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. Episode {4}






I was in the kitchen trying to get a glass of water but I could not reach the shelf.


I think I saw that brother of mine the other time.


I moved out of the kitchen and tried to call Justin when I saw a pretty girl rubbing something on the pizza and hamburger.


What do you think you are doing?”. I asked her and she stopped dead on her track.


She turned and walked up to me, she dragged my hands and led me into the kitchen.


Immediately we got to the kitchen, I jerked my hands away.



Listen girl, am your babysitter and your brother offended me but I did not have the opportunity to revenge and now Is the perfect time and am sure he has offend you because he is a dumb ass”. She rapped and I thought about it.


I think I should just join her and take revenge on that brother of mine.


Okay but let make it more juicy”. I said and smirked evily while she winked at me.

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We raised our hands and did high five .



I smiled as she went out of the kitchen, I have been wanting someone who will help me with pranks and God used mom in bringing her here.


I smiled again and went to the sitting room to see Justin awake.


” Can I join you?”. I asked him


” No, I won’t share it with you “. He said and I scoffed.


I looked at him as he placed a slice of pizza into his mouth.


I removed my eye and held myself from laughing before anything happens.


Haaaaaaaaaa , ouccccccch”. He screamed and took a glass of yourgurt but that made matter worse.


I heard someone laughing and looked up to see Stacy laughing and holding her stomach with tears dropping down her face.


I burst into laughter again as Justin was fanning his mouth with his hand.



Justin POV


I looked at my sister angrily and back to the stupid babysitter.


The way they were laughing was irritating me and I swear I will get back at them.


I fanned my mouth and it calmed a little.


I cleaned the tears on my face and made my way upstairs.


” Hey”. The stupid girl said.


I ignored her and tried to go when she blocked my way.


I hate been disturbed, I f**king hate it.


I tried walking again but she still blocked my path.


Get out of my way”. I said calmly and tried pushing her away.


I hate been ignored”. She said with a straight face.


I hate been disturbed”. I said


She looked at me for a while and smiled at me.


I brushed past her and made my way upstairs.










I woke up due to the sound of my phone ringing.


I groaned loudly and picked my phone.



. ” Yes “. I said more like a question.



. ” Sir, you are needed at the company and its urgent”.



. ” On my way “. I said and disconnect the call.








checked my self in the mirror and nod my head. I sprayed my cologne and made my way out.




I was still driving when my m*******d started itching me and hot.


I thought it because of the way am sitting but I was wrong.


It started again and this time it was pepperish and hot.


It was then I knew am doomed.












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{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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