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Episode 2














It’s been two weeks since the doctor asked Mirabel to bring money for her step dad’s surgery. But no help seems to be coming her way as she keeps praying, hoping and wishing for help to come her way. But to her, it seems heaven isn’t hearing her out.


“What did I do wrong to deserve this,oh God. Please,have mercy on me. This sufferings are too much to bear for me. My little self…. God when will you answer


me? My step dad is dying. My step sister is threatening me. God… where is your face? Please…..” Mirabel cried bitterly one night in her room as she rolled on the floor weeping till she slept off right on the floor with heavy heart.


The next day…she woke up with a headache. She felt tired but she have to work.


She suddenly she sat up and wiped her face to get rid of sleep. She went to the bathroom and came out minutes later.


She hurriedly dress up and went out closing the door behind her.



“When I got to school…I will seek help from the principal. Maybe…he can be of help.” She thought as she walked down the road heading to the hospital first.. .






[Hospital ]



She walked quietly and gently to her step dad’s ward, entered quietly and walked to his bed.


“Good morning father. I’m sorry you’re in this state. I’m sorry I couldn’t help but I promise to help. You’ll definitely be out of that bed and walk with your own legs. I will find the money for your surgery. You will be fine, father….” Mirabel said and bursted into tears.


The door opened..


“Good morning Miss.” The doctor greeted.


“Good morning doctor.” Mirabel replied.


“See me in my office.” The doctor said without smiling.


“O….okay sir.” Mirabel said knowing fully well why the doctor wanna see her.


The doctor left and Mirabel turned to her step dad..


“I will come by later. I’m on my way to the school now. You’ll be fine father.” She


said and walked out gently.






[The Doctor’s Office]






Mirabel entered and sat down.



“Miss, I’m sorry but you’re risking your dad’s health. The surgery should be done quick but it’s two weeks already and you’ve not be able to pay a dime. What’s going on? Do you want him dead?” The doctor asked.


“Ha…no doc. I will look for the money this week. I promise.” Mirabel said with a low voice but can be heard.


“This is exactly the same thing you’ve been saying for over two weeks now. If this week elapsed, forget it. He’s gone already.” The doctor said.


“I will look for the money. Thank you doctor. I will leave now.” Mirabel said and dragged her heavy legs out of his office and off to school.








[The School ]



When she got to the school , she changed her clothes and set to began the day’s activities.


She cleaned the entire surroundings, sweep everywhere,clean up all the chairs and tables, wash all toilets and the likes.


After she’s done with all her chores for the day. She went to the principal and explained things to him.


“In any way you can help me sir. God will help you out too. Please sir… he’s dying already. I don’t wanna lose him. He’s done so much for me already. I shouldn’t let him die just like that.” Mirabel said on her knee crying.


The principal pitied her.


“You really have been a good lady to me,to the school. You’re a honest, diligent and well mannered lady. I should help you with the little I have. I hope it do.” The principal said and brought out his cheque.



“Thank you sir. Thank you. I appreciate sir. I’m grateful. Thank you. Thank you.’ Mirabel joyfully said as he handed her a cheque of 50thousand naira.


“Take care.” He said and Mirabel went out of his office gratefully.


Some teachers also help her out. She’s so happy that finally heaven is on her side.


She went to the bank, withdrew the money and went to the hospital to deposit the little she found. She added her savings as well plus the teachers’ contributions. In total, she deposited 150thousand naira.


Then Mirabel returned to the club to ask her boss help as well.


Her boss gave her 15thousand naira telling her to manage it because she’s been a good lady so far.


Mirabel happily accepted it and deposited it as well.


When, there seems to be no hope anymore, Mirabel went to her friend, Veronica.


“My God! And you can’t inform me what you’ve been facing so far? My poor Mirabel. How are you feeding? Are you eating at all?” Veronica asked with caring tone.


Mirabel forced a smile at her friend.


“I have managed to see 170k. I still have a long way to go. Veronica dear, please help me.” She pleaded with teary eyes.


“Of course I will help you. But…I will help but…hmm…I will have to work this week because of you, you understand now..? But for now, I have 500k. I will work and I’m sure I will be able to find another 500k if I sleep with a man for a night.” Veronica said.


“What? 500k for just a night?” Mirabel surprisingly asked.


“Yes. Sometimes, 1million for just a night. That’s how it goes my dear.” Veronica said and suddenly jerked.



