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Episode {14} [43]



Stacy POV



“ Hey bae


I think a new neighbour is moving in ”. Cruise yelled from the kitchen.



He his actually preparing dinner.


“ That’s nice ”. I muttered and continued writting down my new song lyrics.



It’s been 5 months.



5 months and everything changed.



I Got a new boyfriend to erase the thoughts of Justin from my head.



But it only made matter worse.



I keep thinking about him all day.



How is he doing now?



Is he okay ?



Or maybe f**king one of his whores.



I smiled out tears and cleaned it with the back of my hand.



I thought he will come after me but that was a lie.



What am I even thinking ?



That he will come back to me.



Maybe I shouldn’t have left that way.



But it’s 5 months already.



I don’t want to think about him again.



Not anymore.



I do not love him again.



I will try to give Cruise my heart.



I was able to enter into a music school in france.



Everything is so perfect.



I threw my sim card away when I left New York.



I don’t want anyone coming after me.



I did not bother about mom or Owen.



I do not care about anyone anymore.



All that matter is that am away from them.



I felt a hand wrapped round my neck.



No sparks or shock.



No mutual feelings like the once I feel when Justin hold me


“ Are you done ?”. He asked licking my earlobe.



I smiled and turned around wrapping my hands round his neck.


“ Am almost done ”. I whispered.



He stared at me for a while before kissing me slowly.



No sparks.


No feelings.



I wrapped my hands round his neck and kissed him back slowly.



He disengaged and pinched my nose.



“ Be fast about it,


We need to go shop for food stuff”. He said and winked at me before leaving.



I sighed and closed the book before me.



I stood up and entered into the bathroom.



Justin POV



I dragged my luggage down from the car and stared around the compound.



Just 2 apartments in this big compound.



Well 2 weeks and am off.



I came for vacation.


Just 2 weeks vacation.



I will try to clear my head and maybe get a girlfriend.



Am over Stacy already.



I don’t think I need her in my life anymore.



I don’t care about her anymore.



Since she left her mom packed out of my house with Owen. ..



Well I don’t care anymore.



Thank God I did not give her a ring.



I entered into the apartment and noticed everywhere was clean.



I dropped my luggage’s and moved round.



“ The workers did a nice job”. I said and sat on a couch.



I stood up and went into the kitchen.



I need to shop for some food stuff.



But first I need to rest.



With that I placed my head on my palm and dozed off.






. Stacy POV



I walked hand in hand with Cruise as we shopped for something’s.



I don’t know but I am having a feeling something bad is gonna happen.



I don’t know why I am feeling this way.



But I feel like something really bad will happen.



We continued shopping around.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from


“ Bae I need to use the rest room ”. Cruise said.




“ okay I will just continue shopping around ”. I said and kissed him lightly before he walked away.



I smiled and wonder how it will feel like to be inlove with him.



He is so caring.



I did not tell him about my past.



I only allow him to kiss and sometimes we cuddle each other.



I am not ready to give any other person s£x again.



Not now



But maybe sometime later.



I turned around and saw a …..



Wait he is staring at me.



What is he doing here ?



I though and I felt my feet becoming jelly.



What’s is he doing here ?



I thought again.



Not now pls.


“ Stacy”. He called



Oh my God



I missed that voice so much.



I missed the voice so so much.



“ Stacy”. He called again and this time standing before me.



I looked up and saw him smiling.



He tried touching me but I flinched..



“ What do you think you are doing?”. I asked and looked around.



The smile wiped off his face immediately.



“ Stacy what do you….



“ Look here Mr.



I moved on already and my heart belongs to him alone.



I know you saw me kissing him.



I don’t care Mr.



We didn’t have the chance to have a break up and am trying to now.



Justin ……


“ Stacy I don’t care about your belonging to him.



I still love you and will always love…..



“ Justin are you deaf?



I don’t love you anymore !!!!!!!



I love cruise !!!!”. I said and immediately regretted ever saying that.



He continued staring at me and I saw his eyes glistening.



Don’t tell me he is going to cry.



He smiled and turned around before walking away.
























{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade


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