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Episode {25}


Jayden POV



“ Jayden why are you doing this?”. Stacy said as tears streamed down her face.



“ You know what Stacy.


We are not on board we are just on an abandoned aeroplane”. I said and watched her expression.



“You aren’t serious are you?”. She asked me with a shaky voice as tears roll down her face.



“ Jayden I will do it ”. Justin said through the phone.



“ Justin you don’t need to do this everything will be fine….


Pls am begging you”. Stacy said in tears.



“ Good boy.


I will text you the address


If you want your girl untouched and Alive don’t call the goddamned cops or else bye bye to ur fiancee and her brother”. I said and end the call.



I smiled as I typed the address not forgetting to add a warning about not involving the cops.



“Jayden I thought Justin was your best friend.






Why are you doing this ?



Why do you want Justin’s wealth?



Why do you want everything he has ?”. She asked as tears rolled down her face.



“ Justin didn’t offend me.


I only wanted his wealth and nothing else ”. I said and laughed imagining myself in Justin’s shoe.




“ You will pay for this weakling.



You are just a bastard, A child your mother is meant to abort.


A product of a wasted …..



I grabbed her hair furiously and slapped her hard across the face.



I hit her again and again till she burst her lips.



I grabbed her hair and pressed my lips against hers.



She bit my lips so hard.



“ Ahhhhhhh”. I yelled and let go of her hair.



I touched my hurting lips and saw blood.



“ Bravo”. I muttered and walked towards her.



I pushed her from the chair to the floor.



I sat on her an punched her face.



“What …a…re. y..ou. Dooiiing?”. She asked as I reached for her top.



I ignored and and continued my business.



She tried struggling with me but her hands were tied.



“ Jayden plss”. She cried as I reached for her skirt.



“. Wanna taste what that mother f**ker tasted”. I said and laughed.


I was about to pull off her pant but my phone Interupted.



I stared at her and hit her face before getting up to pick my phone.



I picked the call and just like I expected it was Justin.



. Am at the address . He said.



. On my way . I replied and end the call.



I dialed Charlotte’s number and called her to meet me outside.



Justin’s POV



Aftermy previous conversation with Jayden.



I went to my study room and packed all the documents to my company.


I took a pen and also a stamp.



I entered my car and did the necessary things before hitting the road.



If anything happens to Stacy I will make sure Jayden have a misrable death.



Almost 24hrs and my Stacy is with that bastard.


Can’t believe my best man will do this to me.







I got to the address and almost cried.



It’s my dad abandoned airport.



That bastard brought Stacy to my dad’s favourite place.



This is my dad favourite place then before death took him away.



Mom closed down the place and only Jayden knows about it.



I called Jayden and told him I have arrived.



Am ready to surrender everything just to have my baby back.






I looked around again and saw some people coming towards me.



I looked closely again and saw Jayden pointing a gun at Stacy head coming towards me.



And also mom and Cassandra with a goddamned gun.



And Charlotte pointing a gun at Owens head.



They got closer and I got the biggest suprise of my life.



Mom pointed a gun at me and even smiling evily.



“ why is mom involved in this ?”.


Mom has her own companies and she is a billonaire ”.



“ mom,Cass , Charlotte,Jayden.


What the hell is going on ?”. I asked.


“. We are not her for that man.


Hand those documents over to me ”. Jayden said pressing the gun tightly to Stacy head.



I stared at Stacy and saw her bursted lips and also her swollen face.


She has gone through a lot.


All because of those that I trust.



“. Before I hand them over to you What did I do to you?”. I asked him.



I remembered our teenage days.



We will never hold grudges against each other.


We share everything we have including girlfriend’s.


I gave him 30% of the properties my dad left to me when he died.



So I don’t know the cause of everything.



“ You did not do anything man.


I want your properties.


I want to be more wealthier than you are.


That’s all”. He said and laughed.



“ Everything you said does it make any sense to you at all.


Imagine what came out of your mouth


Anyways sign the paper and let go of Stacy ”. I said as tears roll down my cheeks.



He signalled to mom and mom pointed the gun at STACY.




He dropped his gun and picked the pen and stamp.

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He was about to open the pen but a sound from a gun interupted him.



The cops came out of their hiding place and pointed a gun at them.



I was surprised because the cops where there.



“ Game over Charlotte and jayden”. Mom said as their mouth drop in shock.



Charlotte became scared and raised her hand immediately staring at mom in disbelief.



“ Mr Jayden drop your weapon ”. The cops said pointing the gun at Jayden who was smiling.











“ Not so fast Justin”. Jayden said and pulled the trigger.



















“ Stacy don’t leave me plsss


Am begging you


Don’t pls”. I said in tears.



I looked up and saw Jayden smirk as the cops took him away.



I don’t know but everything happened real fast as I sat beside Stacy in her own pool of blood inside the ambulance. .




















{ She’s a psycho




He’s Grumpy}




Written and edited by :


Goodness Ade

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