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Episode {15}





Cruise pov



I heard the conversation between Stacy and the guy.



Why is Stacy behaving this way?


Can’t she see I do not love her ?


I only dated her out of pity !!!



This guy loves her.



Can’t she see it.



The guy left and I immediately came out of my hiding.


“ Hey bae”. Stacy called nervously but I ignored and her and gave a very


hateful stare.


“ Stacy you are such a big fool!!?


Can’t you see that guy loves you!!!


He loves you for Crying out loud.


Why are you so heartless ??


What if he leaves now and have an accident !!??



Stacy let me make this clear.


I only chooses to date you out if pity !!!


I do not love you!!!. I spat on her face angrily and left her there.



I looked back and saw her rooted to the spot.



Well I can’t keep deceiving her.



I know she does not love me.



So she shouldn’t be heart broken.



Justin POV



I just stared at her as she talked.





The word keep ringing in my head as I left the grocery shop.



So she moved on already.



And I was busy sulking around.



Thinking about her.



Trying to love her



Trying to make her mine.



Trying to prove to her that I am sorry.


Trying to make her mine but she moved on already.



I smiled and left her there



That’s it am over all dumb shit of a relationship.



I won’t sulk for her anymore.



I won’t think about her anymore.



I will not try taking her back anymore.



Maybe she thinks am worthless.



She f**king moved on already.



I need to go back to New York.



I don’t belong here



It’s time to move on and forget about anyone called Stacy.



*******7 hrs later*******



I walked into the mansion leaving my car behind at the gate.


“ Justin!!!”. Cassandra called immediately she saw me.



I know she is shocked to see me back home so soon.



She was just staring at me like she saw a ghost.


“ Momma?!!”. She called tapping the seat next to her.



“ What is it ?”. I heard mom voice from the kitchen.



I yawned and sat on the couch.



Why are they suprised that I came back so early.



Is it a crime ?


“ Cass wh….



Her voice trailed off when she saw me.


“ Justin”. She called.



“ What !!


Why are you all suprised.



Am back okay??


Am back”. I said fighting back the tears that threatened to fall.


“ Justin what happened ?


You are crying”. Mom said trying to wipe the tears.


“ Mom I prefer been a player than to be in love !!!!!


I thought maybe if I should give love a chance and maybe everything would


be fine !!!


But hell no !!!


It went worse!!!




Mom Stacy moved on !!!!


She said she does not love me !!!


She said ……”. My voice trailed when Cassandra hugged me.



I placed my head on her shoulder allowing the tears to roll down.


“ I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE”. The word kept ringing in my head.



“ Justin no matter what you need to keep fighting to have her back.


She was also annoyed.


According to what her mom said you early told her she is not part ….


“ She never loved me.


If she loved me.


She would understand I was annoyed.


I apologised didnt I.


Several messages and voice note.


Before her number became unreachable.


Mom what more does she want.


Should I kill myself !!!??”. I yelled and rushed upstairs and directly into my room.



I went over to the wardrobe and searched for the ring I wanted to give her that night.



I smiled out tears and threw it away in anger.


“ I want to learn to hate her


I want to hate her !!!!”. Was the only word that came out of my mouth as I grabbed my aching head and falling slowly.



What’s happening to me??”. I thought as I fell to the floor.



“ Justin!!!”. I heard some faint voices before blacking out.



Stacy POV



I ran into the hospital with Justin’s mom beside me.



“ Doctor pls save him.


Pls am begging you”. I cried as they rolled him away.



Justin’s mom was patting my shoulder slowly.


Cassandra only glared at me.



“ He is in that position because of you bitch!!!


If I lose my only brother you will pay for it !!!!”. She yelled and burst into tears.



The tears kept rolling down non stop.



After cruise poured out everything.



I immediately went after Justin ignoring all that happened.



I got out side but couldn’t find his car.



Then it dawned on me.


Maybe I should go back to New York.



I only thought I would get his number through his mum.


But when I got there I met the greatest shock of my life.



Justin was rolled into an ambulance.



His mum ran to me and hugged me.


While Cassandra glared at me.



Now here we are waiting for Justin or should I say the doctor.



Justin was always there for me.


And I could not even stand by him.


I went ahead to have a boyfriend.


A f**king boyfriend.


A boyfriend that choose to date me out of pity.


Am such a mess.



Am a bitch just like Cassandra said ”. I thought and burst into tears.






The doctor came out shortly and we all rushed to him.


“ How is he?


How is my son ?


How is my brother?” we all asked same time.


“ There is no cause for alarm.


He is okay.


Just that he has been undergoing some stress and it affected his system today.


