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Episode {3} . [33]



. Stacy POV



I stared at the strange girl then back to Justin.



“ come again ”. I said to her.



“ I said who is this bitch ?”. She asked pointing at me.



















“ she is just a friend Stacy believe me”. He said still trying to touch me. “ you said we are engaged ”. I said still crying.


I have a feeling that witch is his wife.



“ Stacy”. A voice called and I turned to see a woman and a boy with her



She looks like….



I closed my eyes and saw a woman shouting at me.



I opened my eyes back and saw the woman in tears.




“ Owen she does not remember me”. She said as tears rolled down her face.



She is my mom.


I remember her and also the boy standing beside her is my step brother.



“ Mom ”. I called slowly and she snapped her head to my direction.



“ you remember me”. She asked and I nod my head.



She rushed to me and gathered me in her arm.


She hugged me tightly to herself.


I missed her so much.



“ Justin I asked a question


Who is she?”. The girl asked again.



I disengaged from the hug and moved forward.



“ who are you?”. I asked her. “ His fiancee”. She answered.


I turned and faced Justin.



“ she is your fiancee”. I asked fighting back the tears. “ Stacy that’s a lie.

She is Justin friend.


She is just trying to ruin your relationship ”. Mom answered.


“ Stacy.


I am your fiancee


The day I proposed to you.


Jayden kidnapped you and shot you


Everything happened fast and you were shot ”. Justin said.



“ why is she here?”. I asked



“ you don’t need all that baby.


Am glad you are okay.


Everyone is here ”. He cooed and I smiled.



I smiled and faced the lady.



“ I will forgive you for calling me a bitch because am in a good mood”. I said to and glared to her.



She eyed me and ran upstairs.



“ mom I missed you”. I said and hugged again.



I hugged her and also Owen before heading upstairs with Justin.



“ Am sorry for slapping you”. I said as we walked upstairs.



We got to the door of a room.



“ it’s nothing”. He replied and led me in.



I did not bother about the painting or anything.




I just walked directly to the bed and lied down.



“ Justin can you kiss me ?”. I asked him.



He smiled and came closer.



“ we won’t rush things bby.



Am here”. He said before claming my lips.

















The previous episode there was a mistake.



It’s meant to be season 2.


But I wrote season 1.



So beware.





{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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