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. Episode {13}


. Stacy POV



My craziness led me into this.



Justin hates me now”. I mumbled and fell in the floor in my room with tears streaming down my face.



He loves her not me.


I can’t deny it anymore.


I love him, I love him



The little time I spent with him made me love him so much.


But the nigga hates me now”. I said crying seriously.



” Who is that girl?”


He loves her


The way he touched her cheek made me know he loves her.


He was even smiling.”. I thought and tried smiling but tears rushed out instead.



Am so stupid to have falled in love with him.



Am a fool, a big fool, a real fool.



I want to go back home, I want to leave this place “. I mumbled again and burst into tears again.



STACY DIEGO. can’t believe you actually crying.












I opened my eyes slowly and stared around.



I actually slept off on the floor after crying my eyes out.



I stood up and glanced at the wall clock.



Geez!!!!! 2: 00pm.








I finished bathing and dressing then exit my room.



I opened the door to my room and stepped outside.



I looked around and went downstairs.



I heard female laughter and also Justin voice



I ignored and went to Cassandra’s room.



I opened the door and went Into the room but it was empty.



I checked the bathroom but it was empty.



” Hey don’t play pranks on me “. I said and searched.



I was about to open her closet when I saw a paper on her dressing table.



I went towards it and took it.



. Justin took me to Grandma’s house to spend sometime with her .



I chuckled and closed the paper.



I smiled and closed the door then went downstairs.



I decided to peep before showing myself.





Open up “. Justin said and scooped a spoon of rice into her mouth. She munched on it and smiled.


Justin smiled back and also his friend.



I blinked back the tears and covered my mouth from bursting into real tears.











Am I in love with him or attracted to him ?”. I thought again and shakes my head.











Kokokokoko”. A knock jerked me of my thought. I stared at the door and wiped my tears hastily.


” Come in “. I said.



The door opened and Justin friend came in.



Hey”. He said with a smile.



Hi”. I replied as he sat on a chair.



I just came to say this.


Why don’t you tell him about your love for him,than sulking in your room”.


He said.







That’s all”. He said and left. He opened the door again


Be quick about it”. He said and I immediately made my way to his room. I opened the door and saw him staring at the ceiling.


Hi”. I said trying to start a conversation.



What do you want ?”. He asked and I felt my heart beat faster.



Am sorry about the other day and also…..



If that’s the reason you are here, then leave you are not needed here.



What if I died that day?,.


Will you be saying all this?!!!!


You are just a stupid lowlife,a drop out …….



My palm collided with his face before he could finish his sentence.



” I told you I was sorry!!!


But you ignored me!!!!, You went ahead and brought that bitch inside the house just to make me jealous right!!!!!?, You made me look like a fool!!!!!, You rubbed everything on my face!!!!!, What do you derive when hurting me !!!! …….



You slapped me!!!!!”. He yelled cutting me off.



Yes!!!!!!”. I yelled back in tears.



Get out !!!!”. He yelled and I flinched.



Is it a crime to love you !!!!”. I yelled and he stared at me immediately. The tears poured.


Tell me have loved you all this while buh you refused to notice me. All you ever do is party and go around f**king your bitches.



Do you even love me !!!?”. I yelled at him. He stared at me for a while.


I don’t love you”. He said.



I felt my heart shattered




He denied it.



He does not love me.



I shouldn’t have told him i loved him.






















{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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