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Episode {13} [42]



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Stacy POV



I ran out of the hospital in tears.



I couldn’t believe Justin poured everything out.



He said it’s a family issue.




Am I not his family?



Am I just a girlfriend to him?



But I remembered he proposed to me. .



He proposed.



Justin proposed.



But he said I am not his family.



Am I really not his family ?



All this thoughts passed through my mind.



I broke down in tears at the front of the hospital.



God I wanted a perfect relationship.



Firstly it was Jayden and Charlotte.


Then I lost my memory.


Then Kylie came into the picture.



Now Justin yelled at me telling me it’s a family issue.



“ ahhhhh” I cried louder ignoring people’s stare’s.



“ Stacy ”. I heard and turned around to see Kylie in tears.



I eyed her and continued crying. .



Justin why did you say all that?



Fine your mom passed out but it wasn’t my fault.



Love hurts sometime.



All should I say all the time.



Am tired of everything.



Am tired of this relationship.



Firstly he brought Kylie in without no reason.



Then now telling me am not his family.



Every single thing hurt.



I don’t belong in their squad.



We are 2 separate world that will never come together.



I do not think I belong in the family of the “Browns”.



I have to brase myself.



I will no longer cry for love.



I will no longer cry for Justin.



I will no longer fight to be with him.



I am still a teen of 19yrs.



I have a lot to do.



I have to start college and forget about Justin.



I have to strive for the future.



Justin brown can never be mine


No matter how many times I try.



“ Stacy pls am sorry.


I am so selfish. So very selfish.



I killed him because of my selfish behaviour ”. She said again and broke down in tears.



I raised my head and stared at her.



Who did she kill ?



What is she talking about ?



Is she okay at all ?



“ Who did you kill?”. I asked her.



I focused my attention on her as she continued crying.



What’s wrong with the bitch ?



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“. she is in there because of me. I killed her husband. …


He was against my relationship with Justin. He always see me as a bad person.


He hates me



He will always yell and curse me whenever Justin is not around



Am so selfish. ”. She said in between tears.



I looked at her for a while with a mouth wide opened.



She killed Justin Dad ???



Her words kept ringing in my head.



“ Kylie you killed who?”. I asked her again to be sure of what I heard.



This lady sitting beside me is a Fucking murderer.





All because of your selfish reason.


Was that how someone killed your father you worthless bitch !!!??


Answer my f**king question!!!!


Cassandra was only 3 when her father died.


You made her fatherless.


Just imagine a life without a father at a very tender age !!!


You made the poor woman a widow.


A depressed widow.


She would always think and cry.


Now she is in there because of you.


Kylie you are so selfish.


Have you forgotten you can’t force love?


You can’t f**king FORCE LOVE !!!!


So if I stay you would also kill me.


Am leaving


You can have Justin to yourself.


I don’t care anymore ”. I said and cleaned the tears that rolled down my face.



I stood up and noticed some people throwing dirty glares at Kylie.



I ignored them and saw mom running towards me.



“ Stacy he didn’t mean to say all that to you. Put your self in his shoes……



I cut her off immediately.



“ Mom don’t be too selfish.


I can’t force love. Justin isn’t meant for me


I don’t belong in the browns family. Mom I made my mind up already. Am leaving for france tommorow.


I may be a drop out but I can still get into a college or a music school Mom you can’t change your daughters mind.


It’s made up”. I said to her and ran off not waiting for her response.



〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰



I Can’t believe I ran all the way her from the hospital.



I walked into the gate and placed my hands on my knee.



“ pheew this is the second time I will walk from a hospital to this house.


All in the name of Justin.


Well everything is over now ”. I said and entered into the house to see Owen pacing around.



He immediately ran to me and hugged me


“ What’s wring with you?”. I asked and disengaged from the hug. “ When I woke up and I saw Kylie in the sitting room crying.


I was afraid and asked her about you guys.


But the bitch kept quiet and was only crying.


I became scared when I called everyone’s number and the phones were in


the house”. He explained and ran his hand in his hair.



I looked at him for a while wondering if I should tell him or not.



“ it’s not serious dear brother Justin mom was rushed to the hospital. But she is okay now.


So I came alone to help her pack some stuff”. I lied and nod my head.



Owen looked at me for a while before bursting into laughter.



“ You are a very bad liar Stacy ”. He said and focused on me.


“ what!!?”. I asked and eyed him.



I head for the stairs and ignored his laughter that filled the whole building.



I got into my room and started packing everything important.



I made sure I took the credit card Justin gave to me.





I was done in no time and changed my cloth after bathing.



I packed my hair in a high pony tail and used a blue band.



I adjusted my blue jean and white top.


I grabbed a coat and wore it before heading out.



I dragged my luggage with me as I went down the stairs.


“ Owen am off!!!”. I yelled but got no response.



I shrugged and went out of the house.



“ I can’t find a cab this night ”. I muttered and then an idea struck my mind.



I smiled and head insider back.


I went to the parking lot and eye rapped the cars.



I finally settled on a Red venza.



I think I will just dump this somewhere.



5 months later



Justin POV



Its been 5 months that Stacy left.



5 months and many things has happened.



5 months Stacy left without a proper breakup or Goodbye.



She succeeded in breaking the s£x addict heart.



She ruined me.



I can’t believe Stacy would do such a thing.



Stacy left and dug a very big hole in my heart.



I won’t sulk or cry anymore.



I won’t think about her anymore



We are not meant for each other.



She is just a heart breaker.



Love hurts all the time.



She is just like Kylie.



And talking about Kylie.




I just let the police handle her case because Stacy left a vet big hole in my heart.



I won’t let that weigh my down



I will still look for her no matter what.



“ Justin you will be late for your flight ”. I heard mom yell downstairs.



“ Am coming mom ”. I said and exit my room.







“ I will miss you guys”;. I said to them and hugged them. “ awwn

We would miss you too”. They both replied.



France here I come















The suprise is that I didn’t expect that Stacy would leave.







{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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