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Episode {6} . [36]



Kylie payback



Kylie’s POV



I watched as Justin carried that Stacy of a girl into the room.



Now I can’t take it anymore.



I need to bring out the craziness in me too.



I know she is the one behind my hair and also the paint.



Well time for some payback.



I stamped my foot on the floor and matched into my room.





Stacy POV



“ come on I need a bath ”. I said to Justin.



“ At your service my lady”. He said and winked at me.



I smiled and closed my eye.



I was imagining myself and Justin naked in the bathroom and having hot s£x in the shower.



“ I have a dirty mind ”. I thought and blushed at my own thought.



But it wouldn’t be bad if we have s£x in the shower.



The feeling of having his touch on my body.


The feeling of having his face buried under me.


The feeling of him filling me and my moan all over the house.



“ Am done ”. He announced jerking me off my thoughts.



I smiled and stood up and head for the bathroom.



I entered into the bathroom and stripped.



I move towards the bathtub and dip my finger into it.



I shake my head slowly and moved towards the shower.



I turned on the shower and expected water but something else came out.



I opened my eyes and saw maggot walking on my body.



“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh”. I screamed and tried running out.



I fell on my butt and stared crying as the maggot walked all over my body.



“ JUSTIN!!!!”. i yelled.



I tried dusting it off, but it only spread all over my body.



I screamed again and saw a young girl run into the bathroom.



“ ahhhhhhh, juustttiinn”. I yelled in tears again.



The girl ran out immediately.



I looked all over my body and closed my eyes trying to keep the image of the maggot away from my body.



I found myself falling into a deep sleep, not able to answer distant voices.















Kylie’s payback







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{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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