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. Episode {9}



Justin Pov



I Heard someone scream from the door next to mine.



Who the hell is that this early morning?”. I groaned and closed my eyes. The noise came again and this time the person screamed my name.


What’s wrong with Charlotte?”. I said again and stood up.



















Justin help me pls”. She said still crying and pulling the fake hair on her head.



Justin help me”.



I made it clear to you that that day that you should leave but you are so stubborn to listen” I said and rolled my eyes.



I exit the room and closed the door.



I shakes my head and entered my room.


I walked in and saw Stacy sitting on my bed.



What are you doing on my bed ?” I asked and leaned on the door.



What were you doing in her room ?”. She fired back



Went to have some good time “. I replied with a smirk.



Good time “. She said and stood up heading toward the door.



So fast”. I said and made for her.



She left the room without saying anything.



The Stacy I know never keeps queit”. I said to myself and went Into the bathroom.






Why will he go to my room when he knew Charlotte was there “. I said lowly as I entered Cassandra room.



Hey”. Cassandra said as i sat on the bed.



Hi”. I muttered.



You know you have not been able to babysit me all in the name of your craziness”. She said and I nod my head in agreement.



Have been busy displaying my craziness and absolutely forgot about my job, the reason why I am here.



Get up”. I said and she obeyed I removed her clothes and took her tobthe bathroom.








I served her break fast and ate in silence.



Hmmmn, Cassandra am sorry for not been the best babysitter”. I said lowly.



It’s nothing, I totally understand”. She replied like an adult.



I smiled at her and she smiled back.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from



And Stacy I think you should stop this your crazy character after or before Charlotte leave”. She added and I nod my head.



I think it’s high time I stop this stupid behaviour of mine and focus on something important.



I was still thinking when something hot and sticky ran down my face.



” Holly Molly” I heard Cassandra exclaim.



I looked up and saw Charlotte smirking evily with a cup of ice cream. She actually melt the ice cream into a hot one.



Am sorry cass”. I said because I just want to kill someone. I stood up to slap her but a hand held me down.



I looked up and saw Justin staring at me with those cute eyes.


He looks , his hair was styed in a proper way.



Snap out of it.



What are you doing?”. I asked blinking repeatedly. The anger in mejust melt down at his touch.


You don’t need to fight just ignore the idiot “. He said and smiled while I faked a frown.





Charlotte POV



I watched as Justin told her to ignore me I became so annoyed.



I have a plan .



I went upstairs to my room and packed my cloths into my box.


I packed everything neccessary and looked around not to forget anything.






I went downstairs and met them talking or arguing bout something but I careless.



I made for the door without saying anything.



I opened the door and turned back to them faking tears.



” This isn’t over “. I said and made my way out of the house


I have a better plan but for now I will just lay low and watch them.



Justin POV



“Did she just leave?”. I asked not believing my eyes.



Yes and she said it is not over”. Stacy muttered and I turned to her.



Make me some pancakes”. I ordered and went upstairs.



She is my personal maid so I can order her around.



I need to f**k real hard and I need a BJ, A good and perfect one.





I finished eating the pancake and went to my room.



I stripped my self and entered my bathtub.



It seems like years, I miss those pu**y.



I need to f**k their pu**y real hard this time



Hmmn I can’t wait to hit the club






I searched my closet for the perfect outfit and finally settled on a white Polo and trousers, and a blue jacket with a blue sneakers.



I stared at myself as I sprayed my cologne.


“Hmmn , am good to go”. I muttered and took my car key.



I made my way downstairs and saw Stacy and Cassandra.



Stacy looks hot on her night wear.


Her tits were pointed and her curves were heavenly.


Her thighs was so f**king white and sΒ£xy.



Snap out of it Justin she is just your sister nanny and your personal maid.



Where are you going to ?”. She asked



The club”. I poured out before I could stop myself



She nod her head and faced the TV, cassndra only waved at me and faced the TV.



Hmmn, that’s weird.



I moved out and entered my car.



I hit the road and played my favourite music.



” Gooba” by 6ix9ine



Stacy POV



The word club kept ringing in my head.



It kept ringing.






He actually went to the club.



But how is that my business.



He lives his life and I love mine.



Am restless, I don’t want to develop feelings for him.



No I don’t want to.



Not now




Not ever.



He is just a womaniser, he will just use me for his selfish purpose.



” Why am I saying all this?”. I thought



I don’t have feelings for him and that’s final.



But I will make him pay for going to the club.



What’s my business with that?”. I thought again and changed my mind.



I looked at Cassandra and noticed she is sleeping already.



I looked at the TV and noticed it was a horror movie showing.



“HAUNT”. I hate that movie so f**king much.



A Halloween game that led to deaths.



I snapped out of it and took cassndra to her room.



I kissed her fore head and went to my room.



Charlotte left immediately, what’s up with her?, I know she is up to something but she looks innocent.



I must just watch out and make sure am safe.



I turned of the light and tried sleeping when an idea popped into my brain.



I smiled and got out of bed.















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