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Episode {4} . [34]



{ Overloaded craziness } Stacy POV


















stared into the mirror hanging on the wall in the bathroom and sighed. I made a funny face and laughed at my stupid act.


I exit the bathroom and went back to the room.



I removed my night wear and went towards Justin’s closet. I picked a yellow shirt and blue short.


It was too big but I wore it and exit the room.



I climbed down the stairs and heard someone arguing.




I moved closer and saw Justin arranging some stuffs on the dinning table and the bitch I saw yesterday hugging him from behind.



“ what the hell is going on here?”. I asked calmly staring at the both Of them.



“ I was just having a good time with Justin”. The girl said chewing her gum noisely.



I was so annoyed and felt like slapping but I relaxed waiting for Justin’s reaction.



“ Kylie I told you to let go of me the other time.


You know what am sick and tired of your clingy behaviour.


I give you three minutes to get the hell out of my house ”. Justin said and faced me.



I glared at him and faked a smile.



“ oohhhmmm, miss I don’t know your name but you can stay. Don’t mind Justin


You can stay as long as you want.


I don’t mind but don’t mess with my man I may have lost some of my memories.


I did not lose my craziness ”. I said and glared at her before sitting down and digging into the food without asking for permission.



“ Stacy do you like the food?”. Justin asked but I ignored him.



I continued eating and heard someone hissed and footstep follows.


“ Stacy am sorry”. He said but ignored him and continued my food.



Time for some prank.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from







I learnt from Justin that her name is Kylie.



Then back to business.



I went into the basement and prepared everything.



I saw a bucket and a paint in the basement.



I took the bucket and poured the paint into it.



I made sure it looks creamy and sticky.



Then I went to get a whole bottle of shampoo and poured it into it.



I brought a can of dye also and poured into it.



It smells nice. I thought and smiled.



Kylie’s POV



I stood inside my room and smiled.



“If that Stacy if a girl knows what hats best for her.


She should leave Justin alone because Justin is mine and mine alone”. I muttered angrily and kicked my door.


“ ouuch”. I cried and held my hurting foot.



I cussed silently When I heard someone knock on my door.



“ who is it?”. I asked angrily but got no response.



I stood up angrily ready to blast the person at the door.



I opened the door and almost immediately something sticky and stinking poured all over me.


I looked up and saw a bucket hanging on the tip of the door.


It fell and directly hit my head.



“ ahhhhhh”. I screamed but the stinky thing poured from the bucket into my mouth.



I ran into my bathroom with my eye closed.



I used my hand as a guide and tried turning on the tap.



But i fell down instead and hit my head on the bath tub.



I screamed again and tried standing up.



The water gushed out all of a sudden.


It sent me falling directly on my butt.



I chewed on my cheek, stopping myself from screaming.



Tears fell down my face as I washed my hair thoroughly.



The person who did this should expect the wrath of Kylie .






I got into my room and stared at the mirror.



“ ahhhhhhhh”. I screamed loudly as I saw my hair with a different colour.



I look like a mad woman.



I cried so loud and felt something’s walking on my thighs.



I bent down and stared at the floor to see a group of



“ COCKROACH!!!!?”. I screamed as they rushed all over my body. “ juusssttttinnn!!!”. I yelled still running around my room.
















Am I the only one enjoying Kylie’s punishment ?



We’ll see yah Tomorrow.



: Goodness Ade








{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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