“Mirabel, can you do like 1 night? It’ll earn you money if it’s with a rich man. I know you are decent but you need it. God will understand you. Give it a thought. Anyways, here is the money. By tomorrow I will give you another 500k. So, look for the remaining balance. ” Veronica said.


“OMG! Veronica! A whole 1million? You’re helping me with a whole million? My dear. I’m speechless bestie. Thanks so much. I can’t thank you enough but you’re the best, thanks dear” Mirabel said with a teary eyes.


“Don’t thank me. What are friends for? And besides, you’ve helped me a lot too. You did my assignments for me while I stayed out enjoying. You’ve never insulted me with my way of life instead you advised me. My dear, go on and deposit that as well.” Veronica said.


“Okay..thank you.” Mirabel said.


“Is anything the matter? You sounded some how.” The caring Veronica said.


“Nothing…just thinking about what you said about getting like 1million if I sleep with a man for just a night.” Mirabel said sadly.


“Yes my dear. I know it’s bad. I know it’s not what you will like to do but there’s no other option and your step dad is there laying helplessly. You should think about it and help him out. Remember her daughter’s threats.” Veronica said with all concern.


Mirabel nodded and made to leave.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from


“I will visit you tomorrow early in the morning before you leave for work. I will bring some food stuffs for you. You’ve not been eating and it’s not good for your health. Please take care of yourself for me.” Veronica said as Mirabel left heading to the hospital.


“Poor her. I wish I could help her totally but I can’t. Sorry Mirabel. ” Veronica thought as she returned to her apartment. .








[At Work]



Emmanuel just through with a meeting with his contract partner. He’s going home with a sum of 2million cash.


He is set to leave the office. He said his prayers.


“Oh Lord thank you for today. Don’t let me meet trouble when I got home please. ” He said and left the office.


He put the money in the car beside him as his driver drive him home.






[At Home ]


He got down and forget to take the money along with him inside.


When he got home, his wife wasn’t in the living room.


“Thanks goodness. I think there’s no trouble tonight.” He thought and breath out.


He went to the dining and his maid attended to him wearing skimpy dress. Seeing her cleavages makes Emmanuel feel uneasy as the dirty thoughts filled his head.


He ate in silence as he keeps peeping at the maid. He suddenly get to his senses and remembered he’s married.


He called the maid and scolded her for wearing such cloth in the house.


He left the dining and went to his room. He met his wife sleeping already. Her transparent night wears make Emmanuel smile as he thought of making love to her tonight.


“I can’t remember the last time I’ve touched my wife.” He thought.



He changed his cloth and lay beside his wife trying to touch her but the angry wife beat his hands off her body.


After several attempts and it’s not yielding anything good. He got upset.


“What’s all this Rose? For God sake, it’s been years I’ve make love to you. I’m your husband and I have right to touch you,but you’re not allowing me. I’ve tried enough and it high time you change. But tonight, we must do something. I can’t hold it in anymore. I’m fed up.” He yelled.


“Seriously…? I thought those girls should be able to satisfy you. Stupid man. Dumb! Touch me,just try touching me if I won’t accuse you of rape.” She said lay back on the bed.


Emmanuel was rendered speechless. He quietly got up from the bed and leave the












“Oga… I’ve wanted to tell you this, the car wants to develop some faults.” The driver said..


“Won’t it be able to reach the club? I need to be there.” Emmanuel asked.


“We can manage it.” He said.


“Good. When we get there. You’ll drop me and take it to the mechanic then come back for me, understand?” Emmanuel said..


“Yes sir!” The driver said.


And soon,they are on their way to the club.


When they got there, Emmanuel noticed he didn’tn’t dropped the bag home. So he took it in with him.








After series of serious thought about sleeping with a man for a night. Mirabel sadly give in to the thought.


“After all, it’s for him to be safe. I will do it. Just a night. Lord forgive me.” She said tearfully.


She called her friend and told her, her friend was so sad for her. She pity her as well. But there’s nothing to be done about it.


Then the man entered…Mirabel thought of sleeping with him than sleeping with other guys who’s been after her already.


“Welcome sir.” She greeted.


“Hi beautiful!” He answered and winked at Mirabel.


Mirabel was fluttered…











Right now, I pity Mirabel. It’s really a tough decision,you know?


Guys….what really do you think at this juncture?











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