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Season semi final . Episode {29}








Kylie POV








I Entered into the house and met Cassandra, Justin’s mom and a strange boy.








“ Kylie ”. Cassandra called with suprise written all over her face.








The strange boy and Justin’s mom turned to stare at me.








“ Kylie”. Justin’s mom called more like a whisper.








“ Mom ”. I called as a tear dropped from my eye.








Before I could move it do any other thing.





Cassandra jumped on me,hugging me tight to herself.





I hugged her back as more tears rolled down my face.








“ I missed you ”. She whispered.








“ I missed you too”. I said and disengaged from the hug.








I dropped her down and saw Mrs brown staring at me.








“ Kylie what are you doing here?”. She asked in a harsh tone.








My heart broke immediately she asked me that question.





She won’t accept me that easily.








“ Mom am here …..










“ Shut the hell up, you this cheater.





A slut.





Imagine you slept with Justin and also slept with Jayden Aren’t you ashamed?





You came back after how many years. Am sorry





My son is now happy without you and I will appreciate if you stay away for good





Who even let you into my house?”. She yelled In anger.








I was already crying before she finished everything she was saying.





“ Am sorry mam





It wasn’t intentional”. I said but she was already on her way upstairs dragging Cassandra along with her.








I fell to the floor and buried my face in my hands.








I have made a great mistake.





But that does not mean I loosed Justin.








Justin is still a play boy.





And I will be the one to change him.








Nothing will change that because am the one for him.








But right now patience will solve the matter.








Mrs Brown POV








I dragged Cassandra upstairs and slapped her face for the first time.








“. Make this the first and last time you will ever go near that girl”. I yelled and locked her inside my closet.








She banged the door and begged to come outside.








“ shut the hell up”. I yelled again.








I wiped my tears and sat on the bed as the memories came back.








When Kylie left Justin.





I knew how devasted he was.





I knew how many times he fell sick.





The days he was in his room sulking and crying.





Kylie was the reason he became a s£x addict and also a player.





Kylie was the reason he did not find true love untill Stacy came.








I felt a hand on my back and turned immediately to see Justin.








I stood up immediately and slapped him real hard.








“ who let her in?”. I asked him as he stared at me in shock. “ I did ”. He replied.





I stared at him for a while and smiled out tears.








“ A player would always be a player.










And you are here allowing another lady into your life.





Bravo son, Bravo.





I had always known you do not love Stacy.





You are just a cheat.





A cheat will always be a cheat”. I said and moved towards the closet.








I opened the door and carried the sleeping Cassandra in my hand.





I placed her on my bed and picked my phone.








. “ prepare my private jet





Am leaving for Spain tommorrow morning ”. I said to my P.A and end the call.








“ Mom what are you doing ?”. Justin asked but I ignored him.











I went to my closet and started stuffing my cloths into it.








After a while I was done packing my stuffs.








“ Mom am sorry ”. Justin said but I ignored him and head towards





Cassandra room.








“ mom don’t give me the silent treatment”. He said but I ignored him as





I zipped Cassandra’s luggage.








“ Am leaving for Spain tommorow morning and before I go I would check on stacy”. I said and head into my room.








I will have to leave Justin and his stupidity.





Am leaving with my daughter.





I pray Stacy wakes up before I leave and she should find someone better.






















































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{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}








Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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