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Episode {12} [41]



Justin’s POV



I was about kissing her when I heard some voices downstairs or should I say scream.



“ Hey babe I will be right back ”. I said and kissed her. “ Am coming with you ”. She said in between kissing.














“ Why is she crying ?”. I thought and before I could react Stacy suddenly screamed.



“ what!!?”. I asked and followed her eyes.



My eyes landed on mom laying on the floor and trying to catch her breath.



“ Mom”. I heard and turned to see Cassandra running towards mom.


I ran to her also and touched her.



“ What happened to her ?”. I asked Kylie who was crying. “ Justin we don’t need that for now

Let’s take her to the hospital ”. Mrs brown said.



I quickly carried her up and straight into the car.



Stacy gave me the key to my car.



She stayed with mom at the back seat.



Cassandra and mrs brown squeezed themselves at the front.



“ Mom pls wake up …”. Cassandra cried.



What happened to her ?


I don’t want to loose mom yet



I have loosed dad


I don’t want to loose her ”. I thought and a tear rolled down my face.



“ Justin you don’t need to cry


If you are crying what do you expect Cassandra to do?”. Stacy said and placed her hand on my shoulder.



Mom pls just hang on.






“ Doctor how is she doing ?”. We all asked when the doctor came out of the theatre room.



“. We should all thank God you brought her here early enough.



She is fine.



Mrs brown is okay.



She passed out due to the shock of what she saw or heard”. The doctor said.



I turned towards Mrs Diego with a frown



“ Mam


What really happened?”. I asked her ignoring the doctors presence.



“ Justin you have to take….”. Stacy was trying to say but I cut her off



“ Stacy just shut the hell up



My mom is in there fighting for her life, I do not know what’s wrong with her or what happened and you are here blabbing about calming down ”. I yelled at her.



“ Am sorry but you need to calm down This is…..



“ Stacy just shut the hell up



This is a family issue


That you shouldn’t put your mouth.!!!”. I yelled again.




“ A family matter ??”. She asked and smiled out tears. “ so you mean I am not your family Justin.

Maybe am just a f**k buddy to you.


You took my dignity and….



“ Stacy it haven’t gotten to that!!”. Her mom said but she ignored.



She stared at me for a while before heading out of the hospital.



Right now



I need to focus on mom.



“ She killed him.



Kylie killed your father.



Your mother heard and she passed out ”. Mrs Diego said and ran after Stacy.



I was trying to digest everything.



“KYLIE PAGE FUCKING KILLED MY FATHER!!!!”. Was all that keep ringing in


my head.
























{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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