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Episode {10}












Stacy POV



He turned on the shower suddenly and I gasped.



He laughed and claimed my lips again.


I kissed him back and placed my hands on his chest.



We kissed each other passionately untill I felt his hands on my br**st.



I broke the kiss immediately and stared at him.



“ what… You doing ?”. I shuttered as he continued squeezing my br**st.



“ what I should have done a long time ago”. He replied and smirked. “ we have a long night bby ”. He added in a husky voice.


I smiled and wrapped my hands round his neck as our lips found each other hungrily.



He moved his hand to the tip of my top and pulled it over my head.




He stared at my br**st for a while and smiled in a cute and s£xy way.



His smiles alone made my nipple hardened.


He resumed kissing me and trailed his fingers on my nipple.



“ hmmmn”. I moaned out and threw my head backward. He kissed my cheek and trailed kisses down to my neck.


He sucked and nibbled on my ear lobe making me more wet and also


making my nipple hard.



“ juustin”. I moaned out so loud when his mouth covered my right nipple.



I sank my fingers in his hair and bit my lower lips as he sucked on my nipple.



He left the right nipple and move to the left one.


He pinched and sucked on it roughly.



“ emmmmmm”. I moaned out loudly when he bit my nipple gently



He trailed his hand to the band of my shorts and within a twinkle I was naked before him.



He stared at me again and carried me in his hands.



He placed me inside the bathtub and left my leg hanging outside.


My p**sy facing him directly.



He moved his face nearer to my p**sy and sniffed it.



I smiled shyly and tried closing my leg.



“ Not so fast ”. He muttered and before I could react his tongue was already giving the judgement.



“ oh my God!!


Hmmmn”. I moaned as his tongue continued the wonders.



I felt something rushing out of my p**sy and before I could say a word.



I squirt all over his face.



I laughed as he licked and moaned out.



He started removing his cloth gradually and finally removed everything.



My eyes almost popped out at the sight of his joystick.



I swallowed and closed my eyes tightly.



He rubbed the tip of his d**k at the entrance of my p**sy.



He rubbed my clit and started coming in slowly.



“ ahhhhhhhhh”. I yelled as he inserted his joystick.



I felt my walls tearing as soon as he started moving in and out of me.



The feelings are that of pain and pleasure.



The sound of our skin slapping against each other was the only thing been


heard in the bathroom.


Combined with our moans.



Kylie POV



I closed my ear with a pillow and rolled out on my bed angrily as Stacy and Justin’s moan filled my room.



Are they that dumb ?



This is f**king 2 a.m.



I groaned and stood up from my bed.



I went out of my room and made my way to the sitting room.



I turned on the TV and tried concentrating but the memories rushed in.



“ No not now plsss


Not now ”. I muttered and held my head.



I dipped my hand into my cloth and brought out a pendant.



This does not belong to me.


I need to return it.


But they would not forgive me if they found out am the one behind it.



I don’t want to die yet.


I don’t want to Rot in jail.



“ who owns that pendant ?”. I heard and I felt my whole world crash.



I looked up slowly and saw Justin’s mom staring at me.



“’s…mine”. I shuttered “ none of my business


It actually looks like the one my husband lost before he died ”. She said and i felt my breath seize.



Tears rolled down my face as the memories rushed in again.



“ why are you crying ?”. She asked with a smirk.



How will she feel If she knows I killed Mr Brown. How will Justin and Cassandra feel ? Will they ever forgive me? God !!! My life is a mess




“ Am sorry mam”. I whispered and broke into real tears.














Am sorry this one is short



Have been so busy.



Along chapter tomorrow



So Kylie killed Justin’s father .



Do you think she killed him intentionally ?








{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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