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Episode 3










[At The Club ]



As if Emmanuel was just noticing Mirabel for the very first time, he caressed her cheeks as he sat on his regular stool beside her. Mirabel was standing.


Emmanuel’s touch on her cheek left an effect on Mirabel’s body system as if no guy has ever been with her before.


She stammered before she regained herself.


“G….ood..Eve… welcome sir.” She repeated moving away slightly from him.


“You’re beautiful tonight..” Emmanuel complimented her.


“Huh? T… than..k thank you sir.” She said then remembered her step dad ….the


doctor’s warnings.


“If the surgery exceed this week, then forget you have a father.” That was what the doctor told her when she went to deposited some money.


“God…this act that I want to do really isn’t a nice idea but I have no choice… there is no alternative. Help me please. I need courage to do this…. I’m scared of losing


my virginity to a total stranger whom I knew nothing about. OMG!! I..” Mirabel’s thought was shortened by the man’s voice.


“What’re you thinking,young lady? Is something wrong?” He asked smiling.


As if the Lord heard Mirabel’s prayers, she just got total boldness from God knows where as she moved closer to the man smiling..



Emmanuel, on seeing this was elated. He’s been starved of s£x for years. Suddenly, he felt the urge to lay with someone tonight and that someone would be “Mirabel”.


“What do you want sir?” Mirabel asked as if she’s been into prostituting for so long.


“Anything..” Emmanuel answered seductively licking his lips as he stared at Mirabel’s body.


Mirabel smiled and seeing that.


“Want this?” Mirabel asked caressing her neck trying to show him her cleavages.


Emmanuel swallowed hard forgetting who he is,where he is,what he’s about to do and what it will leads to.


She served him his regular drink. He started drinking till he’s getting drunk little by little.


Just then, Mirabel’s boss quickly entered.


“What’s it boss? You look worried.” Mirabel said.


“Ohh … it’s good and bad news. My elder brother is taking me abroad early tomorrow morning. And he asked me to closed this place entirely. He said if possible, I should burn the whole building.” The boss said happily.


Mirabel,on hearing that was sad and Happy.


Sad, she won’t earn from here anymore. Happy her boss is going abroad.


“Hmm….sir…I… okay..hmm” she stammered not knowing what to say.


“Well, those here now should continue their enjoyment. Those in the rooms should have it till tomorrow morning. By tomorrow this place should be vacated, I will make the announcement right away. The money you make tonight, have it and use it for yourself. Bye Mirabel. I will miss you. You’ve been a good lady to me. May God send you your helper.” The boss said to the teary Mirabel.



She nodded with heavy heart as she think about what lays in store for her tomorrow.


After 10minutes, her boss left the club. Mirabel was thinking so hard that she forgets about everything for once.


That’s when he spotted the beer the man was drinking.


“For me to be okay, let me take a sip.” She said and moved over to the man. She sat beside him on the stool as she took a glass.


Minutes later, majority of the people there for fun left one after the other as they pay to Mirabel.


Thank goodness she wasn’t drunk yet. Emmanuel was very drunk by this time.


The whole club was silent as it remains just Mirabel and Emmanuel in the club.


On a normal day, Emmanuel was always the last to leave the club, so it wasn’t new to Mirabel as she seized the opportunity to drink.


Both drink,drink and drink till they’re totally drunk and started misbehaving, talking trash and started touching one another.


In a twinkle of an eye, both kissed and alas! They did it! They copulated! They engaged in s£xual intercourse!


Not thinking about the future. Mirabel lost her pride to a stranger,total stranger.


Her maidenhead is gone.


Her one night of sleeping with Emmanuel, what will she gain? Will this pay her?


Will she be glad she did this? Or curse this night?


Let’s see…


After the intercourse, they still hasn’t get a clue of the act they both did.



To Emmanuel, he felt good. He felt as if he just laid down all his troubles he’s been carrying for so long as he wore his cloth still in the drunk state and went out without realizing he left his bag of money with Mirabel.


His driver was waiting already, so he entered with the driver’s help.


“Oga…indeed you’re trying. I can’t cope with such a wife. Hmm” the driver said


and started the car.






To Mirabel, she felt new in a strange way. She hasn’t know the action she just performed as she sleep soundly right in the club. .






The Next Day




Mirabel woke up with a banging headache and pains all over her body.


She stretched out and take a look at herself and her surrounding. She was startled.


“What? What happened to me? What have I done? My goodness,.. I’m done for! Ha! Me? With who? I just hope it’s not those guys…i did this? God…” She lamented and cried bitterly.


“It’s been done already. You have to move on, Mirabel. Ha! I’m sorry for dissappointing you God… forgive me. But I can’t remember how it happened. How come I laid with someone I don’t know? I just hope it’s not what am thinking. What if it those stupid guys ?” She said and cried again.


Then remembered she was to be in the hospital then..


She hurriedly stood up and look around for the money she earned yesternight.


She found it beside a bag.



“What’s this bag? Who owns it?” She questioned as she made to check its contents.


“What?” She shouted and shifted back as she fell.


“This is probably a dream. I need to sleep again.” She said and check out the money again.


“Who will owns this? Or ..has God answered my prayers? Huh? That man? He must own it, but how will tell him? Money?” She called shakingly.


She called Veronica and explained everything to her in tears.


“OMG! Mirabel… sorry you passed through all this. But… we’ll discuss it later. The money,right now you need it. Yes, you don’t want to steal other people’s stuff but not on issues like this.


If at all you will want to return the money, right now,you need it. Borrow it, return it later till the owner comes.” Veronica advised.


“Well, I will borrow it and I will pay it later.. thank you.” She said and hang up.


“God… I’m sorry I’m sinning against you but I need this, right now. I’ll pay it back


later.” Mirabel said to herself.








She shakingly vacate the club and went home to freshen up and went to the hospital. She took a million from the money and kept the remaining one safely as she walked out afraid of what might happen.


She shakingly went to her step dad’s ward and wish him good health soon and telling him the good news that the surgery will be done soon. Although, her step dad can’t reply her.


Dammie keep threatening Mirabel, but Mirabel didn’t hold any grudges against her.


‘miss, are you sure you didn’t stole this money?’ the doctor asked.



” No sir. It’s help from above.” Mirabel replied shakingly.


“Anyways, the surgery is tomorrow. Come here as early as possible tomorrow.


The doctor said and Mirabel left to start the day not knowing what lies ahead her.
























Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]

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