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Episode {1} . [31]



A month later



Justin POV



“ Drop the coffee and leave”. I said to My P.A.



“ Sir, I suggest you drink while it’s still warm so it won’t be cold when you want to take it”. She said.







“ You are fired”. I said codly to her and continued what I was doing. “ Sir , I…..


“ Get out!!!!”. I shouted and she rushed out of my office.



I ran my hand through my hair and cleaned a tear that rolled down my face.



Stacy absence brought out the coldness in me.



I tend to fire my workers at any slight mistake.



I hate any body who I feel is too clingy.



Sometimes I spend the whole day at the hospital.



Just staring at the face of the woman I love.



I picked up my jacket and closed the door of my office.



I need to go see Stacy.



It’s been a month and many things had happened.



Stacy still in comma.


Mom still annoyed and staying in Spain.


Kylie stupid acts at home.


Jayden and Charlotte death.



I made sure I killed Jayden and also Charlotte with my own hands.


They payed for destroying my life.


Because of them Stacy is still at the hospital.



Stacy mom fell sick and she is at my house receiving treatments.


Owen is also staying at my place.


We are all waiting and excepting a miracle.


A miracle for Stacy recovery.



“ sir you have been standing there for a while”. My secretary said breaking into my thought.



I nod my head and proceeded into the elevator.



I pressed the number I am going to and relaxed with my back on the wall of the elevator.



The elevator dinged and I stepped out of it.


I exit the building and made my way out of my company.



I entered my car and made my way down to the hospital.



It has become my daily routine to spend almost all my time with Stacy at the hospital.


According to the doctor.


He said some people who are in comma hears whatever other people say to them.



I have a believe that Stacy is listening to me.


And I want her to be strong for me.



Anyone who see’s me would know I am not okay.



Would know I am heart broken


Would know am a shattered man.


Would know something terrible happened to me.



But there is nothing to do.



I can’t change fate


All I keep hoping for is a miracle.



I parked my car at the hospital parking lot.



I alighted and made my way into the hospital.



I entered Stacy private ward and smiled.



I went towards her and touched her hands.



“ Hey


How are you doing?


Well I fired my personal assistant this morning.


She tried to tell me something you alone is allowed to say.


I need you to come back to me.


Just me.


I need you Stacy


It’s been a month.


A month Stacy.


I don’t want to loose you.


Not now and not ever”. I muttered and stared at her.



Her eyes were glued to the ceiling.


She looks like someone who is just staring at something.



But she is in comma.



I spent more time with her and decided to go home.






I Got home and stepped down from my car.



I breath in and opened the door leading into the mansion.



“ Justin you are home”. I heard and saw Owen coming towards me. “ Hey man”. I said and we did the bro hug.


“ Where is mom?”. I asked referring to Stacy mom.



“ in her room and she is quite better now”. He said and I smiled. “ come here I made lunch for you”. He said and I smiled.



I followed him to the dinning room and dropped my jacket on the chair beside me.



“ Hmmmn smells yummy”. I said and we both laughed.




He opened the dishes and I licked my lips at the sight of the scrambled egg and fish.






I picked a fork and tasted it.




“ hmmmmn


I love it man.


Are you sure you made this?”. I asked still eating the food. “ what do you take me for

I made it myself ”. He said and I smiled.



I wanted to reply but the ringing of my phone Interupted the discussion.



I cleaned my mouth and did not check the number before picking.



. “ She woke up ”. The voice said from the phone.



I removed the phone from my ear and checked the caller.



Before I could talk he end the call.



“ The doctor said she woke up”. I said to Owen running outside and straight to my car.



“ She woke up”. The word kept ringing in my head as I sped out of the compound not minding Owen that was running after the car.

















So how was episode one?



Are you okay with it.



: Goodness Ade










{ The New Me }






Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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