers.



“ I don’t care.


I need a bath ”. She replied and winked at me.



She needs a bath indeed.
























{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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