Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Season finale .


Episode {30}



Mrs Brown POV



I woke up the next morning and said a little prayer.























“ Cassandra I know you want me to apologise about yesterday night but that won’t happen.


Come downstairs for break fast”. I said angrily and exit the room.



Spoilt brat.





“ Take me to the hospital ”. I said to my driver.



“ Yes mam”. He replied and head towards the hospital.











“ Will Stacy be okay?”. She asked.







“ Stacy is a fighter.


She would be fine”. I said and she hugged me tightly.



“ I don’t want to loose stacy”. She whispered. “ you wont”. I said rubbing her hair.


“ mam we are here”. The driver said and parked the car.



I stepped down from the car and held cadsndra hand.



Together we entered into the hospital.



We were directed into Stacy ward.



I entered and I felt my heart shatter at the sight before me.



Different wires was attached to her body.



On the other side was Justin cleaning her body with a sponge and water.



“ Stacy how are you doing?


No one needs to tell me you slipped into comma.


I decided to visit and tell you this before I leave for Spain with Cassandra.


Everyone knows you are a fighter.


A real fighter.


I know you will survive this.


That’s a fact and a true fact.


Everyone needs you.


I need you.


Cass needs you and no one wants to loose you.


I love you Stacy”. I said and cleaned my tears.



Cassandra came forward and took one of her hands.



“ I love you sister in law ”. She said as tears roll down her face.



“ Justin we would be on our way”. I said and held Cassandra’s hand.



“ Mom have a nice trip and try to call me when you get to your destination ”. He said.



I hugged him and Cassandra together.



We bid each other good bye and I head to my destination.



“Spain here we come ”. Cassandra said as soon as we entered into the jet.



I smiled and Pat her hair softly.


Time for a new beginning.



A change and also a new beginning.















Season 2 is going to be a blast.



A new beginning for everything.



A new Stacy and Justin.




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Written and edited by : Goodness Ade


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