Like I said earlier no cause for alarm.



He is okay and just need a good rest”. The doctor explained and I released the breath I did not know I was holding.



“ can we see him now?”. I asked. “ sure.

If you would not mind.


I would be in my office”. The doctor said and left immediately.



“ Stacy you go first ”. Mrs brown said.



“ Do you really think I should go?’. I asked and cleaned the tears that rolled down my face.



She nod her head and placed Cassandra head on her lap.



I swallowed slowly and moved towards the private ward in total fear.



I got to the door and turned the knob.


It opened slowly and I breathed in and out before turning around to see


Mrs Brown giving me a thumbs up .



I turned around and entered the ward.



A drip was connected to his wrist and nothing more.



I closed the door and moved slowly to the chair beside Justin’s own.



I sat down and took one of his hands.


“ Justin …


I am sorry for everything.


Am sorry for leaving when I am meant to stand by you.


Am sorry for leaving when you were the best thing that happened to me.


Am sorry for telling you I do not love you anymore.


I really do love you so much.


I love you with everything in me.


I was only childish when i said all that.


It wasnt intentional.


I miss everything we did.


I thought we were not meant for each other.


But that was a lie.


You are my other half Justin.


I love you so much.


Pls just wake up and tell me you forgive me already ”. I said with tears rolling down my face.



I stood up a little and kissed him slowly.



I wanted to withdraw but it seems he opened up to me.


I opened my eyes and saw Justins mouth moving slightly round mine.



I pulled away immediately and he burst into laughter.



“ You are still a pervert”. I said with a smile on my face.



He stared at me for a while and the smile on my face disappeared.



“ Stacy


I still love you bae.


But I won’t forgive you”. He said and it felt like my heart was broken.




“ Am sorry Justin



And it’s okay if you won’t forgive me ”. I said with tears rolling down my face.



I stood up and head for the door.



“ Dummy won’t you ask me why I will not forgive you”. He asked making me stop.



I turned around and used my palm to clean my face.



“ Because my heart belongs to you forever



No matter what happens I ould always love you.


Even if I try to hate you


I will always love.


Have that in mind that I would always love you”. He said with a smile.



I covered my mouth as tears of joy rolled down my face.


“ You still love me ?”. I asked him again.



He only smiled and sat up on the bed.



I walked to his side and leaned over a little.


“ Thank you”. I muttered as he wiped my tears with his thumb.



“ For what?”. He asked and I smiled when he touched my lips.



“ For everything ”. I muttered before placing my lips on his.


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The knots stated tightening as his lips hovered round mine.



His hands moved to my neck and started rubbing it softly.



“ You guys should get a room ”. We heard and I disengaged quickly as my


cheeks brought out a bright colour.



I looked back stylishly and saw mom staring at me with a deep frown and also owen and wait a minute step dad.



I ran towards them and hugged mom so tight


“ I missed you mom”. I whispered as she stroked my hair


She pulled out and pinched my ear.


“ Oucch”. I cried



“ That’s for running away”. She said and Justin burst into laughter.



I later hugged owen and also his dad before hugging Cassandra and Mrs brown.






Justin was discharged and we went back home happily.



We ate dinner together.


Watched the TV together.




We all played video games. And eventually retired to our room.



“ Stacy


When I met you.


I thought it was only a mere attraction.


I never thought I would ever fall in love.


But I did and luckily I fell in love with you.


You are my heart throb bby.


My other half and also my addiction


I would always love you no matter what.



We have been through hard times and all but I will still love you.


I do not care if you have a dirty past.


I will still love you baby.



Am making a promise this night that I would never leave you because I cherish you.


You own a place in my heart.


“ STACY DIEGO I will always love you and be the father of our children ”.


He said and slide a ring into my finger.



I didn’t know what to say as tears took over.


“ Justin I don’t know what to say.



But I love you.


I love everything about you.


. No matter what happens I would always love you Baby.



I belong to you JUSTJN BROWN.



Everything in or out of me belongs to you my love ”. I said and kissed him.



What more should I wish for!!!



I have a Very caring and understanding fiancee.



I have a very lovely in laws.



I also have a perfect family.



What more should a crazy girl like me wish for??



I Now bear the name STACY BROWN.



And thats our love story so far.



The life of a crazy girl and a s£x addict.



From a Babysitter to a Billonaire a wife.



That the story of a Crazy babysitter.

























I can’t believe crazy babysitter has ended.



I have ended my 3rd official book .



Who else is happy??



Well special thanks to this set of people



*. Queen Bella


She was the brainee behind the story if not for her.


I don’t know if crazy babysitter would be written.


I love you all









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