Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Episode {8}



Kylie POV





I sat on a chair and stared around the dark basement.



Why did Stacy leave here?


Is this one of her pranks or tricks ?


Am I not stupid for following here here?



I stood up and walked towards the door using my hand as a guard.



The light in the basement was just a dim yellow light.



I walked to the door and tried opening it.



It was locked then it dawned on me.



“ Am in a bowl of hot soup ”. I muttered and turned around.



I heard some creepy noise and gulped down my fears.



I walked back to my chair gently.



If I shout no one will hear me talkless of rescuing me.



I placed my head on the chair.



I pray she come back to open the damn door.



I felt something walk on my leg.



I stood up immediately and looked at my leg to see a big green spider.



“ I hate spider!!!!!!!”. I yelled and tried running away but stopped at the sight before me.



I almost collapsed at the sight before me.



A whole group of spiders was walking towards me.



I screamed and tried running away.



But all proved abortive as they rushed and started walking all over me.



I screamed and screamed as they continued walking and spiting out their web.



Suddenly they all dropped dead to the floor.



I did not think twice before running towards the door but it was locked.



I hit it again harder but it proved abortive.



I sat on the floor and started shaking.


I shouldn’t have played pranks on Stacy.



I buried my face in my palm.



Something poured on me and I immediately sprang up to see what poured on me.



I saw a green stuff dripping on me and before I knew it my body started itching me.



I removed the fake hair I used to cover my dyed hair and started itching my body.



I tried opening the door and luckily for me it opened.



I ran out and made my way to the living room.



“ Justin pls help my body itch like hell”. I Cried.



He did not buldge.


Stacy mom and Justin’s mom burst into laughter.



Stacy was also laughing and also Owen.



“Am dead”. I muttered and fainted.






















{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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