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. Episode {15}



Charlotte/Flora POV



Am a boss ass bitch



Rule number one to be a boss ass bitch



Never let him play you ……



Someone removed the earphone from my ear.



What the hell!!!”. I yelled and turned back to see Stacy.



What do you want?”. I asked and rolled my eyes.



Who are you because I know you are wearing a mask?”. She said. I was shocked, how did she know am wearing a mask. mean?”. I said trying not to shutter.



I said who are you and why are you wearing a mask?”. She said again.



Get out of my room bitch” I said to her. She laughed and moved closer to me.


You know calling me a bitch won’t make me annoyed, because my love is also a bitch”.


I will go out of your room but let me make something clear to you.


If you are here to seduce Justin.


Then be ready to face STACY DIEGO”. she said and I felt scared somehow.



Do you know your craziness won’t take you anywhere, you are just a drop out, psycho…”.



She cut me off with a slap.



Don’t open that stinky mouth to call me a drop out and also what I do with my life is none of your business and also How did you know am a drop out!!!_. She yelled.



Justin told me “. I replied still holding my cheeks.



Justin told you”. She said more like a whisper.



Yes, your fiancee told me himself!!!”. I yelled again



She looked at me for a while and laughed, then she went out of my room.



Yes , I just created a rift among them”. I said and jumped up. I moved to the door and locked it.



Time for a nap.



I removed my mask and jumped on my bed laying on my bed.



Stacy POV



I entered my room and broke into fresh tears.



Fuck Justin”



Fuck Jayden”.



Fuck the weird girl”. I yelled and rolled on the bed crying. “The idiot actually told that bitch am a drop out.


He told her am a drop out I won’t cry anymore.


I won’t ask him for his love anymore.



I won’t cry anymore, I want to be a strong woman. I don’t want to be the psycho drop out anymore”. With that I stood up and cleaned my tears.


I need to eat.


•••••••••• ••••••••• ••••••••♪••••••♪•••••••



I finished preparing my food and made my way upstairs.


I entered my room and saw Jayden sitting on my bed.



I rolled my eyes and placed the food on the dressing table.



He is the reason I disgraced myself in front of that idiot.



” What do you want!”. I asked him.



He smiled and picked my pillow putting it on his laps.



What was Justin reply?”. He asked.



And how is that your business?”. I asked feeling irritated.



Do you know I can help?”. He said again.



I don’t need your help”. I said to him.







Get out of my room”. I said to him.



Chill baby, am not done here”. He said and stood up. I stood up also and tried walking away.


He held my hands and pinned me against the wall.



Let go of me”. I said to him as he brought his face closer.



Not untill I do this”. He muttered and before I could react he placed his lips on mine.




And almost immediately the door opened and Justin entered holding a flower.



Stacy!!!”. He half yelled



oops sorry”





Justin wait up”. I said and tried running but the idiot was still holding me. I kicked the idiot on his forbidden zone and ran after Justin.


Justin, Justin, it’s not what you really think it is”. I said to him as he entered his room.







Get out”. He said codly but dangerously.



Justin am sorry , pls it’s not what you thinking”. I said again in tears.



Why are you telling me all this?, Remember I don’t love you “.





Justin i know you love me but you are just …..



I don’t love you”.



Yes you love me”.



No I don’t”.



Yes you do”.



Yes I do!!!;, I decided to tell you I do love you today!!, But you went to mess around with my friend “.


You kissed him”.



Stacy you kissed him.



You know what just get out “. He said and I noticed a tear roll down his cheek.



Justin…..”. I called in a voice more like a whisper.



Get out”. He said and went into the bathroom.



I sat on the floor and allowed the tears toll down freely.



Am such a fool.




















{ She’s a psycho




He’s Grumpy}




Written and edited by :


Goodness Ade

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