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Episode {24}



Justin POV



I hit my bedstand angrily as tears rolled down my face.



“Why now?


I just proposed to her.



It shouldn’t have been her ?”. I thought and sat on the floor as tears poured continuously.



It’s been 5hrs and nothing has happened.



Mom is nowhere to be found.


Likewise Cassandra,Owen and also my Stacy.



“Who planned this ?”. I thought and ran my hand through my hair.



I stood up and grabbed my phone.



I scrolled through the contact list and stopped on Jayden’s name.



I looked at the name for sometime and my mind flashed to the day Jayden threatened me about coming back.



“His he the one ?”.



I still trust Jayden he will not do something like that.



No, I trust him he would not dare such a thing.



But I should not trust anyone about this right”. I thought.



The ringing of my phone interupted my thought.



I took the phone and saw it was an unknown number.

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I wanted to ignore but I thought again it might do with Stacy.



I swiped the green button and placed the phone on my ear.



“My dear friend”. The familiar voice booms out.



“ Jayden ”. I whispered.



“. Looks like he still remember my voice ”. He said and laughed.




“Jayden what do you want ?”.


I asked getting impatient.




“Nothing just wanted to tell you this.


Stacy is with me and also happy with me.”.




He said.




My chest tightened and my breath seized as he said it.




“My Stacy is with you”.


I asked again.




“point of correction mr.


She is not yours.


She is mine”. He said.



I laughed slowly and balled my fist in anger.




“ Jayden I know you abducted Stacy.


Tell me wherever you are and I will come for my wife peacefully”.


trying to keep my voice cool.




I said




The line was silent for a while before he talked.




“ Stacy is happy with me.


She wants to be with me and not you.


The message was just a plan to come outside to meet me ”.






He said.


I burst into laughter as he said that.



Even if Stacy said that herself I wouldn’t believe talkless of Jayden.



“ Jayden I know you are lying.


Let go of my wife ”. I said in a cold but dangerous tone.



“ okay listen to her. He said.



“ Justin he is just lying.


I will never say that. He is taking me away.


In an airplane, i don’t know where we are going to…..



I heard Stacy scream into the phone before she was interupted.



“Bitch”. Jayden said and the next thing I heard was Stacy’s scream.



I balled my fist and hit my bed.



“ Jayden!!!!”. I yelled.



“ So how about I f**k that little pu**y ”. He said and my eyes widened.



Stacy POV



I was unable to touch my cheek as he slapped me hard across the face.



I was not hearing Justin’s response.




“ So how about I f**k that little pu**y ”. He said and my eyes widened.



“No i won’t allow that”.



He can’t and would not.



“. No, No , Jayden you can’t do this to me ” I said as tears roll down my face.



“Yes I will”. He said and licked his lips.



He dropped the phone and came closer.



I tried to free myself but it was in vain.


My hands was tied.



“Jayden we could sort this out.


Pls do not touch her.


I would do anything ”. I heard Justin voice from the phone.



“ Anything??”. Jayden asked staring at the phone.



“ yes anything except touching her ”. I heard Justin voice.



“ well hand over all your companies and riches to me.


Including your house, cars , and everything that belong to you or else I kill


Stacy and Owen ”. He said



“What!!!”. I yelled as I felt everything turning.



“Hey, are you okay?”. Was everything I heard before closing my eyes.

















What will be Justin’s reply concerning Jayden’s request?









{ She’s a psycho




He’s Grumpy}




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