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Episode {11} [40]



Kylie POV



Tears rolled down my cheeks as the memories rushed in again.



Why are you crying”, Justin’s mom asked with a smirk. How will she feel if she knows I killed Mr Brown? How will Justin and Cassandra fee?


Will they ever forgive me? God!!!!!!!


My life is a mess.



Am sorry ma’am”, i whispered and broke into more tears.



What are you apologizing or is this one of your trick again. If is it then you fail because I’m not gonna fall for it”, she said and was about to leave but stopped halfway when I spoke.



I killed him “, i said still crying.



Killed who”, she asked and turned back.



I….I.. killed him “, i said showing her the pendant.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from



No no tell me you’re lying”, she spoke out understanding my message.



I’m not lying. I killed him – Mr Brown when he was asleep.i hit him with the flower vase “, I cried.



Why “, she asked with tears flowing down her cheeks.



B…B..ecause he was against I and Justin’s relationship”, I whispered in tears.



Was that enough to kill him”, she replied in tears. Just then she heard her head moving back.



Ma’am”, I called moving closer to her.



Don’t come close you murderer”, she yelled and lost conciousness.



Ma’am”, i heard Mrs Diego screamed and ran out from the corner of the sitting room.



Oh God did she hear what I just said.









I can’t believe Stacy was still a virgin until last night.



I can’t believe this cute and heavy could still ba a virgin.



A crazy one at that.





So she kept herself all this year’s.






I smiled and kissed her.



Don’t worry Stacy I promise to be there for you always.



I’ll make other ladies envy you and wish to be like you.



I’ll spoil you with everything I have till they no longer have value in your eyes.



I know there might be challenges but as long as you’re willing to stand by me, I promise to fight for you till my last breath.



You’ve just become a part of me.



I smiled and kissed her again before walking into the bathroom.







I came out of the bathroom and found out she was still sleeping.



I went to her and kissed her.



Hmmm”, she hummed and turned to the other side of bed.



Stacy”, I called and kiss her again.



It’s not yet morning Justin please let me rest”, she whispered in her sleep.


I just wanted to ask how you’re feeling”,



No difference – so much pain”, she said like someone who was about to cry as she sat properly on the bed.



Oh geez!!!



I’m sorry the pain will go away soon”, i said as I brushed my palm on her hair.



I love you”, she said and rest her head on my shoulder.



I love you too”, i said and was about to kiss her when I heard some voices coming from downstairs.






Awwwwwwwn Justin is so sweet









{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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