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Episode {7}



Stacy POV





I opened my eyes and met myself on a bed.


I looked around and saw my pictures hanging on the wall.



I closed my eyes and tried remembering something.



Then everything became clear to me.



I was shouting in the bathroom.


Cassandra walking inside.


Justin carried me out.


Maggots all over me.



I smiled and opened my eyes.



Kylie will regret the day she entered into this house.



I removed the drip connected to my hand and stood up from the bed.



I went towards the mirror and stared at my body.



My body was now clean.



I exit the room and moved downstairs.



I Got downstairs and saw Justin,Cassandra and also his mom, alongside with mom and Owen chatting happily.



I walked slowly into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.



I brought out a bowl of vanilla ice cream.



I took a cup and scoop some ice cream into it.


I dropped the bowl inside the refrigerator.



I took the cup and head towards the sitting room.



I Got to the sitting room and walked over to Justin and sat beside him.



“ Hey cass”. I said and scooped a spoonful into my mouth.



“ she remembered me justin !!!”. She yelled and ran towards me jumping on my laps.







“ I thought you would not rememeber me ”. She muttered as I broke the hug.







“ mom ”. I called more like a whisper and hugged her tightly.











“ so how is everything ?”. Justin asked wrapping his hand round me.







“ Justin if you know what’s best for Kylie.


Take her away from me or else ….



He shut me up with a kiss.



I bit his lips immediately.



I looked up and saw everyone attention on the T.v



“ what’s was that for ?”. He asked touching his lips.



“ sorry I thought they were looking at us ”. I muttered and reached for his lips again.

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I disengaged slowly and licked his nose.



“ I love you Justin ”. I whispered



“ I always love you”. He replied and pecked me on my lips.



I stood up and head towards the kitchen.


I dropped the ice cream in the on the cabinet and made my way towards


Kylie room.



I got to her door and knocked on the door.



“ who is there?”. I heard her voice and rolled my eye. “ it’s me ”. I replied and she opened the door.


She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her waist.



“ come on


You don’t need to act childishly.


I want us to be friends and I even planned a picnic at the garden ”. I explained trying to convince her.



She looked at me for a while and nod her head slowly.



I smiled and gestured for her to follow me.



I started moving towards the basement.



“ I thought you said a picnic”. She said as we continued walking down the basement.



“ oops I forgot something.


Can you stay here while I get it ?”. I asked.



“ sure ”. She replied and I smiled before rushing out.



I exit the door and locked it.



Time for some prank.



I hummed a song to myself as I walked to my room.
















I think Stacy payback is going to be meeedddoooo








{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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