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Episode {27}













I looked around and saw Cassandra sleeping on a chair.


Mom was staring into space.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from























“ Who will be with stacy?”. He asked. “ I will stay here

Don’t worry about me ”. I said and gave him mom’s car key.






Owen went home with Mom and Cassandra.


I entered into Stacy mom’s ward.



She was still sleeping peaceful.


I went to her side and cleaned the dried tears on her face.



“ Mom everything will be okay.


I promise”. I said and kissed her cheek.


I touched her hand and smiled.



“Stacy will be okay”. I said again and went out of the ward.



I went back to the reception and saw the doctor.



I rushed to him immediately and held his hand.



“ Doctor any good news”. I asked with a dry smile on my face.



He sighed and touched my shoulder.



“ Everything is fine, she is okay and she have some pulse”. He said and I laughed alittle.



“ But”



He said and the laughter stopped.



“ she slipped into comma”. He said.



My heart bear stopped for a while before it started beating again.



I have had enough.



“ Doctor I will be back”. I said and before he could protest I rushed out of the hospital.



“ Time to show my real self”. I muttterd and started jogging home.







“ feels good to be back ”. I muttered with a smile as I stared around the airport.























You guys must be wandering who I am.


The story is for another day.







“ mam we are here”. The driver said breaking into my thought. “ Thanks”. I said and dragged my luggage along with me.


I stared at the mansion before me.



Still thesame as ever.



I pray he his at home.



I pushed the gate and it gave way itself.



I entered and smiled at the light in the house.



I continued walking into the house.



I was about to ring the bell when the main gate opened and the love of my life entered.



“ Justin ”. I called as a drop of tear rolled down my face.







“ Kylie”. He called.













Who is Kylie bayiii??








CRAZY BABYSITTER { She’s a psycho , Written and edited by :










He’s Grumpy}



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