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Episode {26}



Justin POV



I watched as the nurses rolled Stacy lifeless body into the theater room.



“ Let me in



Am her fiancee!!!”. I yelled as a male nurse pushed me out of the theatre.



I buried my face in my hand as tears rolled down my face.



Jayden will pay for this I promise.



I swear to God who made me


He will pay for this.



The tears continued to roll down my face.



“ Nothing must happen to Stacy ”. I muttered as someone tapped my shoulder.



I looked up and saw mom,Owen,Cassandra,and Stacy mom in tears staring at me.





My Stacy is in there”. I said pointing towards the theatre room.



“ Everything will be fine”. She said and hugged me tight.



Cassandra was crying non stop as Owen comforted her.



Mom was also crying as I lay my head on her shoulder.



“Stop crying she will be okay


Be a man and wipe your tears”. Owen said.



I raised my head and stared at him.


“ Man you say.


Fuck man now.


My fiancee is in there struggling for her life , fighting for life in there and you are talking about been a man ” i said to him as tears rolled down non stop.



“ What did I do to deserve this ?


My only daughter is in there fighting for her life.


I pray she will not die ”. Her mom muttered as she sat on the floor crying.



“ Justin will she be okay?” Cassandra asked me as tears roll down her face. “ I don’t know ”. I said to her as tears continued to roll down my face.


“ Justin stop crying okay?”. She said and wiped my tears.



I cleaned my tears with my hand and faced her.



I held her shoulder.



“ Everything will be fine ”. I said to her.



She nod her head and broke into tears as I hugged her tightly.



I have to be strong for Stacy.


I have to man up and stop sulking around.



“ She will be fine mom ”. I said to Stacy’s mom.



I went over to her and hugged her as I sat beside her on the floor ignoring the stares from the nurse.


Owen joined in the hug as she hugged his mom tight.



I stood up and walked over to Cass and mom.


I hugged the both of them as they wept on my shoulder.






After a while mom,Cassandra and Stacy mom stopped crying.



We were all sitting down and expecting the doctor.



The nurses were running Helter skelter.



“God pls save Stacy”. I said with my eye closed.



“ God pls if you save Stacy I would start worshipping and going to church”.


Cassandra said as she cried harder.



I held her and rubbed her shoulder.



Stacy mom was just staring around like she saw a ghost.


Her eyes were red and puffy.



Some minutes later the doctor came out of the theater room.



We all rushed up as he approached him.



His expression was something else.



“ Doctor how is she doing?”. We all asked at same time.




“ let’s go to my office”. He said and made to leave.



I held him back and stare into his eyes angrily.


”Tell us right here”. I said to him angrily.



“ you guys should come to my office ”. He said and I become annoyed. “ What the hell!!!


Say it now or I punch the hell out of you!!”. I yelled and yanked off Owen hand on my shoulder.



“ Doctor pls just tell what is happening?” Stacy mom said.



“ Ok but you have take everything with maturity because stuffs like this happens”. He said and everywhere went silent.



What happened to Stacy.



“ The bullet was removed successfully


But it almost pierced her womb.


In the process it affected her womb”. He said



My whole system stopped functioning as I heard that.



Stacy womb is affected.


Gosh am doomed.



“ And also she has no pulse ”. He said



Stacy mom fainted.


Cassndra slumped on a chair.


Mom fell to the floor


Owen yelled and hit the wall angrily.



I lowered my self and sat on the floor.



I felt my whole world crash as the word replayed in my head.


Stacy has no pulse.



“ Doctor can I see her?”. I asked. “ sure”. He replied and led the way.


I stood up from the floor and followed him into the theatre room.



I ignored the cap giving to me and went to Stacy’s side.



I touched and noticed she was cold.



“ Stacy I know you are hearing me.


I just wanted to tell you this.


You are a strong lady.


A lady with the best character and sometimes crazy”. I laughed alittle and cleaned my tears before continuing.



“ The doctor said you have no pulse.


It’s had to believe.


But I would tell you this.


Am going to walk out of the door right now.


Before i step outside I need you to come back to live.


I don’t know if it will be a miracle.


I don’t care.


But I know God will help you through.


Stacy 1,2,3,4,5,


I need a miracle lord”. I said as tears rolled down my face.



1 minute ,2 minute nothing happened.



“ I need a miracle!!”. I yelled again and hit the machine.



The machine beeped as everything began to read.



The doctor and nurses ran Inside and pushed me out if the theatre room.



“ God pls help me ”. I said as Owen held me tight.

















If this episode touched you gather here let’s cry








{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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