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Episode {2} . [32]





. Stacy POV



I opened my eyes slowly and closed them back.



I tried opening again but everything was blurry.



I tried again and held my hurting head.



I opened my eyes and stared at the blurry environment.



Every thing was not clear but I still opened it and met with a white ceiling.



I looked beside me and saw some people dressed in white.



The walls was painted Green.



I closed my eyes and tried remembering something.



The last thing I remembered was Justin hugging me and something entered my stomach.



I groaned and held my head.



“ Are you okay miss?”. Someone said but I could not reply.



I looked around again and noticed I was in a hospital.



I sighed deeply and opened my mouth to talk.



“ where is Justin?”. Was the first thing I asked the doctors.



“ on his way”. He replied.



I tried sitting up but I was held down by the doctors.



“ Can I get a tooth brush and paste?”. I asked when I noticed my breath stinks.



“ sure”. They replied and went to get it.



Some minutes later.



A female doctor helped me brush my teeth.



I don’t know how long I have been here.


But I do feel someone calling my name every seconds.


I feel some things on my hand and body.



I don’t want to ask the doctors.


I would ask Justin when he comes.



Justin was the only thing I could remember.


Just Justin.



“ Stacy ”. A familiar voice called.



My head snapped towards that direction and my eyes met with an oceanic blue eyes.



He looks pale and troubled.



I opened my hands and he jumped into my hands.



I ignored the pain in my stomach and hugged him tight.



I missed this so much.


I missed the man in my hand.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from



I pulled out and stared into his watery eyes.



“ Justin”. I whispered and touched his cheeks.


I trailed my hands on the bags under his eyes and cleaned his tears.



“ Stacy I missed you”. He said and I nod my head. “ How many hours have I stayed here?”. I asked him. “ Hours you say.

It’s been a month and half bby”. He said.



I looked at him and covered my mouth.



“ What happened to me?”. I asked him.



I can’t seems to remember anything.


All I could remember is Justin.



“ You were shot by Jayden”. He replied and I stared at him. “ who is Jayden ?

The name sounds familiar ”. I asked him.



He continued staring at me.


Why his he staring at me.


Who is Jayden?



“ You are joking right”. He said and burst into laughter. “ What’s funny?”. I asked him.


“ Jayden you can’t remember ”. He asked.



“ I can’t remember who Jayden his”. I replied and tried remembering who the hell is Jayden.



“ Stacy do you remember your mom?”. He asked. “ Do I have a mom?”. I asked him.







“ Holly Molly”. He exclaimed.



“ Stacy tell me you are joking ”. He said checking his head. “ Am not”. I replied him truthfully.








“ Are you married?”. I asked. “ Nop

We are engaged ”. He answered.



“ We are engaged”. I repeated and smiled.



“ where is my own ring?”. I asked staring at my fingers. “ Don’t worry about that

I need to see the doctor”. He replied and before I could talk he dashed out.



But who is Justin to me ?


He said we are engaged


Maybe am his bride.



I thought and smiled.



Justin. POV



I was so happy when I saw Stacy awake.



But the problem now is that Stacy does not remember anything except





I got to the doctors office and dashed in.



“ There is a problem she does not remember anything except me”. I said to the doctor.



He sighed and moved his head forward.



“ Mr Brown.


You should be grateful she remembered you.


I will discharge her immediately.


The reason why I would discharge her is this.


She remembered only you and I don’t want her to stay away from you.


That’s a great danger.


And there are warnings.


If you have told her something like something that concern the both of you.


And when she gets home and sees the other side of it.


She may have a complete memory loss.


Tell the others that they shouldn’t force her memories back”. He explained and I nod my head.






I called Mom and told her about Stacy.


She told me she is coming back the next day.



I already made a lot of preparation for her home coming.



I missed her so much.



“ Let’s go ”. I said to her and started the car.



She smiled and held my hand.



I smiled and continued driving.



I can’t wait to get home.



I can’t wait to see the smile on everyone’s face.



“ Stacy I love you ”. I said still driving the car.




“ well I will always love you”. She replied and the joy in me trippled.





Kylie’s POV



I came downstairs and saw every where decorated and workers working and running Helter skelter.



The picture of a beautiful girl was placed on the wall and also a projector was displaying her pictures.



I saw owen and ran to him immediately.



“ Owen”. I called.



“ what’s it?”. He asked instead.







“ who is she?”. I asked pointing at the wall.



“ My sister and also you will get to know when Justin comes back”. He replied and walked away.



Well Justin better come on time.



I pray it is not what am thinking.



. Mrs Diego POV



I continued wondering what was happening as Owen led me downstairs.



“ Owen tell me what’s happening?”. I asked but he only giggled and continued pushing my wheel chair.



I have been on this chair for the past one month.



Stacy dismiss really shakes my life.


It made me an empty woman.



I always pray for a quick recovery and I know God will answer my prayer.



We got to the sitting room and i saw every where decorated and also Stacy’s picture hanging on the wall.



“ what’s going on?”. I asked no one in particular.



The door opened and I turned to see Justin walk in smiling.



It’s been long I saw him smile.



What’s happening ?



The door opened again to reveal a lady.



Not any lady but my daughter.



She walked in smiling and staring around like she saw a new thing.



I don’t know the force.



But I stood up from the wheel chair and went towards her.



She was s.iling and looking at me.




“ Who is this bitch?”. I heard and everyone turned to see the only bitch in the house strong at Stacy.













Kylie is in trouble.



Will stacy remember her mom and brother?



It’s not edited so expect some errors.



Me I cannot wait to see drama








{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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